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Has anyone had a nervous breakdown --by Marie

Hi all,
It's been a while since I posted. I'm living in Waco, TX with my sister & family. No Internet yet, so I have to go to the library about once a week. Marie asked a question on the thread "Intro" whether anyone has actually had a nervous breakdown due to the teachings. Yes, Marie, I have had one in 2001. I've been unable to work full time & cannot support myself. I have been diagnosed with bipolar & I'm sure there's also post-traumatic stress disorder. When I feel overwhelmed, which happens easily, I start to "fuzz out", which is disassociating from reality. The damage as the result of embracing those teachings so wholeheartedly is dangerous.

Re: Has anyone had a nervous breakdown --by Marie

I had one when I discovered I was in a cult.
Someone flew out from the East Coast as I
could not even bathe myself, feed myself, nor dress myself for three days.

Re: Has anyone had a nervous breakdown --by Marie

and M Mc Millan
I wrote you several weeks ago.
I hope all is well.
WE know of your plight.