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Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

Hi Tree…… I quote your message from April:...
what do you think now of your experience ?? was it“ real” ? Thanks for your answer.

Tree wrote:
Tree Apr 14, 07 - 12:45 AM Re: WENT FROM GUILT TO GUILT

G2G, again, I follow you.
Christel, thank you for bringing up the early events with such clarity.
I must say, as far as Tahumo, I was in the first group who ever engaged that discipline.
We were told to strip to our undies, close our eyes, draw a circle of fire around ourselves on the ground, and blow in the C & E manner.
I did.
Time was lost( at least fore me).
When J. O ( then JZ's boyfriend) said that the discipline was over, I slowly, ever so slowly , opened my eyes, to see two inches of snow on the ground, I saw cars leaving the Ranch, and around my being, totally green grass within a 3' circle of myself and my clothes , and my being totally dry.
I put my pile of dry clothes on, slowly, walked to my car, and drove home.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

interesting question fine one, as I have had the pleasure/aka arduous task of endeavoring to
1)heal 2) think what is truly spiritual in the last 5 months.
1 and 2 are not completed at this time.

And I need to preface my answer in this vein:
When I was being filmed and "de-programmed", I asked about actual "miracles" that I had witnessed-did they indeed happen?
(people finding their cards, making it to the void numberous times without help, hitting the bales and targets).
I was not totally accepting of the counselor's answer
(his answer was it was induced by the group and suggestion).
I also know he is a true skeptic in the most scholarly sense of the word
(which I highly honor as the skeptic sincerely looks from all sides of issues).

That being said, I just thought of my Tahumo experience yesterday morning.
Did I still think I achieved this with my mind?
Yes, I do.
Do I think playing cards can be seen?
Yes I do.
Do I think I made it to the void all those times with my mind alone,
and without help from anyone?
Yes I do.

Do I think these things can be achieved without RSE?
Yes I do.

I was brought up with motivational, "positive thinking", Dale Carnegie stuff all my life.
My glass is always half full. Hence part of my pull to RSE.

I since then found out that the story of Masters of the Far East is a work of fiction ( the author never went to visit the Far East until have written the 3rd volume)-and it did take him 30 years to write the work.
I found out people have tried Mind Control experiments (The movie: The Wave and the Stanford Study) and "succeeded"
beyond expectations (to the point of these
things being detrimental to the human
So, since I based my wanting to achieve these things as these Masters, that is what I thought I would achieve at RSE...
become an ascended master.

I do think these things and other things are possible.
But I also think there has been alot of
fraud it the area of "miraculous achievements" (ie Uri Geller. etc).

I have had the distinct honor of understanding that the human mind
and brain are very very fragile, and
if at all mis-used, there is a TON
of work that needs to be done to
untangle the mis-use and mess that
was routed in the brain and resulting
(whether is be from a cult,
an abusive/alcoholic parents, or any number of
dysfunctional units).

I think if used and directed in a loving way, especially in being of service to our fellow humans and speices on this earth,
the brain is capable of almost
anything one can think of.

If mis-used in cults (such as we saw with Hitler), ramifications go on for generations.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

I realized I replied to my Tahumo post, but not to the title of your post
fine one. Pardon me.

I know poeple who have left the school, still love mirror work. This was also
used in ancient times.I personally never
fancied this. And as far as being portals to
black holes????? I have not seen a scientific equation to prove such a thing.

I know candle work was not an original
teaching by JZ/R. Candle work works very
well for me.

C&E breathing technique is another Eastern
rendition that brings about
a very false sense of "experiencing things
out there".
I think C$E is enslaving.
A very mis conception regarding reality.
(The same goes for the 'highs' after
experiencing an event. "R" has addressed
this over and over. "You need me
to feel this high.")

Remote Viewing is well documented, esp by our
government, and I think very viable.
I think it is an "art" that can be
developed. No ill side effects, that I
am aware of, unless you use the
Montauk Chair! (ack!)

"The Walk" is another "discipline" I find
rather useless. You can tell yourself
all day long you are not bi-polar,
but at the end of your day, you still
should take your meds.

I personally think if you find something that works for you, it could be just watching the leaves on a summer's day, you should use it.
If it has negative or bad intent,
I think this does no good to sustain
our precious life here on this earth.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

I have been refraining from asking what exactly, is C&E, because of the spitting references made when some people speak of it... But now my curiosity has the better of me... Please explain C&E.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree


Others can explain more if they wish.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

(Meaning Consciousness and Energy)
is a trademarked discipline by JZK, Inc.
As you can see in "Dr. Greg's" post, "R"
started the school on 4 tenents.
1) You are God
2) You are here to make known the unknown
3) Consciousness and Energy Create65666 the Nature of Reality
4) oops...forgot

C and E is a Yogic discipline of breathing, very fast, or long and slow,

yogic breathing techniques such as Pranayam and Sudarshan Kriya can activate certain positive bodily processes: Rapid breathing activates a nerve, Vagus, that connects with the diaphragm and some of the organs, including the heart and the brain. As a result of this stimulation, messages are sent along three different pathways that tell the body to shut off areas of worry while awakening areas that control feelings of happiness in the brain.

So, one pathway is created that leads up to the frontal cortex of the brain and starts shutting down areas controlling excess worries and depressions. Another pathway shuts off anxiety producing parts of the brain stem and a third wakes up the limbic system, which controls positive emotions, explains Brown. At the same time hormones are released that encourage connectedness in mammals. One such hormone, called the Cuddle hormone, released during sexual activity and also after child birth, is said to be released after the Sudarshan Kriya. The hormone encourages bonding....


Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree


Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

good question fine wiseworm, good answer Tree!

regarding the walk..

according to my own experience you may walk as a chicken, what most are doing, repeating kikirikiii.. kikirikii.. the whole day long,
changing your neighbours..

or you may...

after your energy is up in the head, like after hours of c+e, your focus is strong, like after hours of blindfolded fieldwork finding the card, you use the word „always“ as something absolute to colapse time and build a new history,

...walk like a christ!

how do you walk?

learn to walk as any child did!

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

as far as C & E goes, I will tell you about my first encounter with it.
I had moved to Seattle within four months of hearing the Changes, Days to Come tapes (by "r"). I just KNEW I had to be in a safe place
not having ever gone to an event yet, an evening event was called, and I drove down and paid my $30 ( for an evening event at that time. It is now up to $60, with the new
Christmas event added being $80. another time for a price increase? I digress )
so I walk into this huge dirt floor with people blowing in some fashion, spitting, screaming (which I later learned was a
"warrior cry" -omg...did I really buy into that?!)
my first thought (and I should have stuck with it ) was: what in the hell is this??
this looks completely whacked.!

Apparently "r" had decided to start a "school" , and new beginning events were being held as to how to do this
magical breathing technique. In which, as well, you are
taught you can create 3 things and
"blow them into being"
and uncreate 3 things and "blow them
into disappearing."

So I went to my first beginner's weekend that fall, only to blow and blow for hours til my head spun. And in those days, it was boot camp! Blow and blow for an hour or 2, then lay down for 2 songs, then back up again.
The feelings in my head were explained that I was "changing my reality and my consciousness" (which I started to believe at that time-because my head was about to explode from so much hard blowing!)
We were instructed to do C&E every morning for no less than 30 min. 1 hour was preferable.
When candle work was introduced
( I was in the first group who did THAT. and candle work is, sit cross legged, lights off, stare at the space between the two candles...and DO NOT MOVE!!!
for ANY REASON!!!!)
we sat for 2 fricking hours, with "r"
walking up and down the aisle whispering with great intent; "BE STILL! KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD!!"
"he" even went so far as to push the guy next to me over, only for the guy (the one whom I mentioned killed himself
a few years ago) to spring back up , right back
into focus!!
AFter that initial session, "r" grabbed
the pitcher of water that was set
out for "him" to drink from, and began
up and down the aisleway , jesting,
"You are healed! You are saved!" throwing water on everyone.
In hindsight, that is totally insane.

That was the last time candles ever lasted for over 2 hours.
The usual length is about an hour.

Now, I find it insane, to have used 2-3 hours a day "doing disciplines", then having to work, raise a son,
AND start building my UG!!
There is no time for anything else.
My heart goes out to that guy I see on Bald Hills Road everymorning
muttering to himself about
whatever he thinks he is creating (he is
doing the present popular "neighborhood
walk"- trademarked),
and I see a complete waste of time and resource.
I bless him every time I drive by.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

Tree, thank you very much for your explicit answer.
I really like the disciplines and at times I do practise a lot.I don´t like stupid JR–behaviour being the reason to give it all up. I feel more confident now, as I know, there are others, being able to disconnect disciplines from rse.
Ex-emf: wonderful egyptian walk- had a great day and much fun practicing.

Re: Disziplines,do they work,bring benefits,enslavement...??..Qu.for MagaTree

The breathing exercise taught at RSE is not new or original. Paramahansa Yogananda taught it to the Self-Realization Fellowship long before JZ applied the term "Consciousness and Energy" to it.

Any hyperventilating will create a feeling of light headedness...and that is what it is designed to do. The rest is up to you!