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Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

What's your take on these masters?:



Re: Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

not sure what to think.
Shoot, Oprah was so impressed with
The Secret, I am not sure there is anything
that cannot be hyped and marketed.
There is a book called Magus of Java..
RSE used to carry it.

Re: Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

There’s no business like show business.

Reminds me of James Hydrick.. who later confessed he was a fraud.



James Hydrick and his Rise to fame
By the early 1980s in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hydrick developed a cult-like following. He claimed he was able to use psychokinesis to turn the pages of books and make pencils spin around while placed on the edge of a desk, among other feats. Hydrick had also set up martial arts classes and claimed he could pass on the gift of psychokinesis to youngsters through special training techniques.
Hydrick rose to international attention through his demonstration of these skills on the American television show, That's Incredible!. He performed the pencil-spinning trick with the skeptical host's hand on his mouth to block possible air blowing (after the host suggested that he could hear Hydrick blowing). However, Hydrick deliberately readjusted the pencil beforehand so that it was as precarious as possible and so would move with the slight disturbance caused by his hands.
[edit] Fraud exposed
Magician and paranormal skeptic James Randi demonstrated the pencil trick on the television program That's My Line, hosted by Bob Barker. In a follow-up episode, Randi and Hydrick both appeared. When Randi performed the simple control of placing small pieces of styrofoam "peanuts" on the table around the phone book (to show if Hydrick was actually turning the pages by blowing on them), Hydrick's "powers" suddenly failed him. Hydrick attempted to explain that when the foam was heated by the stage lights they developed a static electric charge which, when added to the weight of the page, required more force than he was able to generate to turn the page. Randi and the judges, though, declared that this theory had no scientific basis.
After an hour and a half of Hydrick staring at the pages (the show was edited for time) without any results, and indignantly claiming that his powers were real, he finally admitted being unable to complete the challenge. The judging panel (which included a parapsychologist) stated that, in their opinion, no supernatural phenomenon had taken place. The failed stunt resulted in the television show That's Incredible receiving a Pigasus Award, and effectively ended Hydrick's television career in a humiliating fashion (following Hydrick's concession to failure, Randi himself performed the same trick using the techniques that Hydrick perfected).
In 1981, Hydrick's psychic powers were definitively exposed as being fraudulent by investigative journalist Dan Korem. Hydrick confessed his fraud to Korem and admitted that he had developed his unique talent while he was in prison, and did not learn it from a Chinese master as he had originally claimed.

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The EMF Sing-along: There's No Business Like Show Business……

There's no business like cult business
Like no business I know

Everything about it is such a secret
Everything the quantum field allows
No where could you have that happy feeling
When giving up that critical thinking

There's no people like cult people
They smile when they are told

Yesterday they told you you would not go far
That night you believed and there you are
Next day on your dressing room they've hung a star
Let's go on with the show

For there's no business like cult business
like no business I know …

Dark chuckle..


Re: Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

Very funny!

In fact, "there's no business like show business" reminds me of the time I was sitting in the audience and JZ/"Ramtha" was drinking with the "comrades" in her house. (Comrades were select students chosen by JZ/"Ramtha" to sit close to the stage and drink with her before coming into the arena to address the rest of the group. "The cheerleaders.") While we were waiting for JZ/"Ramtha" to enter the arena the staff turned on the microphone so that we could hear the conversation taking place in the house. At the end of their talk "Ramtha" said to the comrades, "Well, it's time for the show."

Re: Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

David, that was hysterical! You do have a way with words. EMF's new CD of "Truth Breaching."

Before I do the research, Lama Thunderbolt (the name) rings a bell. Movie?

I LOVE your jingles, David.

Re: Lama Thunderbolt & The Magus of Java

lame thunderbilge....

check this out:

"Monday, August 13, 2007
Lama Thunderdolt

File under: Satscams and The Siddhi of PR

Today we came to know of Lama Thunderbolt, a motion picture and testament to the narcissism of Max Christensen. Max's dad was allegedly dosed with Agent Orange, and Max was supposedly struck by lightening as a child. As the result of these events, we're expected to believe that he's now a magical being with all kinds of awesome powers:
Knowing the significance of what had happened, Master Wu Xiao Deng took Max to downtown Detroit to observe people. He'd met many people prior to this, but was surprised to find that he was now able to see "the face behind" the face they presented. He could see the hidden pain and suffering that most humans carry and was overcome with compassion. It was at that point that he decided to take the Bodhisattva vow, an agreement with the divine, dedicating his life to helping others.
Once again, the subjective musings of a mind convinced of its own "magic" are foisted upon us as some kind of divine intervention, rather than as the symptoms of the psychopathology known as self-aggrandizing gurudom.

Of course, the world is full of folks who will flock to this fool. With so many expecting so much, Lama Dorje is sure to continue to manifest as many miracles as there are dupes willing to believe in them.
Labels: Satscams, The Siddhi of PR"