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Some new stuff

The first issue of RSE's new magazine is out:

A new interview with Mike Wright:



Re: Some new stuff

Thursday, September 6th:

THE POWER OF LIFE WITH GREG SIMMONS http://www.worldpuja.org/events.php#simmons

Re: Some new stuff


The Orb Project (Miceal Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann)


Re: Some new stuff

Mike has the Ramtha-ese down pat.
What a convoluded circle of crap.
Now the channel can retire and Mike and
Greg can take over...and see who vies for the top spot....that is, if the rest of the teachers and green leads and staff don't trip over each other on the way!

Re: Some new stuff

ref the woman's question in:

sounds like the rest of us and our dilemma in 1987, 88 and 89. Hurry! Rush to Yelm! Imminent disaster! Who cares what
your ledger or budget looks like!
And all this fear based...and Greg saying, take it easy.

Re: Some new stuff

in regards to Contact Has Begun
(um..channelled material? and who is one of the producers?)


Re: Some new stuff

hmmm...now where do y'all think the channel-her/him would want to retire ? yelm ? france ? asia ?

how many times and RamtHer said s/he would never leave his people ever again ? many.

how many times has RamtHer said that, yet there are no christs, so the dearly beloved students can't bilocate elsewhere, to follow the channel-her/him if s/he retires elsewhere.

what will the locals do if they find out they've lost their channel-her/him to a retirement location Very Elsewhere ? would s/he have lied when saying s/he would never leave his/her people ever again ? oh, but wait. by his/her own admission, s/he would lie.

who wants to take bets on the retirement location ?

Re: Some new stuff

How about..

The John Hopkins psychiatric hospital, ward 32.

Re: Some new stuff

The number is 23, not 32, David!
"He" always promised to take "her" with "him" to the 23rd universe, where "he" created another school with over 30.000.000 !!! current students, because "she" didn't have a great life here.

Re: Some new stuff

"Who wants to take bets on the retirement location?"

Actually, the numbers are both 23 and 32 or perhaps JZ/"Ramtha" was too drunk at the time to realize she had said one when she meant the other???

Yes, JZ/"Ramtha" talks about the 23rd Universe as a coveted destination of the mind...all you have to do is keep attending RSE, keep paying money, keep paying money, keep paying money and you will eventually get there! Oh, did I mention that you need to focus? Make a card symbolizing the 23rd Universe, focus on it and you will find yourself there, it's that easy! (After you have paid your money.)

32 is a variation on the same theme. Focusing on the number 32 will bring you in contact (after you have paid enough money) with an alien ship! Hooray!

And as for retiring, I have heard JZ and JZ/"Ramtha" talk about JZ retiring but that simply makes no sense. After all, I have also heard "Ramtha" say JZ is the most advanced student in the school. "As it is seen now, she will be the first female Christ!" That means immortality...the ability to perform miracles...raising from the dead...are Christs allowed to retire??? Isn't it a permanent position??

Someone please help me, I'm confused...I need a cult leader to tell me what to do...

Re: Some new stuff

that 23rd universe- i almost forgot.
totally absurd, now that I see from
another view!

and with "over 6700" current paying students from "all over the world",
wow, why stop there?
"Who wants to be a billionaire?!"

Re: Some new stuff


you're right. 32=THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ENLIGHTENED MASTERS, residing on Ram's interdimensional mothership (20 miles in diameter) called UMELIA ANMUN (silvery life) from Andromeda (their symbol is the triad). So YAHWEH and the THIRTEEN "have been added".