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Blue College

Someone referenced the "Blue College" on this site as being the "creme de la creme" of RSE -- what is this and what does it mean to get there? I believe my sister attended Blue College last year.... It will help me understand just how entrenched she is.

Re: Blue College

Blue College is the "upper echelon" of groups at RSE. They think they are privy to the latest greatest teachings.
What people do not realize is that Blue College just pays full fare for what you can get for half later in the year.
Total peer pressure to keep up with Blue College.
They do think they are elite.
But they know what all the other Ramsters know. They are not elite, but they think they are and have the latest knowledge.

Re: Blue College

I guess you could say that Blue College is a cult within the cult! No one is confused, are they??
Just hold your focus!

In the old days, "Ramtha" had 2 groups, Primary and Secondary. When the marketing team developed new material Primary and Secondary became Blue College and Primary. "Ramtha" teaches that the blue realm is beyond duality and where all healing takes place so it was a clever idea to create a new "blue" group. Yup, we sure were special.

But the truth is that it is just the other way around (typical cult behavior!) You see, the Blue College annual retreat is always before the Primary Group retreat. So when the "students" show up for the Primary Retreat they watch videos of what occurred at Blue College plus have their own event. The Blue College students don't know what went on at Primary unless they fork over yet more cash and attend.

After one attends a Beginning Retreat and Follow-up one is automatically in the Primary Group. A student has to "get into" Blue College either by being invited by "Ramtha" or trying out. "Trying out" usually consists of 3 days blindfolded. That's 3 full days blindfolded. Yup, I said blindfolded. For 3 days.

Re: Blue College

As with most of the stuff I've been learning about the school, I'm not really sure what the point of that is....Couldn't you just lie around and sleep for three days??....

It sounds just like my sister to pay twice as much for less as long as it makes her think she's better than you.

Re: Blue College

Please look at the scientology sites
on youtube and google. (With Tory/Moogle).
In the Q and A, a woman asks,
"why is Joh Travolta so stupid?"

The woman is ignorant in asking her question.

The woman has NO CLUE as to what kind of thinking constitutes a person inovlved in a cult. If the woman questionnaire, would have some modicum of understanding (either had been in that situation or had a partner who was very very involved), she would have no clue, as to the level of critical thinking, or lack, thereof.
Just as Tree's attackers here on this site, as of recent.
(and there are a few in the past on other posters).

Unless one TRULY, TRULY, looks at BOTH sides, with objectivity, and ALL critical thinking intact (well, how would one know if one did not? they don't: they are brainwashed), they will not see.

Please endeavor to see both sides, then decide.

Re: Blue College


No offense meant at all -- My comment was not offered judgementally -- I am offering only the viewpoint of an outsider -- some one who is NOT involved... I am, maybe poorly, expressing my lack of understanding... Which is why I am here. ... I have loved ones very involved... I am frustrated and anxious and feeling very helpless... No stones thrown here.

Re: Blue College

In addition to... a part of me REALLY wants to let them have their journey -- who am I to decide someone's path??... I want them to grow and live their lives... I'm still a little in shock over all of this... Yes, my family has been involved for many years... But I really didn't the extent of the teachings or the insidiousness of the control, because, frankly, I didn't want to know... I was talking to my aunt the other day expressing my concern for my mother and the whole time my aunt is saying "yes, yes, I understand, that must be frightening for you"... only to find out later that my aunt has been collecting items that are on the "first to disappear" list for some time.. I felt like a scene out of the X-Files... I completely understand that this must be a safe place for people who have exited RSE to heal and express themselves.. Please be patient with my chaotic emotions at this point too....

Re: Blue College

"Couldn't you just lie around and sleep for three days??.... "

yes..if you had your "critical thinking" in tact.
But once you have gone that far, one's critical thining is not intact.
So, a person, such as yourself, sees, as a CRITICAL THINKER, why not just sleep for 3 days?
Then that critical thinker would say,
why they hell would I sleep for three days, to achieve , exactly what?
It is sort of like a person being 400
(mentally unstable according to a police department), but NOT KNOWING, they were mentally unstable. ALL OF THEIR ACTIONS
seem NORMAL, to them. To others, it is
a bit beyond the norm,
I do hope, I have explained this a bit better.

Re: Blue College

BLUE COLLEGE,,WELL,ITS A MOMENT ALL IN ITS OWN. The view isnt like a spiecal group,reather,and sincere student classroom to learn.

Re: Blue College

"The woman is ignorant in asking her question."

A contradictory statement as the whole purpose in asking a question is to overcome ignorance.

The lady asking "Why is Jon Travolta so stupid?" is trying to understand the nature of mind control without ever having been a victim of it. That's pretty hard. Coersive persuasion is a process that takes place over time and is, by its very nature, subtle. What distinguishes a cult from another group? Look for some of these conditions:

1. Cult leaders are self appointed and claim "special knowledge" obtainable only from the leader.

2. Cult leaders display qualities which naturally attract others. (i.e. self assurance "I have come to help you over the ditch," JZ/"Ramtha" tells us.)

3. Cults are authoritarian. The leader has the last word on all topics and is generally regarded as beyond questioning.

4. Cults foster an appearance of "cutting edge." RSE claims to teach "ancient wisdom" delivered by an omnipotent God.

5. Cults claim their members are "chosen." This technique plays on the ego and targets people who have been victims of abuse and may have low self esteem as a result. JZ/"Ramtha" says, "You are my people. You were in my army and I have come back for you. I have been waiting for you to wake up for millenia. Now is the time." This is an example of coersive persuasion - it's seductive, there is a lure and it cannot necessarily be refuted. If a person is in a lonely or desperate place in their life it makes them feel better to believe they are wanted. JZ/"Ramtha" goes on to claim s/he is the wind. JZ/"Ramtha" says, "I am always with you in the wind." This has great appeal for someone who has previously been rejected and hurt. Finally someone loves them, cares about them and is always there.

6. Cults have double standards. Within the group members are encouraged to reveal personal weaknesses in the name of overcoming them. This creates a sense of psychological dependence on the group. At RSE JZ/"Ramtha" says, "Turn to your neighbor and explain." Outside of the group the members are forbidden from talking about anything that goes on within the group (except amongst themselves.) JZ/"Ramtha" says, "We must keep the teachings pure and untainted." But what s/he is really doing is creating an aura of exclusivity and preventing outsiders (not subject to the coersive persuasion) from commenting on teachings which appear irrational and unsubstantiated.

Coersive persuasion is a difficult concept to grasp. By its very nature it is subtle and if applied correctly, virtually invisible. Stay with it, Marie and keep asking questions.

Re: Blue College

""The woman is ignorant in asking her question."

Even the speaker mentioned this.
I am not attacking the woman asking the question. She is not seeing that John Travolta is not stupid, but rather not seeing that he is brainwashed and does not have his critical thinking in tact.

Yes, all were there for some kind of information, even the scientologist in the
crowd. Maybe she will read the book,
"Piece of Blue Sky".

As in Friendly Fire's response, and yes, at one time, I was a sincere Blue College Student. When you are IN there, you are very very sincere. But at the same time, one does not see the cohersive persuasive-ness of the group.

I was a sincere student.
And now I am a sincere skeptic, seeing all sides, not just one or the other.

Re: Blue College


Maybe it would help Marie and others understand the lure of Blue College if you gave a little more detail about what BC students are supposed to learn at BC that RSE doesn't teach its other students. What is the "bait?"

I know Cowboy mentioned the appeal of being in a special group, and it goes back even before the groups he mentioned, to the first time people were divided into groups.

But what specifically are people supposed to learn at BC. How does it differ from the "olden" days in the 1980s before the school began, when "Ramtha" told everyone to find a secluded place, preferably in nature, and spend at least a week by themselves with no books, radio, etc. as distractions?

Re: Blue College

I think Cowboy summed it up best when he said Blue College was a cult within a cult.

R/JZ has always set up the school with two separate groups-always espousing how grand the Primary Group was (now Blue College)...and so went the cycle of abuse.
You either got to your primary or secondary required event, and he told your group how great the other group was, and how much harder you needed to try.
"I love you but...." sort of thing.

It finally dawned on me several years later (after being somewhat financially depleted having gone to every "primary" event, assay, and then every Blue College event) that if I just waited until the secondary (or "less than" group becuase that group had a consciousness of the elderly, the infrimed, the poor ) I could get the same teachings, via video and for half price. "R" still reamed us up one side down the other for being infirmed, or poor, or whatever, but he still loved us (awwwwww!)
It's a terrible trap.
When you are in Blue College, you think you are the shiz. Even "secondary" group was beneath you. And, even though the "secondary" group saw the videos, THEY did not get to have those few special nights with "him" out in the field. So truly, "primary" ( or Blue College) was better than anybody else.
( at least in their minds!!
Hope this helps.