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somthing about JZ

I found this under one of the links Jenna gave and it is quite interesting, so I will post it here. I won't give a name but the original poster gave her name:

In the '80s I lived in San Diego and one day while sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office I met a woman who was the pastor of a local Spiritualist's church. The subject of JZ Knight came up, and the pastor smiled knowingly and shook her head. She said she was a good friend of JZ's mother who had talked a lot about JZ's passionate intention to grow up and become beautiful, rich and famous no matter what it took.

According to the pastor, JZ had no natural talents to help her realize her lofty wish of fame and fortune. But her mother's interest in metaphysics could be a convenient way to provide a head start. She had already learned early in life that beauty had power to influence both men and women, so that was a given. Now all she needed was to become an "expert" in cosmic knowledge.

In her early twenties, she began educating herself by spending several years intensely studying all things metaphysical. She spent hours a day at the Spiritualist's church, New Age bookstores, libraries, local Religious Science churches, etc. Throughout her journey she shared her ambitions with the pastor, who watched her friend's daughter's ambitious Ramtha performances eventually work to take her straight into the fame and fortune that still today dominates her life.

Listening to a few Ramtha tapes, I had heard JZ flub give herself away several times.
Once while bashing President Reagan, "Ramtha" (obviously a loyal Liberal) slipped
by saying ". . . although I did not vote for him" followed by a quick correction stumbling over
"er, that is to say, er, if I did vote." Dead give-away.

Sidenote: In the '90s JZ and two other contemporaries, Linda Evans and Terry Cole Whittaker, formed a trio-friendship as they shared common bonds: All were well known attractive blondes, about the same age living in Washington state. All were interested in metaphysics. All had multiple (failed) marriages with much younger men. Wealth came to each of them primarily by looks, secondarily on their talents. Did they have a lot to girl-talk about or what?

Ramtha is a fictional character created by JZ Knight but if that character helps people come from hard times into better times, that's a good thing, so let's not shoot the messenger. After all, look how well it works for JZ!

Re: somthing about JZ

Ivan..... "She had already learned early in life that beauty had power to influence both men and women."

I've always ask myself. If this JZ character was a short pudgy unattractive troll type looking women would I have listened whole heartily as I did and stayed as long as I did?

Probably not.

The R.A.M. states that "God has no perfect beauty. Its enough to be God."

Ole Zsa Zsa Galore never heard those words because her staff and friends lacked the courage, love and sense to tell her so.

Love those little pudgy legs of yours Zsa Zsa.

How about giving us a treat of seeing "That body to die for" in your ole bikini?

Aaaahhhhhh !

Talk about about the power of kryptonite!

Re: somthing about JZ

If anyone participated in the early Dialogue Days - mid '80s, they'll remember - Judy made a point in her introductory talk (before she reappeared in robes and Brit accent) of emphasizing, as in EMPHASIZING, how ignorant she was of anything psychic or metaphysical or "New Age" etc prior to her being Ramtha.

Re: somthing about JZ

Anytime Judy EMPHASIZES something...let's see, how about - "I'm such a SIMPLE person." Or, "I hate wine. Never touch the stuff." It is probably safe to conclude that something else is actually being said.