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I wish we had a winning prize here for this, but suggestions are welcome

I found this quote from a sort of forum /blog

it was from 2005.
But, I am wondering if anyone can make ANY sense of this quote. Any takers?


Reader Mark Timothy sends us a quotation from J. Z. Knight, who pretends she's taken over by some spirit of a warrior or something spooky like that. This warrior needs a few pointers in how to write pseudoscience. Says she/he:

If we have just discussed the viable science of levitation — in which, that you as a heavy, three-dimensional object vibrating according to the hertz of the planet allows you to have the same stability as mass itself — if suddenly you were to change your field, then the mass that you are made up of would change as well. So it would vibrate; you would still be you but you would be vibrating at another frequency. In other words, we can see you and you are still John Doe, but you are not in the world because you are no longer obeying the laws of gravity and physics here. So you are actually levitating fifteen feet above the floor; we can see you, but you are eating the surrounding time in this time. And while you are sitting there, you are actually in the future. You are in another dimension of time that will one day be your linear future.

Hey, don't laugh. Knight is a multi-millionaire
because of a huge crowd of naïve people out there who support
her handsomely, and
believe drivel such
as seen above, though
they've no way of
evaluating it.
It just sounds good to them.