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Penny Torres / Mafu ???

I am wondering, David McCarthy, were you ever involved with Mafu (Penny)and her group?

Unfortunately, my family was sabotaged by this sly vixen! We were not even the same religion~ she offered us a home free of rent, my husband a job! When she found out that we would not "bow" and "obey" as the other cronies she had there.... well, she kicked us out and called the FBI on my husband! He did not even do anything! Said he was a terroist and horrendous other lies, which were unsubstantiated altogether! He, unfortunately, had to go to prison for a handgun that was in the house, registered under someone else's name, not in his possession, but he was a felon and cannot be around them! If we would have known, we would never have accepted her offer for a rent-free home.... just remember nothing is for free! This was a horrible thing to do.. she and the others made up lies, called the authorities and just made a huge huge scene, not to mention made the FBI look like total idiots for believing all of it! What a waste of taxes!

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Hello CJ,
If you type Mafu into the search box (top right corner of this page) you will find the threads where Mafu has been referred to.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Welcome CJ,

I will reply ASAP..


Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???


My only experience with Mafu/PTRubin was via videos. The first time I saw a video was many years ago. I was surprised at how the entire overall presentation appeared as a carbon copy of Ramtha's. The body language, the choice of words, all of it.

I thought it was a bunch of copied trash, and wondered why JZ never sued her, since she has a reputation for being quick to do so. Hmmm.

I also heard JZ/Ramtha talk about Mafu/PTRubin in a few audiences, though it wasn't common. S/he stated that it was a fraud.

How ironic that now seems.

There are plenty of posts on EMF about the topic, if you the search that was suggested. It sounds like a place you don't want to be - people being beaten "for their own good", and related things as you can read for yourself.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???


What happened to you and your husband was devastating and heartbreaking.
Your speaking out and sharing your story is an essential part of the healing process, while also serving as a rallying call for accountability from these so-called spiritual leaders. Who are in truth… no more than spiritual predators.
I too.. have been horribly betrayed and have come to realize there are such people in this world who will try their utmost to control you… If they cannot control you…they will attempt to break you. And in the breaking of you will bring about the control, no mater what the cost… a parasitic circle where the center feeds on the outer……
These trust bandits view human beings as fair game and a mere commodity to lure in with clever insanity . most of them have a mind that cannot be outwitted by any one of us singularly…. but with collective courage and knowledge… we stand a chance to remove them from our communities and into the mental wards where they belong….
During my time in RSE the name Mafu would often surface, oh that’s just another fake channel …was the common attitude. JudiRam had planted the belief that all other channelers were mere fakes.. That even the word “channeling” was invented by her.
It wasn’t until last year I saw my first glimpse of “Mafu” when Joe Szimhart brought a Mafu video to our LARSE gathering last September; I was very intrigued to take a look at this other channel….we sat there gob-smacked and embarrassed at seeing the Penny Torres Mafu masquerade.
I was told that Penny Torres actually called JZ Knight “the fraud” on the Opera Winfrey show in the early 90s… The Mafu video sure helped me move another section of the “Ramtha” insanity from my heart and mind.

The Mafu video link….. Penny Torres Ramtha clone Mafu.


also CJ, you may find this video interesting….

The teachings of Carlos


kind regards..


Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Thank you all for your kind and uplifting info and support! It has been almost 2 years since this all happened to us, and still, to this day, my husband speaks with discontent for her and all her lies! You should have saw the day the FBI came to our house, with the SWAT team in tow!! It was scary and horribly embarrassing ! They accussed my husband of having bombs and being part of Al Queda .... having his own terroist camp! It was, by all venues, a horrendous lie that my husband was NOT EVER a part of. Albeit, we are a muslim family, we are peaceful and kind. We were living up on the Mountain where Penny gave us free room and board. She even was going to change herself into Muslim! All of her followers gasped! Especially Drew (Andrew), the one who deals with her finances, they forbade it! My husband had no intentions of her becoming muslim ~ it was all her thinking. In the end though, she kept her "hindu" or whatever she is, religion "going". I suppose so she could channel and what not! Islam does not allow for such deciet and fakeness as she had in her.

There was one man there that my husband befriended. My husband is ill, and this man would check on my husband and seemed a genuine person. He worked for Penny. A while went by and we hadn't heard from him. Then one evening, Penny came to our home. She seemed as if she was "out of it". My husband asked about the man since we had not seen him in a while. Well, we were in utter SHOCK as she told us that he "disobeyed" her. She had chained him up with one of the tiger chains and they shot him up with tranquilizers (used for the big cats). They had him chained up all night, with his wife by his side, begging for them to let her husband loose. Then, she told us that she got a hold of Steven Segal (the actor???) and he said that she had to "take care of him". We didn't ask anymore questions. We were in shock and disbelief and our minds wandered as to what she meant by that! We, unfortunately, have not seen or heard from this man since! He had, before that incident, had a broken leg. He said he fell, but then others told us he had "disobeyed" and that "they" had broken it. We still, to this day, query about what happened to this kind man. Very strange!

Anyway, I hope one day my husband and family can overcome this deciet! It was very bad!

Thank you all again for such kind words! I have relayed your messages to my husband and family and they come as a great relief and comfort! Truly a blessing! thank you!

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

How Long Ago Was this event?

I feel sad for your suffering.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Are there still a lot of Drugs out there?

Perhaps she was just joking abut your friend?

This distrubing.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

This was about 2 years ago. She could have been in a drug induced state, although we didn't want to ask too many questions. She was very strange. We just kinda all went "whoa" and that was it, but to this day we still are curious as to if she was serious, drugged up or what! Very worrisome, very!

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???


Check out this Web Site at Rick Ross.... some interesting post there.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

How utterly disturbing.
And to know she he still hiding under some
sanctuary pretense.
Eventually, she will come to her demise.
But at what cost to those involved?
They will be maimed for life (mentally).
My thoughts are with you and your husband for a full recovery.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

What is distrubing is...

When you listen to MAFU... OR THE RAM... the words SOUND SO GREAT.

Then, the personality of the Channel gets involved.

It is AMAZING.. the CRAZY STUFF that you read about in these groups.

How can the human ego understand all the crazy stuff.

We are known by our GOOD WORKS... not the words we speak..

One could argue that in the process of these terrible things... still someone has gained a benefit.

Who Knows.

It is sad to hear these crazy stories

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

"Then, the personality of the channel gets involved."

In fact, the personality of the channel was involved all along. There never was a separate entity. There was multiple personality, psychopathology or good and bad acting.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

And / or all of the above.

I have been sending my mother email -- copying and pasting threads from this board and other sources -- that I think she should read -- I've tried sending her the LINK to this board but she claims not to be able to access the boards somehow.... I know she is at least opening the mail ... and hopefully, reading it, and some of it will start to filter through...

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Hi marie,

sorry to hear about your mom and sis. i had a family member involved for a long time.

Just a thought, it may not be benificial to send your mom info which may cause her conflict right now (then again it might,) in my experience, if she asked to hear some of it it will sink in better. it is quite possible that she takes the info you send her and goes to others to have her conflict resolved (those in the group) and they explain away the material.
How does she respond to you speaking of past pleasant times?? A reconnection of past meaning in your lives may be a better first step in having a more honest communication then a presentation of facts right now.
if you have already done this then it might be another story. Just some thoughts.

best of luck to you and the family.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

"In fact, the personality of the channel was involved all along. There never was a separate entity. There was multiple personality, psychopathology or good and bad acting. "


This is the part that I find very confusing.

The words that are spoken from the Channel Mafu are very moving and mind expanding, and yet the actions of the person who channels are very dark at times.. and yet she does have some very excellent qualities.

If they are bot the same, ONE, it is very hard to understand then how someone can have such expanded wisdom and yet still be so distrubing in the personal actions.

1 + 1 does not add up.

I still struggle with this one personally. They would say, that you can not find the answer from other human minds that are confused in this world so you must listen to the master.

They would also say to separate the two.

This is the stuff where mental illness is seeded becuase there is not clarity within the two. There are moments of great connection but the terrible beatings and cursing and human stuff is not right in any language.

It is the ying and yang in total fullness wihin one.

If this is our future as a truly whole person I find it very distrubing.

I chose to simply walk away, and yet, I still have the memories of the wonderful times that are not tanted by the parts that are very distrubing.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

In addition, it is very distrubing that others see the two, and yet, continue to support the group. It is as if knowing what is truly right action and crulity to others can be explained away by the word Karma. That is the reason they all give. It is their Karma so everything is ok to do.

This is very hard to be ok with for me.

Beating devotees in the name of Karma.

Cursing others with a foul mouth that I can and would not even repeat the words they are so dark.

The explination from the group is. It is all a part of god and you must become one with it all.

Yes, I can understand that within all things god is there somewhere. and I get confused becuase within me, I can not be at peace with beating people in the name of karm.

I simply do not know how they can allow it and not stop the madness.


Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???


I'm no expert but my two cents is this -- the type of rationalization for bad behavior that you spoke of is just that -- rationalization. If you have ever been exposed to or involved with people who have been beaten by their spouses a lot of the same type of rhetoric comes up... "I HAD to beat you for your own good".... "You deserved it" [this is your karma, you created this in this life from some past life long ago -- how can one argue that, since one does not have ready access to all our past life histories? And even if you did, that's akin to saying you ASKED for it].... That defense was thrown out a long time ago for rapists and murderers.

Bottm line -- you had it right when you said no one deserves that kind of treatment in any language for any reason.... But the abuser must invent one to keep you doubting and to justify her own actions.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

"1 + 1 does not add up"

That's right. How is it that a person can articulate brilliant concepts at one time and nothing but garbage at another? It is called manic-depression, a mental illness characterized by huge mood swings and personality shifts. Basically a manic-depressive operates in 2 extreme and opposite realities bouncing back and forth between them. Every manic-depressive person is unique and their swings are somewhat unpredictable. Also, the length of time s/he will stay in the manic or the depressive state is unknown. Fascinating condition.

"The Key to Genius, Manic-depression and the Creative Life" by D. Jablow Hershman and Julian Lieb, M.D. provides insight into this state of mind.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Thanks for the wise understandings to all... I think think this sort of says it all... I don't know too many Bible Verses but I do stand on this one.

The Point is LOVE.

1 Corinthians - Chapter 13

If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal.

And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.

If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth.

It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing.

For we know partially and we prophesy partially,
but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.

When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things.

At present we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then face to face. At present I know partially; then I shall know fully, as I am fully known.

So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

I am truly sorry for all the suffering you and your family have endured.
I am wondering as an ex member was your husband accused of taking Penny hostage for a no of days and even I'm sorry (rape), as this is the story which she told to Mafu's disciples, and the reason he went to jail.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

The plot thickens.... so there is more to the story... it seems there is always two sides..

Ok. CJ, let's hear the truth about it... these are pretty strong acqusations.
I am truly sorry for all the suffering you and your family have endured.
I am wondering as an ex member was your husband accused of taking Penny hostage for a no of days and even I'm sorry (rape), as this is the story which she told to Mafu's disciples, and the reason he went to jail.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

who the hell are you Jerry Lynn?
pray, do tell.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

I tell the truth... she is a liar! I have already explained what happened. That is what happened! NO ONE tried to rape her or hold her hostage!! You can believe the story or not, it doesn't matter, we know what happened! It is sad, very very sad!

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

When I say "she is a liar" I am referring to Penny, not you Helen ... thank you

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

We do not have the right to ask questions here?

EnlightenMeFree.com is a place to ASK.

After all, this thread is a very daming thread.

I know it is right to ask for clarifacation.

This stuff like "how dare any one question", is more of the reasons cults continue their hold on others. Cults do not allow questions. You do not and are not allowed to question.

We all have a right to ask questions of anyone.

Unless this board is now a cult?

Thank you CJ..

Did your husband truly go to jail? or was that too a lie?

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

I am really confused now......

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Thank you for the kind words. I am going to stop replying as of today, seems that things on this subject are getting out of hand. I am grateful for the one who understand what happened. I wish you all the best in life! Keep your heads up and may happiness always find you! Thank you again.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Seems as though there are some wishing to 'create' a bit of a problem in this area. Are you former or current RSE students, or do you have family/friends who are involved in a cult?

David, I respectfully request a removal of posts demonstrating yet another attempt to discredit yet another poster coming forth with courage. It was attempted with Tree to no avail. Tree simply grew stronger and more beautiful! While questioning and debate is so freeing in this forum, imo the two recent posts are simply an attempt to discredit CJ.

CJ, hang in there. We're here for you, and all the 'attempts' to discredit do nothing to erase these experiences.


Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

I'm with G2G on this one.
This, and another post are getting
a bit out of hand.
( I think it the JZ being the nastiest
Posting to get things off one's chest
whilst not slamming anyone else in the
process would be most humane.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

CJ Everyone,
Please accept my apologies if i offended anyone. First let me say how wonderful this site is and what an amazing place of healing and support you have all created, if only this was available when i left the Foundation For Meditative Studies, where i was a student/disciple for over fifteen years. What a different it would have made for my healing process and many others who have left heartbroken, dreams shattered, penniless but awake. For Penny's/Mafu's organization it seems, is so simillar its scary.
The question was asked to CJ simply to absoultly clarify the event in question, and not to discredit her in any way.
many knew at the time it was but once again the workings of Penny's twisted mind, but so much is kept hidden, The residents/STAFF will also tell lies to back up her stories.
thank you David, thank you CJ.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Helen, did you find it hard to leave Mafu... and Not Penny.

Unlike Ramtha, and I was with Ramtha for 5 years or longer in the 80's; for me, Mafu continued to be the same. Of course the teachings did change to a Guru Disciple relationship in the early 90's after Penny became a Swammi, but the wisdom and energy when Mafu was present was always the same for me... to this day it is hard for me to discredit Mafu in my mind.

It is like being in love with a lover who you remember from a long time ago.

I am not crazy, and I know the behavior of Penny is very crual.

I know many people here write there is only one ... it is ALL Penny; BLA BLA BLA; however, in my mind I can not find that yet.

Yes, I am trying to understand it all.

Even after hearing about the peopole being beaten by Penny, in my mind it tells me .. oh that is Penny not Mafu.

I truly do not know if I will ever be able to merge the two into one person like many seem to think is the answer.

I was with Mafu from 87 in Miami to LA... to Oxnard.. to Pacifica in SF... to the New Ranch at Eagle Point and The 2nd Ashram.... in the later 80's rarely wetnt and the last time there was in 2001.

In and out for years... and still after not being there for 6 years, I still respect and love the memories Mafu.

I read many things here and there, but can not seem to shake it.

I would never again go there, but I still remember it all very vividly.

My life is greater. Today, I am a happy person, and finicially successful. I do not miss Mafu or the Ranch, but I can not just let it all go either, in spite of the wild crazy things I have witnessed, the relationship with Mafu was Love. period.

Perhaps I need deprogramming or something.

Re: Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Yes, everything you say is so true, although the personality Mafu changed at different times, and over the years the teachings became very simple compared to the early years, he remained unlike his channel consistently loving, And many who studied with Mafu and left for different reasons have questioned...when did it change? when did he leave? Was he ever real? why did things not happen? Mafu only taught compassion and peace but his channel beat people and took drugs and lied, what is that? People justified all of it and stayed because they still felt that love in his presence.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

Only Love Can Give Life.

All the rest are the games of the mind and ego.

Chop Wood Carry Water.

Re: Penny Torres / Mafu ???

"Only Love Can Give Life. "

What a truly beautiful statement.