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One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07


Ram's latest predictions can be found here:

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

hi, couldnt find it., where did it go

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

Nancy Lorenz deleted the post saying it is for current students only. In fact it will be playing on "ramthatv" very soon. Another revenue opportunity for JZ. But instead of paying for it just read "The Days to Come April 14, 1993" thread. Same stuff. Or even better, just make up scarey things in your head until you feel afraid enough to do anything a cult leader might tell you to do...

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

BTO Posts 15809 and 15820 have been removed (for current students only). But noticed the following video was posted about the Horizon Project. It appeared on SciFi and/or the History Channel. It says it is a Remote Viewing Project. Can't specifically connect it to r/j. If anyone can give info about who made this, would be appreciated. It is 1 hr.22 min. long. You have to sit through a lot of alarmist crap but eventually things are introduced that were new to me. The date Dec/2012 is bullseyed based on Mayan calendar on the Sunstone, which itself is based on cyclical events on the galactic plane. ie. the galactic equinox, coming every 3600 (?) years, which according to the presenters has severe implications for earth's stability. If this stuff is true, it doesn't seem to matter what you do, there doesn't seem to be any way to prepare for it.


Also, the site for the Horizon Project: http://www.thehorizonproject.com/team.cfm

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

One on One Italy 25-08-2007 Days To Come: War

- a Religious War will start very soon, starting on the shores of
Italy, the land of the pope, they will come like the Moors did in
the past
- Britain: royal people will be executed in the street
- a War will start that will not end and will get out of control,
bloody and uncivilized countries will be devastated
- Jerusalem is going to be destroyed
- Russia and China will get involved, China will watch the slaughter
before they move in
- this all will start within 1,5 years, earlier in Europe in cities
and amongst the coastlines- bombs will go off, big bombs
- a nuclear bomb in the USA
- poisonous water is on the way
- the enemy is 'within' (the countries)
- there will be filthy water and rotting food
- India and parts of Asia are involved, the world will be prepared
for 'Allah'
- land & resources will be destroyed
- the ocean polluted
- there will be no food, no clean water, water will be worth more
than gold
- destruction of the world: those who know what is coming will leave
the planet, there is another true space-program, tunneled into Mars
and beyond, advanced technology not given to the mobs
- there are already underground highways and cities as big as Rome
in Europe. The governments knew that something was coming and they
will escape into the earth. They have planned for 2011 so they will
be safe and all people are wiped out and they will start a new
- the war involves the USA, Australia and China

The Storm: What will stop a war that is already happening in the
future?: Nature and the Earth! Change is already coming forward.

- Live in the highest places you can go to, don't live near the water
- the melting water will cause a tilt 3 degree because the ice
doesn't balance the earth anymore
- there will be a new North pole
- the shift will cause winds 1000-2000-3000 miles an hour and the
wind will c lean the sky
- in 1 night the oceans will be dry ground, the water is travelling
the earth, the countries
- is the place where you live waterproof? windproof?
- continents and civilizations will disappear in 1 night
- sun: the sun cycle coming is "the end of the earth", it will knock
down electronics (2011), reversing the magnetic field, satellites are
knocked down from the sky
- 2009, 2010,2011, 2012 are catastrophic
- people who work for governments will leak out information
- 2 former presidents of the USA will come out: be prepared for food
and water shortages
- a hovel on a mountain?: build it on the other side from where the
wind is coming and the water
- stay away from oceans and rivers and islands
- have food storage for 2-7 years: cans
- clothes for the winter, shoes, tools, medicines, tools to sow your
wounds, to distract your teeth, seeds, water-water-water!
- have books on agriculture, weather, planting, preserving, healing
and taking care of
- build undergrounds: creatures have always survived in the earth
- buy the food while the money is still valuable
- the power of your mind will preserve the ground you stand on

- the Changes are going on in a War Scene: this will be Divine
Intervention! Whole armies will go down in fire and water.

- Natures preserves its own

- The School will continue, it is build on a rock, like how I got my
enlightenment, the wind and the water will be broken there, the
ocean will be seen from the school

- People will survive and see the errors of giving one's power away
- All that destroyed the world will be gone: satellites that sent
signals to your head -even in this room- there will be no more
electronic signals disturbing your head, clarity of mind. The brain
processes all signals: you are bad, ugly, you should kill yourself,
you should kill someone else: all of that will be gone
- reality will look very different
- you can join the Milky Way
- the money system will change: no electronics, no credit cards

- Nature acts as an intervener
- I will sent you runners: information and opportunity

((This was all part of the lecture. Other information from the
questions was :))

- Ireland will move into the waters of Greenland and freeze over. It
will break apart and move south
- the tilt moves water Up -over - and down over the earth
- Europa will be frozen north of the Pyrenees. The pulse of the
oceans driven by the sun (where it is hot, the water is cooler), the
arteriesystem is collapsing. It is now down to 32 %. the day it is
collapsed it will immediately freeze over. if it stops: nuclear
winter, very quickly. It will bring ultimate freeze
- do not trust other people (~in regard to buying property together)
- Sportilia will not be destroyed, it will move but only a little,
(prepare for 2 years) when to move? (~ to property bought their ~):
a large bomb will go off, when that happens you leave.

From Link … Yahoo


Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

Re: Nancy Lorenz deleted the post saying it is for current students only.

What IS this world coming to??? Just like my Jimmy’s been saying, ‘We need to preach the Gospel now… these are the times of the Bible.” But lady, lady – SHARE that gospel, preach the days to come to ALL !! Now why would you be withholding information from the people out there? Dear me.

That JZ and Ramtha Knight need to get their shiz together. I mean, get that ole horse ranch of hers more of a theme-park, like Heritage USA (yup – we had memberships for seating too). It was THIRD only to Disney World and Disneyland in attendance!! Then 8 million coming to be with ya. Oh, and Praise the Lord – we had 12 million faithful folkies just sending in $1 million each year support our ministry. That’s the way to do it. But, hey girl – you gotta give ‘um the gospel!! Who else is gonna be there for the broken, the bruised and the hurt? We gotta have a God of second and third chances!!! That’s how Jimmy’s got his ministry back after his little prison stint.

Like that Cowboy man says, if you don’t give it to ‘em, then they might just make up scary things in their head, and get afraid and then who knows what they’ll do.. might not act right and be able to make money to benefit the ministry. Just keep feeding anyone who listens THE WORD...

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

tammy faye...thanks for the creative and funny post. you're a genius.

Re: One on One with Ramtha Italy 25-08-07

Mary G, and similar posters...

Please stop posting here.

It is understood that you take issue with Tree's claims. We understand that you believe she isn't speaking the truth. We also understand that current/pro-RSE students have a conflict of interest and are going to want to discredit her.

In either case, you are not welcome to post here as you're blatantly disregarding the intent of this forum. It is for former students of RSE, and or related family members/loved ones. It is not for current students, or those who are pro-RSE; they have their own forums in which they can communicate their Ramtha-speak.

I don't believe anyone here has said they believe or disbelieve anything Tree has said. Or anyone else for that matter. We're posting our experiences here, and they are not complemetary to RSE, by the nature of what they've been. Perhaps if there had been an honest forum that cared about hearing contstructive criticisms when we were students, and making appropriate changes to the RSE, this forum would not have been born. But, that was not the case.

If you have issues with Tree, you need to take them to her, not post them on here. You were not there to see the "incident", nor were we. Tree claims it's true.