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interesting way to generate money

hold a "Catch-up" event in Yelm followed by a Mini-assay (no ramtha), simulatneosly, holding a beginner's event in Italy , having a petite chat and an evening with Ramtha, then sporting off to Italy to appear at an advanced retreat along with a one on one with ramtha, that will then be streamed to more paying students in Yelm.
Must be several timelines running concurrently

Re: interesting way to generate money

seems to go along with Someone's desire to be a billionaire. i've heard that stated in audience.
i guess being a millionaire wasn't enough. students were also told that they should want to pay more for events, because they weren't paying enough. i recall hearing, "you should want to pay $5,000 for an event." then some blurb about tony robbins, and the like, who charge way more. whatever. it costs me nothing, because i'm not there. nor am i missing anything because i need ramtha to save me.

life is good !

Re: interesting way to generate money

If JZ keeps busy will s/he stay out of mischief?

Re: interesting way to generate money

I think Hitler kept very busy right up into the end.

(ref the movie: The Wave, and also the new Tom Cruise movie that is being filmed in Europe, about the plot to assasinate Hitler, which is being protested over there becuase the Germans believe Scientology is a cult. )

( and no, I am not inferring anything about anyone plotting in this fashion against JZ. I am referring to Hitler's delusional view of himself.)

Re: interesting way to generate money

dear tree, i have known you for 20 years plus and your son, I watched him grow up to a fine young man! I have loved you and supported you and seen many changes and on going changes in your life (Lora, Beth< ect.ect, and now I get to see this too, Your a great being and I can only say, STOP! Your greater then this and I truely now why, just stop! There is only One tree and she very good at poker and the pokers "eye". Stop while you have a good hand and take your winings as the experience would have it be! Your frienly fire!

Re: interesting way to generate money

occassionally, I feel the urge to speak.
what is YOUR drive in life?
NOT that this is mine.
I happen to be in an exploitive position, which, if you know poker, and my drive,
I will do it till good prevails (which I did three times over yesterday. I know I rock. I know when to balance. I know where others are at my throat.I am not delusional.)

Hitler was eventually taken down.

Re: interesting way to generate money

"Stop while you have a good hand and take your winnings as the experience will have it be?"

Whoa, sounds like RSE staff to me. The only good part is that Tree woke up. What about the other 20 years?

Re: interesting way to generate money

Tree...... Talking about Hitler......
I was in audience once when R.A.M. said Hitler was in school.

Maybe he's reading EMF too.

Re: interesting way to generate money

I don't play with fire,
friendly or otherwise.

Again, someone feels the need to
attack a poster rather than the issue
that is brought up.
This is getting intellectually old.

Re: interesting way to generate money

Yawn - re "Friendly Fire".....CHILL.

"Friendly Fire's" message, in my opinion, has little to do with the healing of former RSE students/participants. Again, another attempt to discredit Tree.

"Fire" - are you truly friendly?

I am very impressed with Tree's ability to be in the timelines of all of the current RSE'rs who continue to post to her. Why it's so easy. Just change your timeline, or do you like it here where we speak our OWN minds and do not parrot-talk?

The greatest thing I've learned/reinforced from that so-called "school" is that thinking my own thoughts, and speaking my OWN mind, is "quintessential" indeed.