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Response To Tree July 31, 2007

EMF experienced an unprecedented occurrence with the previously posted (and now going to be reposted) thread, “A Response to Tree’s Post of 7-31-2007”, by self named Laura Mooney. Of note to EMF readers, Laura is a current RSE student, as well as an employee of JZ Knight. In Laura’s posts, people were specifically identified without their permission and the thread was becoming a family dispute showcased in cyberspace. The issue here, is Tree posted on EMF’s Message Forum, because it is a place for former RSE students to discuss their experiences.

First of all, let’s address the issue of "fair use" in Copyright law; Laura needs to know, that EMF is copyright protected with regard to its contents. It’s one thing to use small excerpts of information, whereby the source is properly cited. It’s another thing to cut/paste an entire thread of posted information, and not cite the link to the webpage source. Laura, please remove the content
you copied from the EMF Message Forum, and cross posted elsewhere, immediately.

There are some extremely painful and challenging issues that have arisen from Tree’s original post, where she addresses her alleged rape experience at RSE. EMF made the choice to temporarily remove the thread that Laura started, along with some excellent posts in order to bring to a halt an obvious attempt to discredit Tree, Time out was deemed necessary so the issues and its ramifications could be fully understood and worked out. This is an ongoing experience of growth and understanding, and we appreciate your positive feedback in this particularly sensitive and challenging situation.

In Laura’s post, one of the things she addressed was the context of when Tree told her of her sexual experience with the head of the Red Guard, and subsequent abortion of the resulting pregnancy. (For the readers information JZ Knight’s security personnel are called “The Red Guard”)

Laura and Charlene seemed to need and/or want to respond to Tree via EMF, rather than take the issue up with her privately. In doing so, EMF was used as a personal sounding board, rather than it’s purpose as a support forum for former RSE students to discuss their experiences.

Unfortunately, Laura took the liberty of citing Tree’s legal name in her post, when Tree had chosen not to use it when posting. However, there are people who are connected to EMF who can verify who Tree is; and readers can be assured she’s a real person. Additionally, a poster, (self named) Charlene, posted a barrage of very disturbing & personal family history of her involvement with Laura, Tree and their son, citing his name (without permission), which we think is morally incomprehensible. Tree asked EMF to remove her own posts entirely after it had deteriorated into mudslinging where the battle lines were being drawn across family members.

EMF’s primary purpose is to offer a place for support for former RSE students such as Tree, when having a voice is not otherwise an option. Laura and Charlene’s posts were not offering support, but appearing to want to discredit what Tree claims as her own experience.

By Tree’s own admission, Tree (a gay woman who doesn’t choose to have sex with men) did, in her own time, soon after the abortion, did tell Laura that she had unprotected sex with the head RG. The result of that encounter, so unplanned, in a drunken state, directly after an RSE Wine Ceremony, that it resulted in a pregnancy – which later resulted in an abortion. The pregnancy is medically documented. Yes, Tree has referred to that experience as Rape; no consent between two adults.

We were temporarily unable to contact Laura, because when posting, she did not include an email contact. Thank you, Laura, for responding to our request to get in contact with EMF. While we were waiting for contact with Laura, the thread was removed until the issues and its ramifications could be fully understood and worked out.

In Laura’s defense of the alleged rape that occurred at the Yelm property of JZ Knight/RSE, a post was made by her, on Aug 8, 07 making the following statements:

“ (Note: I was advised of [Tree’s] having sex with the HRG in late October after [Tree’s] abortion by [Tree] herself)

*End October 1997 – [Tree] advised she had had an abortion, advised she had sex with the Head Red Guard after a wine ceremony but she didn’t recall details (Again Note: I was advised of [Tree] having sex with the HRG in late October after [Tree] abortion, she, [Tree], told me herself..never did she say she said ‘no’ to the HRG or use the word rape)”

EMF comment: Tree cited that she never said “yes” to consensual sex with any man, in her life, because she is gay.

Also, statistics show that it is quite common for a woman to deny a rape experience, and not overtly call it what it was. More specifically, the teachings of RSE are such that one is told they create their reality, thus drawing into their sphere of experience, situations that will have purposeful GOOD, from which one gains wisdom. That psychological pressure upon students to marginalize the “bad” experiences, causes dissonance – inner turmoil. This eventually boils down to a psychological term called “blaming the victim”, otherwise known as “you brought it upon yourself, therefore it’s your own fault”. There are folks at EMF who believe that such a position is representative of coercive mind control tactics used upon students at RSE.

It is also the position that supports JZ/Ramtha being able to say that the victims of the December tsunami, (in Asia’s Indian Ocean) deserved their deaths. This belief system excuses murder, rape, and catastrophic events as being “for the experience of the purposeful good in it all.” We disagree with that position.

Laura stated, “*March 2000 – Officially assigned position of Red Guard (Note: not only did I not know about the alleged incident between [Tree] and the Head Red Guard at RSE, I was not a Red Guard at RSE at the time of the incident…NOTE: I was appointed as Red Guard 3 years later, 3 years after the alleged incident occurred in Sept 1997 with the HRG; and, neither was I an employee at RSE, I was a student)”

EMF comment: The fact that you were not employed at THAT time (of the alleged rape incident) isn’t the issue. The issue is that someone whom you were extremely close to at one time, alleges that she was RAPED by a current colleague of yours. You seem to have avoided that specific allegation in terms of addressing the situation, in your posts. Whether you had a good/bad relationship together, doesn’t justify the ISSUE, which is an allegation of rape. The message that Laura seems to be conveying, is a character assassination, to discredit Tree, rather than addressing the main issue of Tree’s alleged rape.

To readers and posters: THANK YOU for your patience with regard to this issue. We’re doing our best, and appreciate your understanding as we sort this out.

the EMF moderators

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

Here are the reinstated post that fit within the EMF posting guidelines…

G2G posted...

“When one breaks free of the cage, the heart is free as well as the words”…

Well spoken G2G



Aug 8th, 2007 - 9:35 PM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

so now what’s this all about.after the presentation of your timeline what do you say?that in regard of rape it wasent rape untill Tree had the guts to call it rape?i attended several whineceremonies and i wittnesed how people got animated also minors to "dance together"there were lots of sextalks called "truthteachings".also lots of "what women want.it was for shure not rated r.there r laws against sheltering coupling of minors in america.proof?look at the" were angels fear to go movie".at the dancing sceens of the ramster youth.so is what you present the legal paperwork of a messy divource?is rape only some out of hand getting pleasuretime?lets role up jz sexcontrol over her followers and her "suggestions"[or shall i call it hypnotalk] about it.and save me the lawyerbabel tell straight out what you wanna say.there is someone here who calls him or herself whisly see all sides.lets hear it.


Aug 8th, 2007 - 10:52 PM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

Tree’s rape experience and her cry for accountability and healing will not be so easy dismissed by your post
and your allegiance to JZ Knight/RSE and blind faith in “Ramtha”.

It is important for EMF readers to know that Laura Mooney is a current student of RSE and
a part time employee of JZ Knight.



• Only 16% of rapes are ever reported to the police.

• In the United States, 1.3 women are raped every minute. That results in 78 rapes each hour, 1872 rapes each day, 56160 rapes each month and 683,280 rapes each year.

• 1 out of every 3 American women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

• The United States has the world's highest rape rate of the countries that publish such statistics. It's 4 times higher than Germany, 13 times higher than England, and 20 times higher than Japan.

• 1 in 7 women will be raped by her husband.

• 83% of rape cases are ages 24 or under.

• 1 in 4 college women have either been raped or suffered attempted rape.

• 1 in 12 males students surveyed had committed acts that met the legal definition of rape.

Furthermore, 84% of the men who had committed such acts said what they had done was definitely not rape.

• 75% of male students and 55% of female students involved in acquaintance rape had been drinking or using drugs.




Aug 9th, 2007 - 9:39 AM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

TREE - Your courage is amazing. In my opinion, I find it hideous this person felt compelled to post her version of ''Peyton Place.'' My heart goes out to you. Rape is rape. Sometimes it takes years to realize that is what occurred, particularly when one is vulnerable and in abusive relationships. I find it, in my opinion, a very sad reflection of RSE teachings-the fact this woman cannot ''change her timeline.'' Ms. Laura- as your leader would say, WAKE UP!!!

Tree, I am so happy you are healing and in my opinion, you have no obligation to explain the personals of your relationships. That is your business. I can see why one would flee from this type of situation, based on her need to post details. So what is SHE focusing upon?
Sad for the world and those who impose their control and abuse.

Be joyful. It's your time.



Aug 9th, 2007 - 9:42 AM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

Here we have a very sad yet illuminating story which shows the influence of cult membership. For example, Laura states that in late 1996 she "walked away." This is a "Ramtha" teaching. Walk away from your past, abandon everything and anyone who might stand in the way of you achieving Christhood.

A responsible parent would not "walk away" from their child but under the influence of mind control we see otherwise responsible people making incomprehensible choices. Without completely realizing it, the cult member has given their power away to the leader who now makes their choices for them. And "Ramtha" said over and over and over again, "Where is the past? Show it to me! Get over it, forget about it, get rid of those dead mules. Walk away!" And so Laura did.

This is an indoctrination technique known as isolation. The goal is to separate the cult member ("student") from his/her support system and thereby increase dependence on the group.

And what about Tree’s use of the terms sex and rape? According to Laura while Tree was in RSE she described her experience as sex. Yet when she was out of RSE and no longer under the influence of group think her experience was a rape. This is an example of another one of "Ramtha's" teachings, "all is purposeful good" and "you create your own reality." As a group member Tree would be inclined to mentally reframe rape as
sex because according to the group think she creates her own reality and she would not create a rape, would she? And all is purposeful good, isn't it? Isn't everyone in "school" aspiring to Christhood so there couldn't be any rapists, right?

When we give our power/mind away to the teachings or the leader we also give away our capacity to think independently which means that we are no longer interpreting our experience, it is being done for us.

The story of Tree and Laura illustrates this very well.



Aug 14th, 2007 - 9:36 AM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

Hello all you brave ones who reveal your names and facts of past...
I want to commend and support and send you strong wishes as you make your days around town amid those of us, myself included, who gawk over these posts, and tell others who havent heard, to read this website. "Its a ride!" I say, objective as can be, ...
My parents divorced when I was 5 and to this day have Never reconciled to the point where they cant even imagine saying a kind word to each other, being in the same room together [why a "wedding,", including my family was always out of the question]... nor thier past perceptions of what went on that caused the divorce. Yes, there was physical violence, yes, the perpetrator "forgot", and the Victim exagerated, and what all else...
In secret, over me, the Child-Heart, they ask about each other, but who knows if its just to slander behind my back to thier friends, or if indeed, in the privacy of thier minds, they are burdoned with the weight of holding grudges, and wish they could "let it go" and even begin to see thier part in "creating" the troubles that occured...uh 45 fu--ing years ago.
Point being, I became "seesallsides" as an emotional survival skill, early on, and still, if I focus on "the little girl with emotions," whom I love dearly,
she can drop down in a flash, and rage-grieve-etc, primally screaming, over all this CRAP called hatred and blame...till flashbacks of past lives, revelations of WHY
are answered in wordless mental awarenesses, that leave the body after, empty of all emotions and in that great state of objective wonderment that children be in so naturally after the emotions are spent.
They look at you like "what was the problem??? Lets play now!"
I dont stay hung up in wishing my parents would make up before any of us die, so we can have some reunion, etc...
as I have found my wholeness without them...but here, and so many adventures I have, run me right into the same scenarios between people.....

Stalemates...where each side sees only thier story, and the person in the middle has no idea who to believe..IM ready for another seizure of schitzophrenic flailing machine gun tantrums toward the whole thing of Being Human with all this ****..What program is this????????? Turn the fu--ing Channel!!

If you cant put yourself in the other ones shoes and find the ways in which you do what you accuse them of doing to you [albiet in a different, even unrecognizable fashion]..........I dont see much hope for the board to clear, and a new game to begin.

what relieves me I suppose, is the way it feels how everyone comes to RSE with thier emotional bodies in varying degrees of needing healing.
I realized at my 1st retreat that it was not RAMTHAS JOB, nor FORTE' to help us do this work individually.
Even the teachings he GAVE, all of them, on the emotinal body, cant be worth much in thought if the cells of your emotional body dont vibrate out the Pain, and past being held there. In its original form that it first got stuckin. Remember when your little baby body RealEyesed the futility of feeling , and then conformed to a life of acting out in a more appropriate fashoin?
I dont think Blowing does it, gets RID of "YOU", nor focussing on behavior Mod...
I think you just have to "go back there" [ remember past present future all the same..gee how easy that makes things!!!!!]...and remember the origins of your programming, and the denials that set your personality Actions on a treadmill in order to avoid FEELING Too Much. Some babys die of heartbreak, and those that dont are friends I have today who battle suicidal depression daily..
Its a hard job, a way of life, no fun at the beginning, and not pretty to hear. But i personally see no other way around it. OOps, cant say that...of COURSE there are Other ways...sorry...

Its just endearing to hear that even RSE staff people are evolving and learning, and that RAMTHA doesnt know everything. After all, didnt he abandon his soulmate after finding her in a crazed state resulting from her being violated/raped/etc..according to a version of the story he told in 94..
I thought "What an ASS!...You dont just Write her off as crazy and leave her there, injured and in Shock..what a chicken **** man you were!!...DUH"..
Weather its a true story or not, it helped me to see His Highness as not perfect also, if he couldnt even hang around his traumatized woman and help her. { I hope I got the story right folks...he found her there after the village was pillaged, and her eyes didnt even recognize him, and golly she wasnt the beautiful one he knew her as.....boy do I wanna slam all people who abandon such "victims"...yes, we've all done it, unless we figure out how to get paid to stick around and help them..the "victims" they are..]

Anyhow, I ramble on, for my own benefit and hopefully for the highest good of all in reception here.

To Tree and Laura, and all of us coming to terms with our origins in relation to The Mother, I am brought to tears by the fantasy of you reconciling your Hearts, and finding again the original light of love that first brought you together..and if it wasn't Love, then at least Understanding..or, isnt all Life Force..Love glue????/
and I have no judgement on When or How..
but I tell you, theres nothing like Forgetting what made you mad at each other in the first place, and theres nothing like the wave of forgiveness superceeding every mental reason why its impossibleto Forgive..
Its taken me years of "hard work", to finally have experiences like these with the people closest to me, and it takes not one single Thought to "make it happen"..rather, it comes over in wordless emotion, like after weeks of nothing but Gray Rain...when the sky clears its like......oops, cant describe it...

IM glad to see people leaving the mental gymnastics of RSE and learning to Feel thier way around, blinders off[o:)

Peace and Love, and All the Best to you...

Sees all Sides still Hiding high in the trees, Ill come down when the wars over......



Aug 16th, 2007 - 1:03 PM Re: Response to Tree/ Post July 31, 2007

How many sides to a circle? Tree is entitled to her feelings as are you and anyone else. Tree is entitled to being free of RSE and whatever else she chooses. I believe in compassion greatly, but cannot fathom why those who are obviously still within the mind-controlled RSE feel so compelled to live "this" timeline. Perhaps it's due to an addiction to the NEED to BE RIGHT?

No one is 100% right, perhaps. Perhaps there are shades of white, gray, and whatever else and again, how many sides to a circle? In my opinion, I don't care what you or anyone else did within a relationship. It's your business. The posts seem to be more of an attempt to diminish Tree's credibility, but it's a no go, for when one is within RSE, one is NOT in control of their mind and even actions. The mind is controlled from the stage and "Egyptian" make-up persona.

But, I DO indeed care about what occurred at RSE, since I, too, have been affected after a very short "enlistment." While there, I remember speaking with measured words, uncertain of using words I've always used, (ALWAYS) for concern of being "corrected" by another student here or there. My children and spouse noticed my "detached" nature after each event. I did not feel the deep connection of love with my family while I was a part of the group. All I wanted was MORE of RSE, until I realized, I'm a heffer in a herd!!! : ) That was it. Nothing had changed from organized religion to following a pied piper. Yet I prided myself on being a leader and not a follower. NO way was I following this and sticking around for verbal abuse, sleep deprivation, and lines so very long for food that unless you brought your own, you wouldn't eat. In fact, many didn't thereby aiding the "addictive trance." Oh the trance, how we so loved that special place, never wishing to leave-not knowing what we were exposed to in THAT environment.

Quite honestly, I was saddened to see so many concerned only with themselves. Of course, there were other "open hearts" there as well, and these will find their way out of the cage. Because that's what I see. Caged hearts, bound by false promises.

Free yourself and fly away from the muck. Let go of the past, eh? Or focus on another timeline ( it amazes me HOW many RSE'ers are reinforcing their reality by continuing to engage in the timeline of this website.) FOCUS! ahem. Or do you wish to create this "reality?"

When one breaks free of the cage, the heart is free as well as the words, yet memories of times at JR's ranch invade our daily lives in ways we'd not have imagined.

One would think those in school would simply change "neighborhoods." So I ask, why don't you? If someone is under the influence of alcohol at the command of a self-appointed "omnipotent" being, and they are raped, this person would believe (wouldn't they -that they "created" this situation?)

Do you believe YOU created the situation you describe in your post above?

I might be speaking for myself only, but I simply DO NOT care about anyone's relationships with others. I DO care about the fact people were forced to drink wine and spy on one another, and in such a state under the direction of this "self-proclaimed omnipotent being" led to believe each "CREATES" what they experience, what else could any woman say? SHE created a rape? I, myself, heard J/R state, "one must wonder about the fanatasies of women who are raped." This places the "blame" of rape on the woman-yet the big guy spoke of the greatest travesty in the world was the subjugation of women? BULL. Rape is an act of violence, and not due to fantasyland.

Show the compassion of a master and close this painful topic or take it elsewhere, I respectfully request. I, for one, believe it takes INCREDIBLE courage to do what Tree has done at this time. Can you do the same?

I feel for those still within the confines and wearing the blindfold. Those with eyes - use them to SEE and take off the blindfold!

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

I must say, for myself, that as a result of the response of said poster and her
RSE buddies, it nearly sent me over the edge. I thought a trip away would do
something, but it only exacerbated
my current struggles to rid myself of
RSE-speak and thinking.
This week in particular has been over-the-
top. Two calls to 911 and a crisis hot-line, getting in touch with experienced professionals ( and not narrow minded physicians who are still currently active in RSE) have been the highlights.
(Hence my posting about "leaving a cult".)

I then read the preface to the message board here at EMF:
This is a moderated forum. Post using maturity and respect toward others, in particular when you don't agree. We're all entitled to our viewpoints, and posting our viewpoints. However, be sure you disagree with issues, instead of attacking people. Vitriol toward ANY group or individual is uncalled for & may result in a deleted post, and possibly being banned from further posting.

I, myself, have only posted my experience.
I have never pointed a finger at any one else, nor, even in replying to said poster
(Laura)even attempted to discredit her as a human being.

It was quite a shock to realize, after this topic, that the 5 or 6 people, whom I had considered friends for my entire tenure at RSE, were not really friends at all.

It's not enough to see RSE students reacting to me at the grocery store, or the hairdresser (who is in RSE), trying to do her job, yet I know she is acutely aware of what had transpired, and feeling this ostracism everywhere I turn.
I am fervently working on actions that will preclude this from happening anymore.

What has been more blatantly clear in the last few weeks is that people in cults
do have a tendency to see only in black and white, and they are highly narcisstic to the point of needing to slander others
in order to defend the cult.
I am NOT being accusatory here, as having been in that position for 19 years,I know what that kind of thinking is like.
Right now, I can only work on me and develop even more compassion for those who
continue to trod that mind-altering path.

I am ever so greatful for the support here at EMF and the people who I run into in town who are ex members who run over to me in a parking lot to give me a hug.

I truly believe love and compassion is a path more terrestrials might try to engage, as we would not have such plights in Iraq and Yelm.

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

The recent EMF experience with the aforementioned character assassin and accomplice will strengthen the site over the long term. Whenever I have been faced with lashing-out behavior, over-the-top anger, with no morale consideration or concern re: impact I have to say to myself: ‘S/he is coping as well as s/he can. This is the BEST they can do in the moment.. oh how sad..’

It helps me to get over how shocking it is. Low level functioning has a way of bringing home one’s own truth , such as: 1) What does the son now feel towards the aggressor? embarrassed, betrayed? How close will that relationship be in the future? 2) What about L’s current lover? Lover now knows she's in a CONDITIONAL relationship, with an explosive history. 'ouch, maybe this isn't so good after all..' 3) Employer – 'Do I really need a misguided fireball on my staff? loaded guns tend to backfire. do I need this person in a position of trust and authority? I risk exposure, oh dear...'

Life is like a big Mirror – a reflection of where we need to grow. And brings it forth. Some lessons will be repeated again and again, till we get it. We can only hope, in subsequent iterations, we recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing and take the higher road.

So I am grateful for this thread, learning from the experiences of others.. further affirmed regarding the power of moral codes in communities of people. The EMF community has been tested and is stronger. We are all stronger for it. And that is what will prevail: Grace, love, compassion.

Removing myself from belief systems, fascist structures that try and take away my power yes. Maybe it’s a form of contagious group mental illness, who knows? Just let me outta there. So many choices, ways to be a better soul, on planet Earth right now, contributing light and love to self and others.

nuf for now

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

alright, this thread has gone on a somewhat gay tangent (which I never intended) that which I would like to comment on.

First, I am not a flag waver or bra burner. Never been outspoken on social issues, etc. What for? I just be who I am.

Agape writes:
2) What about L’s current lover? Lover now knows she's in a CONDITIONAL relationship, with an explosive history. 'ouch, maybe this isn't so good after all..'

I will preface this with :this has been my experience. And then I will comment.

I know of a person who was witnessing an interview between JZ and a publication while in New York (last year). Off the cuff, the interviewer states: wow. you have alot of gay staff members.
JZ: I do?
interview continues on.

Within a few weeks, "Ramtha" now comes out swinging with the "you are your plumbing" bat on several occasions.
(This was not the first time).

Last April, when the event was held in Italy, "Ramtha" berated then loved on a particular staff member that she would die by next April (2007) if she did not act like a "woman", meet a man, and have a baby.
That woman broke her relationship off with another woman all in the name of this
"teaching". She came to work the next day, nails painted, hair curled, capri's, the whole nine yards.

as far a "laura's new lover", Laura truly believes she is straight now.and she definitely has stated that, "NO!!! me and so and so are NOT having sex!!!"

Then there is the teeny story about Master of Music getting on the mic and announcing ( last year) that she had frilly underwear on. Like, what is the point? Like she finally "got" the teaching?

I think all these examples are very sad in the face of cult group think.

These people (and there are a few other stories) have been hi jacked into thinking they are what the channel wants.
(I refer back to the "early teachings" the benevolence to all, whatever their
choices/or expressions took on....vs....
gay bashing and "check out your plumbing" when JZ's former husband had been cheating on her with guys.)

I find it sad that these very strong women
(who all happen to be"crossovers") have been repressed by such an ignorant teaching. Just like sitting in the field, endeavoring to focus on something "lofty", then to be berated
by the "teacher" with ,"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!!! YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY!!!!"

What a joke.
All those people missing out (although they don't know it until they get out) on living a very full, physcial existence.
This includes everybody, but these are a few of some extreme examples.

That is my two cents on the topic.


Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

Please note...
“You beginners”..It’s only a matter of time before your beloved teacher will enter “your bedroom”….
It's few relationships that can survive RSE membership..
Then it’s all over… except for the trail of broken homes and broken hearts,
with the children often caught in the crossfire.,
But that’s how it works in a cult.
I remember “Ramtha” berating us menfolkies about our apparent rampant and disgusting ************ habits, You are a bunch of squirters “he” shouted… Don’t you know that every time you “spill your seed” that you are dying..
Yikes… "Ramtha" is watching"..that was my final curtain to a healthy sexual mind …and a slide back to the age of Victorian sexuality…
As for the RSE gay community, what chance do they have to survive Judith’s gay bashing?
There are three main points to the RSE teachings on sexuality….
1. Guilt
2. Guilt
3. Guilt ….

The Divide and Rule methods of Judith’s RSE indoctrinations is the death bell to any healthy and loving relationships.

Karri and Laura's dream…. didn’t stand a chance.


Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

For years, the teachings were along the lines of students being so evolved that they were done with human sexuality, anyway. Having transcended that first three seal stuff, a master would be celibate, and would drive the energy up to the brain, not down into the first "chakra".

Gee, if all of our parents had that viewpoint, we wouldn't be here.

I agree with David, in that there were so many twisted teachings on sexuality there, that most relationships are in danger. Yet, what a hypocrisy it all was, when later on in the teachings (years), "Ramtha" played matchmaker and put certain folks together to get married, and have children. That's an (in my opinion) insane amount of control to give someone, over your own body/life as to TELL one, who to partner with. Just incredible.

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

Controlling sexuality is one of the factors that identifies a group as a cult. A cult leader may forbid sex or encourage it, the point being that s/he is in control and not the participants.

A former cult member told me that in her cult sexuality was encouraged and the men could approach any woman they chose at any time, including married women. If a woman refused she was berated and criticized by the cult leader and her husband! She said this conduct caused all of the female cult members to feel "dirty." Controlling someone else's body is an intense form of oppression.

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

from Take Back Your Life:
There may be stringent sexual control of followers through tactics such as forced celibacy, arranged marriages, forced break ups,removal of children from their parents and mandated births.

I have seen all but one of these tactics
performed at RSE.

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007


If you don't mind my asking, I was just wondering if when your alleged rape experience occurred, the man involved, was married at that time ?


Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

yes.they still are married, and both work at the Ranch.

Re: Response To Tree July 31, 2007

and as I recall, he obviously told her a short time after this, as there was a wine
ceremony and I was standing in the ladies
bathroom line, the music was blaring, and
the wife approached me with a
"how could you dare come onto my husband?"
look (omg-the dude is fat and not particulary attractive and has an ego the size of Mt Rushmore) followed by her lips moving, but I could not hear because the
music was so loud!
Me? come onto him???!!!??
What a joke