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R spoke to the faithful...

this week, saying:. “No one is breaking thru… No one is performing. You HAVE TO WORK HARDER. Relationships are cheap. Do disciplines in the morning. Do them again at night. Evaluate how well you materialized your thoughts. We need Change Agents for the coming world changes. Nothing compares to changing your reality!” (btw, what does this say about the teacher?)


Berating the students - (for $50) whose lives are getting in the way of their evolution...future ...ability to be an agent of change. Blatant Message: you are just Not Good Enough......not gonna make it. All because you didn’t do disciplines: Guilty, Inadequate, Anxious, Afraid. We SO deserved this verbal thrashing. He is SO right.. I can’t seem to manifest my day, not focused or willful enough. It is MY problem……

BUT, another parallel reality exists..filling the upcoming Yelm events. Imagine for $600, a guy could spend 10 days doing disciplines there. Hey, use the ranch! JZ's leaving town - few weeks in Italy - the special jet, villa, BMW, shopping, freshening up the ole’ botox, private parties, < 5 hours of channeling last year worked fine – staff did the rest + videos. Couple of late dinners- what the heck. gotta get the fookies signed up. How shall I create my day? hummm…

the empress has no clothes..this is so thinnly veiled..

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

but bud butt i thought the school evolved and everything is so much different now.???????

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

Did JZ really do less than 5 hours of channeling last year? Meaning that "Ramtha" spoke "in person," not on tape, for less than 5 hours in an entire year? Can anyone confirm this?

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

"5 hours of channelling last year worked fine"
refers to last year in Italy.

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

Five hours of "channeling" is more than zero after she ADVERTISED on the website for January 2005 (maybe 2004 but I don't think so) that for an 8 day event, Ramtha would channel LIVE (NO VIDEOS) for the last 8 days.

Well, long story short - there was no Ramtha, and JZ was shopping in New York City with a female friend. She got back late, had a flat tire to deal with, she was tired and we were told that we were (mostly) "advanced" students (no christs, though hahah). So, due to this status "we should not need to have Ramtha there to entertain us, just go do our disciplines."

Okay, so that backtalk from JZ was apparently supposed to shame students into trying harder yet again, DESPITE the fact that she ADVERTISED via the website that the event would be the first four days of catching up from the last "Ramtha" event, and then four days of Ramtha live-no-videos to expand the teachings.

I call that false advertising. Why did she plan a trip to SHOP in New York City, when she was advertising that she needed to be home and available and preparing to channel ?

The integrity of a master ?

I asked a number of students, as we were leaving, quite let down at the whole thing, why they thought Ramtha never showed up. I got shrugged shoulders, people didn't want to talk about (of course - can't face the truth), blamed themselves, called it a "test". Ridiculous. Not one person (but me) was able to call a spade a spade; she chose to be elsewhere and didn't deliver the service that was advertised. Period.

Of course, the circumstance of her having an event where she is "unable to channel", at the last minute, has happened a number of times. But this was an event that was specifically planned and advertised, and she should have been preparing herself in advance to deliver. Not off shopping in New York City.

I rest my case.

Other instances of "no show", not only in Yelm, but around the world, have been cited by attendees, on this website.

Buyer beware.

This isn't gossip - I was there.

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

Thanks for this post..Doesnt make the whole thing look good atttal.

I like reading this sort of news in this forum the best, and think it best benefits newer people or those who are thinking of checking it out. Yet I would never say Dont Come!
I remember feeling all that guilt, and terrible aloneness after getting my disciplines so Down, that I WAS manifesting daily miracles and wonderments, so that I proved to myself its Real..

then I discovered the depression I had during that era was simply becasue I wasnt following ALL of my hearts desire, and living the kind of PHYSICAL life I wanted to be in....so I opted for being "weeded out", and Left the group.....yet tell me why then, when I moved away from the area, I could still do stuff [create my reality, syncronicities, etc, ] in all kinds of manners, and even after smoking pot. I was still as good at it as I was when here, or so I evaluated....it had nothing to do with proximity to the school or Ram. Thats what I want to convey to new people coming here...Get your Power back and take it away from here...Enjoy your physical body and live exactly as/where you want to on the planet....

CREATING YOUR DAY and FOCUSING are normal ways of BEING. If we werent doing these things consciously AND sub or un consciously, we wouldnt have a body with life enough to GET up in the morning.

I doesnt take a MASTER to figure out that INTENSE FOCUS intensifies and even speeds up manifestation [or the blocks you have to clear before you get where youre going].
Nothing wrong with being More Intentional every day, and nothing wrong with getting rid of CHEAP relationships either, {Obvoiusly Relationships arent cheap, unless your being ripped off]..
but you dont have to pay RSE to do that.
So, lets all focus on Guiltless and FREE living, and just BE the change you want to see...

I consider myself lucky to have been there in the old days when it was Rare to see/hear "JZ" herself on stage at all, and when she didnt have near the Charisma of "him". I used to marvel at how could her body stay like that for so many hours at a time. I still think she got "posessed" allright, by this entity.. I have an alcoholic friend whose eyes, lips, voice and personality change very blatantly during that "altered state". Then she forgets much of what happened the next day! Then goes so far as to deny what she did/said/ etc, [if it isnt complimentary] as if we observing it were wrong!
Anyhow, I am still meeting people just coming here [to RSE/Yelm] who are enamored with the high energy and all. I have to admit, next to the Military crowd that daily fills Safeway and other side streets locally, how can I not prefer the glow of a masters antiwar face??????????????

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

r you cynical?i just got the answer after i mentioned the earthquake in peru"so what if peopele chose to die and life on the wrong place its theire own fault.i dont care"scary worldview.dont like military folks?remember ramtha leads an army.the ranch is runn on a need to know military structure.ramsters r members of a army from a fashist state.i dident see democratic structures there.yes they r volunters.i know there r nice broughtminded people in the ramstercrowd.but they get called to siege a buisness and they do it.since the basic scam doesent change over the years there is no blessing of good old times when the things were better.have funn

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

The following was posted in 'the early days' of this website.... The SAME pattern of abuse continues - for all who are new readers here, I've re-posted it:
Cycle of Abuse

Those who say that the “RSE” is not a cult, or, as JZ’s “Ramtha” has also said – not a “New Agey” thing, not “spiritual mumbo-jumbo – are in some ways correct. The content of JZ’s ““Ramtha”’s” “teachings” is from valid sources, at the least, published sources. Although many would disagree with the content of the “teachings”, many of the principles presented, if understood and applied in their appropriate context and fullness of understanding, would “indeed” bring about spectacular “manifestations”. The issue, therefore is not the “RSE’s” apparent cultness or New Ageness, nor the information taught. The concern emerges from the fact that the RSE is a profit making business (even in the days when it was overtly a non-profit ‘religion’/church); and the context in which the information is taught is clearly, and consistently a classic manifestation of what is known as the cycle of abuse. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear simply listen to an audio tape or view a video of JZ Knight’s “Ramtha”. It’s obvious – and utterly predictable.
“I love you.” “You are my people”.
“Only I recognize the truth of who you are”.
“You are gods”.
TENSION PHASE “Ramtha” says:

-“You’ve looked everywhere for the truth and haven’t been able to find it”.
-“Your churches have let you down”.
-“I am the only one who can show you the way to become all you were meant to be”.
-“You are lazy”.
-“You are hung up on your image.” “You care about how you look, you care about your relationships, your marriages, you care about your children more than you care about God”. “If you listen to me, I’ll teach you.”
-“If you leave, you are loved, but you will die”. “
-“You have to be willing to give up everything you have considered important”.
-“You criticize me, and look for support from outsiders to deride the ‘disciplines’ – because you think you’re better than the ‘disciplines’ – when in reality
you’re not:
ABUSE STAGE “Ramtha” says:
-(you’re not) committed enough, you’re not passionate enough, you’re not_________ enough”.
- “Ramtha” uses peoples’ human-ness against them and “beats” them with it – verbally, and physically.
- Sometimes “students” are put through 8 to 12 or more consecutive hours, sometimes days, of disciplines with no allowable breaks – after which “Ramtha” tells them they were more concerned with their bladders and their stomachs than they were with attaining ‘analogical mind’ / manifesting / reaching the void / finding their card / etc.
- Sometimes “Ramtha” berates the audience with their lack of will – and in spite of all he has sacrificed to be here, and all his daughter has sacrificed so he could be here and all the ways he’s tried to teach truth, the students still aren’t getting it because they’re not trying hard enough or wanting to enough – are simply not enough.
- One example: In the morning of the last day of a 21 day “event”, “Ramtha” berated the audience for at least an hour because they had been thinking of the animals or children or gardens they’d left unattended (even though “Ramtha” had insisted everyone grow their own food and keep chickens and goats and cows, and have children). We had dared to think outside of “the Ranch”, about something other than “Ramtha” and “the teachings”. The ultimate punishment was that we were to be sent home early. We’d all been so high on what we’d learned and done – as well as in a state of total exhaustion due to sleep and food deprivation – and were completely devastated. Some people broke down in uncontrollable tears.
- The rationalization for “Ramthas” self proclaimed “outrageous” behavior is to “wake” people “up” out of their lethargy, laziness, stuckness in image, blindness to their non-analogical neurotic physical thoughts and acts. If the students weren’t so __________ then “Ramtha” wouldn’t have to act that way.
- “Ramtha” threatens/promises to “bring people down” if they did / thought /said _______________________.
- “Ramtha” makes it very clear that if you don’t “get” “the teaching” you will die. If you die without “getting it”, Light Beings in the 3rd dimension will eat you.
- During the era of “Wine Ceremonies”:
- A “Wine Ceremony” entails drinking 3 large glasses of wine straight down, one right after the other.
- The person sitting next to you is to make certain that each of your glasses is full.
- The instruction is that the wine has a scientifically proven effect on a human beings capacity to transcend their ordinary thinking into extra ordinary enlightenment.
- It was also taught that “The Wine Ceremony” is of a sacred tradition throughout the history of humankind.
- As demonstrated by “Ramtha”, students are instructed to smoke a pipe.
- It is taught that it has been scientifically proven that tobacco, particularly in interaction with wine consumption, facilitates the transcendent experience.
-“The Truth Teachings” during which a drunk “Ramtha” would call upon a drunk ‘student’ and expose their most intimate thoughts and behaviors.
- A drunk “Ramtha” would curse, use obscene language and gestures, mock, accurse and berate the audience for all their humanness.
- A drunk audience were told to dance to loud “1st seal” music as demonstrated by a drunk “Ramtha” and instructed that this overtly sexual dancing by drunk participants was a sacred act of sacred union.
- “Ramtha” acknowledged that sexual activity took place during “The Wine Ceremony” events by discussing the babies born of such drunken sexual activity.
- “The Wine Ceremonies” are defended with a cloak of religious sacredness for the elect and therefore incomprehensible to the uninitiated/ un-elected/ not a “Student” of “Ramtha”.
- “Ramtha” instructed sober alcoholics to participate in “Wine Ceremonies” if they were sincere in their desire to attain enlightenment; and assured them they would not be harmed.
- Once sober alcoholics lost their sobriety.
- Once non-alcoholics have become chronic drinkers.
- Children were present during “The Wine Ceremonies”.
- “Ramtha” encouraged “Students” to start taking the anti-depressant Prozac.
- “Ramtha” taught “the Students” that “Prozac” would enhance their ability to learn, to become enlightened, to be able to control their lives.
- In the video of “Two Paths” “Ramtha” brags that the fact ‘he’ has consumed 4 bottles of wine without evidence of it proves it is ‘he’ “Ramtha” in the body and not “his daughtern”.
- During a “Wine Ceremony” “Ramtha” threw-up on stage.
- “Ramtha’s” “Guards” have had to pick up JZ Knight’s drunk body when it has stumbled.
-Although the RSE has moved on from frequent “Wine Ceremonies”, a drunk “Ramtha” will unexpectedly come into the meeting arena at the end of an event while everyone is packing up to leave and curse and use obscene language berating the event’s participants.
“Ramtha” says:
-“You are my beloved people”.
-“Your churches don’t love you, your spouses don’t know love you, your children don’t love you as I do.
-Noone loves you as I do.
-Listen to “Ramtha”, attend as many “events” as you can, and you will be a manifesting god.

THE HOOK: These techniques to get people to attend as many events as possible have been used for 30 years, and have become somewhat predictable – i.e. when attendance at events is falling off, or near the due date for property taxes.
-“My daughtern won’t be allowing me to use her body much longer.”
-You soon won’t be able to travel to attend events.
-“Ramtha is leaving this dimension.”


Re: R spoke to the faithful...

Thanks for reposting this.

There are many threads in this forum, and lots of information. It's a lot to read through, but it's worth it.

Re: R spoke to the faithful...

“No one is breaking thru… No one is performing. You HAVE TO WORK HARDER. Relationships are cheap. Do disciplines in the morning. Do them again at night. Evaluate how well you materialized your thoughts. We need Change Agents for the coming world changes. Nothing compares to changing your reality!”

To me this quote from "R" speaks volumes about just how misguided JZ has been. This is a woman that has never understood the mystical tradition in religion. She's like so many other cult leaders that impose a military approach to God or 'ultimate being'.

I revisited my Christian tradition after my Liz Prophet cult experience to learn this and also found in every mystical approach to the great religions. There are some things we can do to improve ourselves to achieve what is possible in sport, career, yoga, martial arts, and under a moral code. There are some things that we cannot do.
The mystical tradition recognizes that extraordinary powers [if they exist at all] of any kind are "gifts" that we do not choose but that choose us. You cannot go to a school to "buy" or gain these gifts. Harry Potter has it mostly wrong but that author at least has the dignity of calling it fantasy and fiction.

No matter how well we train mice or tamper with their brains in a lab they will never write books or fly.

RSE students are mice in a lab that wants to achieve this in one bizarre woman's adult life cycle...

The aging alcoholic that runs RSE can learn from this old AA slogan know as the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference.