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The obvious unobvious

JZK Inc is apparently intimadated by the rumor of an upcoming documentary of an exit interview from her scamtha and has ordered folks to participate in this message board.
Interestingly JZK Inc is quick to sue anyone who dares use any word uttered by Judy in the guise of Ramtha, yet all of her posters use the exact same words Judy's Ramtha has used for 20 years regarding customers who no longer find value in her product.
Let's not get too suckered - again - into wasting our energy on JZK Inc stale plaigerized verbiage.
Congratulations EMF - ya got her reee-act-ing...

Re: The obvious unobvious

"JZK Inc...has ordered folks to participate in this message board."

Hello Nellie,
Can you support this statement? Was it a "Ramtha" comment? What is your source?

A statement like this is a rumor unless the source can be documented.

Re: The obvious unobvious

jzkr plays it save.she or her stuff will never have the guts to dicuss anything in public.the apperance of rse is very fragile.if it gets out what people know here she would have to sell only antics.imagine she has to proof any of her statments like 'it is sientific profen i am not a fake' she cant produce the paperwork otherwise steve kline or greg simons would have done so.or any afterquestion to the coreteachings would have produced a knowledgeable answer and not an harrasment.i understand the question for reliable sources but we deal here with rse the house of lies intriges bulling mobbing so were r the substanciations from this side.the only one is that about 1000monkys nodded to a ramthastatment so it must be true.but i am curious too do you know your statment or did you put it together from ramsterreactions?because its true you just ask some of them and you get jzs programed response.[here i revere to nascar or wallmart if you need proof]

Re: The obvious unobvious

To those stil within the boundaries of RSE --
Can't any of you think for yoursevles and make your OWN statement without parroting JR's words?

Re: The obvious unobvious

nely i think you r dead on.but its about the internet.jz seems to have quite a crew going cleaning it up. watch youtube

Re: The obvious unobvious

"Students" aren't caught within the boundaries of RSE, they are being held in a mental prison which promises everything and delivers nothing.

Re: The obvious unobvious

My sincere apologies folks for not making my statement clearer - it seemed, emphasis on seemed, apparent, emphasis on apparent, - based on the recent posts, particularly Laura, io and such - that there was just too much coincidence in the juxtaposition of JZK ads in the paper and obvious Ramsters on this message board. I'm making an assumption, a logical guess--that's all --- didn't mean to spread rumors -- just seems obvious to me.... Even if I'm dead wrong - it still help to be mindful and RIGHT we were when we were Ramsters... remember the mile(s) you walked in their shoes.... What would you have heard?
Thanks for your responses....

Re: The obvious unobvious

''''What would you have heard?''''

I certainly heard a LOT of that. Of course none of this was during a beginner's group other than 'FOCUS' - so much so the guards yelling it constantly would break people's focus-to the extent it was nearly sadistic.

This area, where we graduates have come together to 'heal' for those who need it and those who wish to speak OPENLY about their experience while at RSE,is not a forum boasting the wonders of RSE. Most of us who have graduated from the RSE verbage do not wish to hear or read it, for we already have heard it ad nauseum. I believe this ought be understood. Nor do we need a Peyton Place diary of relationships posted by current RSE'ers, although it was interesting to note this-did this Laura have Tree's permission to use Tree's name? Sorry for getting off track.

In addition, it was mentioned someone was living in an A-frame without water or electricity. Now look at where Judy lives. Compare. That is YOUR money at work, while many do not have the bare necessities of living. Yet Judy is definitely in the same ''timeline'' because she's in the house and people are living in poverty trying to save cash to go to RSE again and again and again-just one more time.

To those posting on JR's behalf, simply ask why she hasn't changed timelines, for this forum should have no effect whatsoever on her, if JR's teachings hold true.

Re: The obvious unobvious

If J/R's teachings are true why does she continue to surgically alter her face in order to appear younger?

If J/R's teachings are true why does her son have to work for a living driving a limousine?

If J/R's teachings are true why hasn't she or the staff or any of the tens of thousands of people who have paid to attend Ramtha Dialogues, Ramtha's School of Enlightenment and now Ramtha International become a Christ? It has been 30 years and the only thing that has been accomplished with certainty is that JZ is rich. The obvious unobvious...

Re: The obvious unobvious

"although it was interesting to note this-did this Laura have Tree's permission to use Tree's name? "

NO!! she did not!!
she asked everybody else, who is STILL in school, besides Elizabeth G Rogers, to use their name. But she did NOT ask me.
And I used to think these people were my friends!!
I find that contradictory to MP police tactics, although, not contradictory to RSE tactics.

Not to worry. The documentary is forthcoming for ALL to see.

Laura, make some popcorn and enjoy. I do hope they interview you so , as you so aptly quoted, " I want to be heard."