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The core..

As in elementary school you have to begin with simple multiplication.

According to my own experience, the core of the teachings of Ramtha are:

The power is in you.
You are the observer.
You are God.

All the disciplines and teachings are wrapped around this concept.

There is..
Not to OMEGA, not to PROZAC, nor to the teachings (which are changing according to the present students), nor to JZ or anyone.. and not even to the RAM!

And if a student has given his power away – he did not get the core of the teachings!

Re: The core..

If "the power is in you" why are their no Christs demonstrating the power that is in them? JZ? Greg Simmons? Mike Wright? They have all been at it for many, many, many years. Where are the miracles? Where is the show of power? Why do Greg, Mike and the rest of the staff have to work for a living? Why aren't they manifesting bread in their hand? Where is their fabulous wealth?

Either "the power is in them" or it is an advertising slogan. What do you think?

And no, all of the disciplines are not wrapped around these concepts. All of the disciplines are wrapped around inducing and maintaining a trance state, also called dissociation. In a dissociated state one can believe they are God, one can believe anything in a dissociated state because a person is not grounded in their body. That is why attending RSE feels so good because at the time it SEEMS like anything is possible. And it is, until one comes out of the trance. When one comes out of the trance and is no longer dissociating it is called reality.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, IO, but the teachings of RSE are an illusion. The truth of this is born out by the absence of accomplishment on the part of the staff and every student who has ever passed through the doors.

Re: The core..


why those people, you listed, are no Christs?

Because they don’t get it yet, so far as being a Christ.

The show of power? Christs demonstrating the power that is in them?

Why should any Christ demonstate to anyone anything?

„All of the disciplines are wrapped around inducing and maintaining a trance state, also called dissociation.“

It is your theory – not mine. We may find many theories. But there is nothing wrong with self-induced trance or dissociation in some circumstances.

I do agree with you that the Christ-concept is an illusion as long as it is not accomplished by oneself..
not any staff.. or any other student.

Re: The core..

so who got it right?anybody? you io?

Re: The core..

"Why should any Christ demonstrate to anyone anything?"

This is an excellent example of cult speak. No accountability, no logic, no reasoning. An empty question going nowhere, this technique is called deflection.

Re: The core..

There is a lot wrong with trance states that benefit the leader at the "expense" of the participant. How much money does "Ramtha" make? And where is the power? Show it to me.

One of "Ramtha's" teachings is TRUTH.

The truth of RSE's advertising jingle, "THE POWER IS IN YOU" is actually, "THE POWER IS IN YOU TO BE EXPLOITED."

Re: The core..

According to the World Health Organization

Personality disorder, usually coming to attention because of the gross disparity between behavior and the prevailing social norms, and characterized by at least 3 of the following:

a) callous unconcern for the feelings of others;
b) gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules and obligations;
c) incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them;
d) very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence;
f) marked proneness to blame others,or to offer plausible rationalizations, for the behavior that has brought the patient into conflict with society;
There may also be persistent irritability as an associated feature. Conduct disorder during childhood and adolescence, though not invariably present, may further support the diagnosis.
* much thanks to dr csh for the following..

I myself am pleased with my psychopath nature. It came natural to me because being a brown nose was nothing short of being a cheap hooker and if I was going to be a hooker I would of been a high class and extremely well paid one.

Anyone who purposely, unconsciously, strives to be an extreme individual, does so accepting a selfishness and self-centerness as their consequence.

Being an extreme individual is a lone journey. It is the journey of the master.

Those who do it with a following are certain to fail.
(R.A.M. random access memory) has stated that he has failed.) And Judi is no better in leading people to enlightenment than Hitler or Jim Jones or the Heavens Gate guy, or Dick Cheney, or frigin jesus budie.

There is only room in ones life for only one psychopath. And that is the psychopath within that hates the rules that other psychopaths set forth.

Judi is the psychopath that everyone who comes to RSE gets to observe first hand. She demonstrates the way to failure.

But hey! If it takes extreme failure for understanding to take place then it takes extreme failure for understanding to take place.

This is the method of teaching that goes on at RSE and it all moves at the pace of understanding of the Zebra.

Watch out for the crocodiles you newcomers. And you old time followers, remember the crocodile of time finds you very easy prey also.

Werewolves are extreme individuals.

Vampires need a group to survive on to become individuals.

Robots don't (can't) care and like it that way.

Re: The core..

keep on working on your questions.
One fine morning you will find the correct question.

you give an excellent example of low-level cult-yes-no-psychobabble.
Did you read some beginners handbook about cults, or an psycho-cult-nonsense article in some sunday-morning-newspaper?

No one I know is interested in those pseudo-psychological interpretations, and not even myself.

Better a lonesome psychopathic wolf, than a forum full of mainstream-designed monkeys.

Long live the monkey-societies and banana-republics! To Life!

Re: The core..

Hello io,
You sound like RSE staff doing damage control. Arrogant and condescending is the mark of an "RSE Master."

Re: The core..

well since having the answers is such good buisness i stoped asking them at places like rse.the problem for me there was how wide i have to turn my head away from rse realaty that there was an acceptabel answer in the teachings.i had my face at the back.

Re: The core..

Wolfie said, "But hey! If it takes extreme failure for understanding to take place then it takes extreme failure for understanding to take place.

This is the method of teaching that goes on at RSE and it all moves at the pace of understanding of the Zebra."

Wolfman, you should write a book. You have a way with words.

io, i hope for your sake you wake up and realize what a failure you really are. i don't mean that sarcastically. you are just so blind to the bold discrepancies in the teachings, it's sadly pathetic. take the blinders off and dare to ask yourself some basic questions.

the first one might be why is it that judith knight hasn't demonstrated that the teachings work. she is aging, not reversing her age, she has more attention on garnering more money than utilizing other avenues to get her important truth message out (third seal stuff, io), the s/he teacher needs to create a reality environment inclusive of verbal abuse, numerous money scams, sea-11 it-doesn't-save-you-water, empty promises, outright lies by his/her own admission, physical abuse, exposing children to sexually explicit talk, abuse, curse language foul enough to raise the eyebrows of a boot camp officer, etc.

now why would a god being be frequency specific with such lowly human beings, as to draw such students to him/herself ? could it be because they ARE frequency specific ?

surely there are more advanced humans in the world, and they run from the likes of rse.

good luck io, you may yet realize your failure to get out of the box of rse control.

Re: The core..

io, I think you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, you may be wasting your time with these folks. As many have observed and commented before - they are addicted to victimization and blaming others for the way their lives have turned out.

Victimization and yielding power from having people feel sorry for you can be quite a satisfying power rush. Words of wisdom fall on deaf years with such people.

Time to disengage, allow, and move on. In the quantum field there is room for everyone. Thank god there is also plenty of space so we don't have to engage conciousness that no longer serves us.

Re: The core..

Hey watchamacallit,

thank you for still giving me a chance to get out of that "illusionary" box.
I do appreciate this.

Thanks KY, you are correct.
So be it!

Re: The core..

Ky said, "they are addicted to victimization and blaming others for the way their lives have turned out."

Ky, clearly you haven't read all of the posts, but you have your fingers typing.

I am not alone in saying that my life is WONDERFUL. I'm happy, healthy, fulfilled, and have no complaints. I even have more money because I don't waste it on RSE.

I am nobody's victim, and I blame nobody for my mistakes. I don't blame JZ Knight that I was in her cult. I was smart enough to see through the ILLUSION of what I believe to be a fraud, and I left.

But YOU clearly need to justify YOUR choice to remain in RSE, by calling former students such as ourselves, victims/blamers. I'm happy for you that it serves you, and any of your collective phantom realities.

You go right on following your DREAMS. I am busy living my physical LIFE.

Another caveat: neither of you belong posting here. You're either choosing to ignore the preface to this forum, or your testing it. If you believe the teachings, and that the quantum field is big enough to have multiple realities, then why do you need to post on here, and attempt to sling arrows at those who don't accept your reality ? Hypocrits.

Re: The core..

Howdy do, io,
Don't know whether you will be in these parts again but in case you are, would you be kind enough to answer a question?

"The Observer" is listed as one of the core teachings. Can you substantiate "The Observer?" What is it's physical manifestation? In what form does it occur in reality?

Re: The core..

Howdy Cowboy,

my last favour for you only!
You may find the exact definition according to the teachings we are speaking about, in
"A Beginner's Guide To Creating Reality".

(It refers to the Observer responsible for collapsing the particle/wave of quantum mechanics. It represents the true self, the Spirit, primary consciousness, the God within the human person.)

Re: The core..

"Time to disengage, allow, and move on. In the quantum field there is room for everyone. Thank god there is also plenty of space so we don't have to engage conciousness that no longer serves us."

You my friend have chosen the path of the FOOL.

The FOOL is liken to the grasshopper who flitters around with no regard of establishing any sovereign roots of their own. (you have heard the story of the ant and the grasshopper haven't you my dear dear little ramster hamster?)

For those who have an understanding, and I pray that one day you will be one of them, the roots of sovereignty struggle to run deep and wide within
oneself. The pansy blooms bright and fades fast never to return again on its own. The weed is a tenacious and hated little bug*er but the vine that struggles produces the most tasty and seducing and revered of wine, and the plant goes on for years getting better and better while producing less and less fruit with each season.

All that you say are mere pansy words. Hot, sweet and sticky words that have made your brain nothing more than peddles of mush, and worthless when it comes to the GREAT WORK.

Know you what the GREAT WORK is?

Its not about changing neighborhoods.

Its about yard work.

Re: The core..

As stated, "(It refers to the Observer responsible for collapsing the particle/wave of quantum mechanics. It represents the true self, the Spirit, primary consciousness, the God within the human person.)"

Yes, it represents unproven pseudoscience.

The teachings have criticized those who believe some passage in the Bible, because it's just something said in a book - can't be proven in 2007 what someone wrote many moons ago.

Yet, stories are told at RSE, citing "science". The study from the Army was cited, insinuating that it was proof that teleportation is real.

If it is real, that's not the same thing at ALL, as telling a body of students in a "school of enlightenment" that THEY can levitate and/or bilocate their physical bodies. I'm not talking about some minute amount of space as some are rallying over as claimed.

I'm talking about the teachings telling students that they can levitate so high that they will be sitting amidst the rafters in the school, listening to the teacher teach them, all the while, in a lotus position, with those bands humming so fast they've levitated to the ceiling.

Not one student is doing it. JZ Knight is not doing it. Ramtha has not materialized his sorry self and PROVEN his credentials to teach that it can be done at all.

So, just how gullible are YOU, "master" ?


The handwriting is on the wall...and I don't mean the taped up cards of the same things, over and over. Hearts, flowers, horses, scenery, pentagrams, triads....now just what is the statistical probability involved in that ?

The major symbols in the school. How about if none of them were allowed to be used as symbols ? Hmmm...

Just some thoughts from someone who does have her critical thinking skills INTACT.

Re: The core..

io: about this victimization thing...maybe you should talk to Greg Simmons and JZ and Ramtha about this, they don't seem to get it...

I remember the time with the two BTO Lady's when they invited Audrey Wolfe to speak about her experience with "Ramtha" (he had accused her of cheating) and Ramtha on stage yelled at them how they could do this, to give her a place to speak her mind (she first denied the accusations at the radio program) with all JZ has done for them, how they could go behind her back and how they didn't trust him etc...

I remember thinking at that time: WOW, so this you create your own reality stuff, and there are no victims goes for everyone but JZ and Ramtha?? That was when I fist started to have serious doubts about this whole thing.
The same thing then happended with Joe Dispenza: again accusations how he could do this to her after all what the school has done for him etc.

Greg Simmons repeadetely tells on BTO what a great lady (JZ) she is and what difficult life she had and that she is kind of a warrior to stand in the middle of all the accusations and threads from outside...
So JZ why did you create your reality this way, don't you know better??????????

This things don't fit together, it is like the information with the tsunami, where Ramtha tells the people that the animals saved themselves, of course there have been thousands of dead animals, just do a little research.. but the Ramsters only belief what they want to belief, they never think the things through otherwise you could never follow Ramtha because the material is absolutely inconsistent: The teaching you create your own reality, there are no victims and then poor poor JZ how could people do this to her...

Re: The core..

to add something about the tsunami/animals: Did the earthworms and spiders suddenly grow wings, so that they could escape from the incomming water???

Was there a big animal migration prior to the tsunami, like all the ants and other tiny creatures suddenly decided "Oh, we have to go away, in 4 weeks the water will be coming" and then they started the long walk to the inland??

To all the Ramsters and RSE teachers who are spying on this forum: Think about these tings...

Re: The core..

io kyr valuable posts they show the choises you have with ramtha... non.you have to buy into this totalitarien worldview or you r a victim who dont get it.any critic on jzr get dissqualified.if jz is so bright why does she not convince?she needs to use her psychobabel to hypnotise you and again if you take her evenings and realy look for valuable spiritual information.you can summ them up in 3 sentences [which r borrowed for free from her sources]and is this the core of the teachings around the ramsterworldview raps?jz is probably inteligent enough to never post here because she knows she never could convince outside her normal audience of allways yes saing ramsters.

Re: The core..

'the core' a la IO is romantic totalism.

check this out by Robert J Lifton (author of Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism---1961)

Lifton talked about his Protean ideas publically on 5 CBC radio talks (1967-69) that were published in R J Lifton, Boundaries: Psychological Man in Revolution (Vintage, 1969).
This is a great little book, especially for someone [like me] that came of age in the late sixties.

On page 105-106 in the last chapter "The New History" he states:

btw, he defines The New History "as a radical and widely shared re-creation of the forms of human culture---biological, experiential, institutional, technological, aesthetic and interpretive."

"But having earlier in this talk affirmed significance of the New History, I wish now to suggest some of its pitfalls, and then, finally, some of our present-day potentialities for avoiding these pitfalls.

From the standpoint of the young, these pitfalls are related to what is best called "romantic totalism." I refer here to a post-Cartesian absolutism, to a new quest for old feelings. Its controlling image, at whatever level of consciousness, is that of 'replacing history with experience.'

This is to a considerable extent, the romanticism of the 'youth movement.' I have heard a number of thoughtful European-born intellectuals tell, with some anxiety, how the tone and atmosphere now emanating from young American rebels is reminiscent of that of the german youth movement in the late W4imar Republic (and the Hitler Youth into ewhich it was so readily converted). What they found in common was a cult of feeling and a disdain for restraint and reason. Whie i would emphasize the differences between the two groups more than the simnilarities, there is a current in contemporary youth movements that is more Nietzschean than Marxist-Leninist. It consists of stress upon what I call experiential transcendence, upon the cultivation of states of feelings so intense and so absorbing that time and death do not exist.

....The replacement of history with experience---with totally liberated feeling--is by no means a new idea and has a long found expression in classical forms of mysticism and ecstasy....
One response to this anxiety [over mortality] and to the quest for new forms, is the unique contemporary blending of experiential transcendence---in which boundaries of the self are felt to be eliminated--with social and political revolution."

I do not think Lifton is devaluing feeling or experience, but he is warning us to not carry those responses into a romantic totalism or utlimate "answer."

RSE is nothing more than a pit of romantic totalism. Keep squirming in it IO. Someday you may squirm out.


Re: The core..

Persona non grata,
Very funny, I got such a laugh out of your new name. Trying out a new neighborhood, perhaps??

Well, thanks for referring me to "A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality." Truth is, I have 3 copies but I never really understood the teaching of "the Observer."

I guess one could say I flunked out of RSE???

So that's why I asked - because you listed it as one of the core teachings and I figured that you understand it better than me.

How does "the Observer" manifest in physical reality? What form does it have in 3-D?


Re: The core..

Howdy Cowboy,

very funny your question too?
It is like asking the pope how does god manifest
in 3-D.

But I am not an appointed teacher – to teach about the „Observer“ – there is RSE for that.

.. and I am bannished from this forum
by moderator watchamacallit: „Another caveat: neither of you belong posting here.“

But, detached, I will observe your further evolution.

Because.. what does the moon (or was it the Observer) care, if the dogs are woofing and the wolves are howling?

Re: The core..



Riddle me this Moondoggie?

If the moon is a dead reflector disk and the Sphinx being the box the baby came in, then how does one find answers to questions that have never been asked?

Re: The core..

persona non grata writes: ''''But, detached, I will observe your further evolution''''

How confusing. Were you truly detached, why bother writing at all? Just focus on another timeline. It's that simple, correct?

Re: The core..

Howdy Persona non grata,
Concerning my further evolution, what do you suggest for a fool/lost soul such as I?

Re: The core..

io and persona...
nice verbiage.. (NOT! I heard it some
where else. Can you truly be original??!!)

And, as far as Christ's: I have seen no one walking on water at RSE, I have seen people cheating on the field claiming bio-location-Audrey..did you have to succumb to such pressure??omg! for what??!!)
and futhermore, no one changing water into wine, or healing the dead.
And, not for ONE minute will I believe Michele Marie's story of seeing JZ bio-locate to her office. Michele was fired two years ago....after many years of dedicated service.hmmmmm)

AND....um...why is J.O. in a remote island in Spain??? (When he was integral to the school??!!)
(pay-off maybe. btw JZ...just MHO.no suing here, as it it understood, just IMHO-free speech and all. I think you got the hint with the other group on the East Coast-funny..it has "wind" in its' name).