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The Harrington Templar affair

The Harrington Templar affair.. circa 1999-2001, was yet another example of an unquestionable trust in “Ramtha”.... leading to devastating effects upon the lives of RSE students. It was launched just as Omega was beginning to show it’s failings to deliver the promised great abundance.
Perhaps it was Judith’s way of creating a distraction from the Omega madness?
Whatever HT was… it was certainly spawned by “Ramtha” and seeded by trust.
It involves not only the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars but also the heartbreak and disintegration of community spirit, family and friends still hurting to this day.
Keep in mind that much of the power of a cult leader is to divide and rule, that secrecy often make a mockery of ethics and honesty.

The following account I received recently is from a credible source.



Hello David

In the late 1990's there was a Man in our area that had come to some success
participating in an off shore placement program. He had been doing business
for several years with a partner named Mike Gonet who lived on the East

At this time this Man was a participant in the Ramtha School of
Enlightenment. The school was putting particular emphasis on fabulous
wealth, and it had become a focus of the students as they were told that
fabulous wealth was the next step toward their enlightenment. His program
was a very private program and there was only a very few in the Ramtha
School that knew about it.

To my utter amazement this Man was called upon the stage, at the Ramtha
School of Enlightenment, one evening and asked about this placement program.
As I listened I saw and heard that his remarks and answers to questions were
being guided by the personage of Ramtha. Now the whole school knew about
what he was doing, but of course not in detail. It was left as though they
could participate with this Man and would be making very large returns on
their money. It naturally follows that almost everyone in the audience
became very excited and wanted to participate.

A service was set up, under the guidance of this Man, to facilitate talking
to people who called about the program, and who wanted to become involved.
This service was called Harrington Templar, or H.T. for short. Only people
who had heard about it at the Ramtha Ranch, or were directly told about it
by someone that had become a participant were talked to and told about the

HT was just a service. It was just to facilitate what Ramtha had started
that evening at the school. HT did not own any of the money; it did not
have any say in where the money came from or where it went. HT kept the
records, sent out statements when needed or what ever it was told to do by
the Man.

The Man had been careful in the past to always check out the references and
character of the persons he did business with. Now he is ready to make
another placement and before that can happen he goes to the Ramtha School to
a Blue College event. While he is there his partner, Mike Gonet, takes the
money from the account and places it with a woman in Arizona, who this Man
was going to investigate when the Blue College was over. The contracts were
signed by Mike Gonet only, and this Man had now lost control of the money

Eventually when it became clear that the woman in Arizona was trying to
steal the money, the partners got an Attorney from N.Y. who had been a
prosecuting attorney for the state of New York, to help them recover the
money. While this is being worked on suddenly one morning the Feds break
into Mike Gonet's house with full force, seize his equipment, his records
and put him in jail. Unknown to the Man, Mike had been doing some meetings
telling people that they could put all their belongings into an off shore
trust and then go on welfare. Then Mike would sell them an expensive
program. This had apparently been going on for some time and he had been
watched closely by the authorities.

The Attorney came out to this area and spent 3 days with the Man. He was
given copies of all the records and shown everything. The Attorney's job
now was to defend Mike Gonet. In the end Mike Gonet got himself out of jail
and off by turning in a number of other people that he knew that were
working with money. No one from this area was arrested for any reason.

The Securities and Exchange Commission took a close look at all the above
happenings and knew that the federal authorities already had the complete
story and copies of all the records. And, we all lost all our money. My
family was very hard hit as were other families. I could not believe that
we were as good as told to put our money with the Man, and we had complete
faith in who was telling us this, and we all lost our money. We believed
that the person who claimed to be enlightened, Ramtha, would not lead us
into such loss, why? And the Man - what was he to believe. Being put onto
the stage and made to tell what he had held as a close personal experience,
in front of 1,000 people, and being told that he was a millionaire and that
he would soon be worth very much more. Why?

That question of "Why" has not been answered for me to any great
satisfaction. I am wondering more, and that is why are people still paying
the Ramtha School their hard earned money? To my knowledge there has not
been even one money venture that has paid off for people that was
recommended by the Ramtha School. All the teachings and disciplines taught
there for a great price have been taught and used for centuries and a person
can find them on the internet for free, or in a lot of books.

The Man has tried, and so have several others, to find a plan or program
that would replace the money that the trusting people placed in the
placement program. To date this has not happened. The Man, himself, like
the rest of us almost lost everything he had. It was his intentions to
bless all the people, and to do what he could to help everyone enjoy their
fabulous wealth.

If the personage Ramtha had not put the Man on the stage and had him talk
about his program people would not have put their hard earned money outside
of their own control. We as individuals had no way of checking out if what
was said was correct or right, we only had blind faith in Ramtha. So, now
my question is, why are people still blindly following even to this day?


Re: The Harrington Templar affair

HT document.

Private placements are by invitation only.
The participant must be invited to participate in the asset enhancement private placement program by the entity authorized to perform this function.
Information regarding these asset enhancement placements is uniquely confidential. Only a select few are privy to the strategies and procedures of these programs or are even aware of their: existence within the banking community.
These persons with said relevant knowledge are held to a standard of strict confidentiality.
Asset enhancement private placements are not available to U.S. residents.
It is fully understood that all information between the parties hereto is absolutely confidential. Neither party may disclose to any pertinent or non-pertinent individual or entity of any description, status, gender or relationship whatsoever, any business, private, or other information that he/she may discover or acquire by design or accident in relation to the Joint Venture; nor will he/she make any disclosure regarding any aspect of the business to any entity who is not directly involved in such financial and business enterprise and known to both parties, whether 01 the subject of the transactions contemplated herein, the identity of the principals on either side, or that of any intermediaries, agents of any description or category to the other. The parties covenant and agree that the confidentiality, non-circumvention, and none disclosure provisions thereof shall continue and will be in full force and effect for a period of five (5) years from the date of this agreement notwithstanding that the transaction contemplated by this agreement shall have been completed and at an end.
It is fully understood that in the event of a breach of any term or covenant hereof by the Recipient, Harrington-Templar Information Exchange may pursue remedies in both law and equity, including injunctive relief.
In Witness Whereof we hereunto subscribe our names in agreement of the above invitation and
its terms this day of 1999

Recipient of this invitation

For Harrington-Templar

Re: The Harrington Templar affair

I was at the event this man was brought on stage. I had NEVER trusted this guy ( I was a friend of a couple in school who were very good friends with him, I could never understand why as this guy totally felt untrustworthy).
And here "Ramtha" during a wine ceremony was telling us all "This man made something out of nothing!!! He should be applauded."
I was thinking, I was sitting on the back wall, 'what a crock of %^%$!!'

Re: The Harrington Templar affair

"Why are people still blindly following even to this day?"

Yes, exactly. People are BLINDLY following. They are held under the power of hypnosis and the disciplines reinforce the trance everyday.

Re: The Harrington Templar affair

I was in the audience when "Ramtha" carried on about this gentleman's success in finance and said he is capable of making everybody rich. "Give him your money," "Ramtha" said.

"Give him your money" was a hypnotic command and we have the proof that it was hard to resist...

Sad but true. In my opinion and experience anyone who wishes to overcome the hypnotic effect of RSE should stop doing the taught "disciplines" immediately and hang around with regular, everyday people. And yes, they may seem boring until the RSE "special affect" wears off. Just do it!

Re: The Harrington Templar affair

Eyeswideopen, I agree with you 1000%, stop everything that has to do with Ramtha and move on, that is exactly what I did years ago. The best move I could have ever made, saved my life....