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Hi All,
Any gossip about R.J. buying Rams boots for 40,000.00 at the recent CSE auction???? Headline in the Nisqually Valley Newspaper...


oh god! I could not help myself reading this article....

(near the end)...
"THE ITEM everyone had been anticipating , " said Shorno, was a pair of Ramtha's cowboy boots donated by JZ Knight.
Ramtha is a 35,ooo warrior spirit that Knight perportedly channels at the Ramtha school of enlightenment.
Actress and auction chairwoman, Linda Evans , of Dynasty fame introduced the boots and explained how special they are.
She shared her personal experience of owning a Ramtha robe and explained that items like these were to be used.
"These boots are made for walking," she told the crowd.
Rainier resident [I REFUSE to use SIR here, as the paper did-he ain't no SIR!]
Robert Jones purchased the boots for $40,000 to add to his growing collection
of Ramtha items. After winning the bid, Jones took the stage to claim his item, with a roaring applause from the audience.
Jones told the audience he purchased the boots even though they are too small for
"You don't get it. I can walk with them in my hand and get the power."

reminds me of the Group that sold the healing wands, and now there is a group, similar to ours with a forum called Winds of Change.
TO: Enlighten Me Free

As former followers of Gentle Wind Project, a group that claimed to have an exclusive connection to the "spirit world," we applaud any public service website dedicated to providing alternative perspectives.

While we were involved with GWP we believed that the individuals channeling what they referred to as the "brothers and sisters of the inner world," the "company," the "spirit world," among other nomenclature, had special powers. When we woke up, we published a website titled Wind of Changes to share our personal stories with anyone searching for more information.

We are pleased to note the growing dissemination of information originating from your new website and many others. Enlighten Me Free offers a valuable service that will contribute toward informed choices.

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey

Healing wands and boots with power.
omg-what is this world coming to?!?


to read the whole article:


the newspaper asks for commentary at the end. A friend of mine, who has never lived on this coast wrote in:

This is the most ludicrous article I have every read. Lets sell someones boots and some no cook food. Thats what you will need when that sixteen wheeler braodsides you freaks. What is up with these people. The next thing they will be selling is UFO ships and alien membership to fantasy island.


Where does Robert get the money?
More important than boots, the facts about CSE need to be broadcast. Twinkies in the refrigerator...?.... Ramthaesque history and science?...?
Anyone know the facts.?


just an off shoot for children of RSE students.
Same ol "scientific stuff" , "creating your day", "remote viewing", "archery".
all under the auspices of the trademarks with JZK, Inc.( and you wonder why she donates a pair of shoes.....)

it was MY experience, both with my son, and Joe SZ, that children, brought up in
"cohersive persuasive groups" ( aka cults) get the drift by the time they are teens. They get it long before their parents do.
Thank God!!
If you would like to look at yet another reference to what I am talking about, check this article out:



that was a condensed version.
Here is the story in its'entirety



fact is that there was a school before cse on the property.led by ginger and brien.they were ramsters but they werent too dogmatig.there were actualy kids from nonramsters.when the cse crew got a chance to get the property they promissed ginger and brien a employment as teachers.as soon ginger and brien signed off their rights to runn a school on this place they got chased away with nothing.thats how masters handel honesty i wonder were they learned it.the kids get the full spectrum of pseudosience and history ala ram.the kids dont get more harmed than in a conventionel school.the quality of learning is low or not much better than in public school.yes kids r clever and figure it out by theire own but some ramsterkids i know have the same problems than we have.strugling out of a cultenviroment.


Just because the boots were bid for does not mean they will be paid for. Happens all the time at auctions. A bid is nothing more than a promise to pay. Perhaps the joke will be on Judy after all.


Yeah I wondered too if R. will actually buy the Boots. As for CSE, youd think theyd quit advertising that its Not Affiliated with JZKs RSE, and that "anyone' can feel free to enroll, even if not Ramsters. Duh, everything taught there is affiliated with RSE, and Duh, they all go to events and even close school those days, duh.
Hey Im all for learning out of the box of public schools, but when I read the interviews on the masters connection, with the kids [and I know some of them and they ARE awesome kids, so I mean no put down to them personally], I just keep noticing that the wisdom isnt really all that exclusive to Rams teachings, even miracle healings are becomming commonly practiced by all sorts of folks. Its that air of arrogance that gets to me with long term school goers..like "Im more magic than you are", vibe.
So I just cant wait to hear if that 40,000 dollars gets that school some new buildings and what all else it sorely has been needing since forever. I can t believe JZ doesnt Just Do It. Thres so much money floating around here, why not develop the school so it at least looks a little dignified. Why leave it up to those who arent yet master money makers YET, a little guilt that thier timeline isnt up to speed??? And that the devoted students dont get a little irate over the whole thing already, I cant believe they let JZ off the hook so easy
...I think CSE people have to quit using Ramthas name so much and Just do the stuff, maybe then more NON RAMSTERS will be attracted to it.
....on an other side, if any of the kids who go there read this, I have often wished the public schools could incorporate SOME of the things/ways you guys do at CSE, becasue I personally do love much about what goes on there, and Im not contradicting my previous critical observations...
Im all for magic, and advanced science, and consciously doing stuff as opposed to droning to Public school which is a real problem energetically for the kids I know who go there every day [local]. But its still up to all who see it, to change it...
What ever reality we want to "create"....


More important than boots, the facts about CSE need to be broadcast,

I'd like to know the facts on CSE and its founder. Anyone have any idea who made the mystery donation of $50,000?




facts/?that former rse employes run this school?that cse is the place were hardcoreramsters have their kids for early cultindoctrination?were people with severe alcoholdependencies give excuriculum clases.and dont forget its the school run by the people which dont question their hyropant about rape in the big school.you think kids are safe there?they r in the same risc than everywere else in publicschool.


Yes, I agree diane,

inquiring minds want to know...I just read through the whole web site. a few things stuck out for me like the term "Guided freedom" Hmmm......
Also where it said that parents are "required to volunteer". In virtually every definition of volunteer comes the words "of ones own free will" So does that mean that the school actually requires control over ones free will??????
Seems so.
As far as the curiculium being state approved, i think it is going to be interesting to find out exactly what the approval process is and if it is publicly available.....


Didn't know about a mystery donation of that sum of money. Would also be curious to hear about it, too.



The article about the mystery donation of $50K is from a news article.
See http://www.yelmonline.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=2387&TM=65379.86


Here's the paragraph from yelmonline.com

THE EVENT raised $132,000 from the auctions, dinner proceeds and plant and balloon sales. That amount, however, does not include individual donations for tuition and teaching services.

Money raised from the event goes toward partial tuition waivers for students and program costs.

In the middle of the auction there was a break during which attendants could donate money to go into a tuition fund. Board member Omey Nandyal announced that he received a call from a person who pledged to donate $50,000 to the school for instructional costs.

However, Nandyal did not tell the audience who the donation was from.


Ohhhh, interesting...thanks for sharing.



Why was Marjorie Schimberg interested in CSE if it was already an operating school? Was it struggling financially? Why the interest with an old school, why not start a new school?


yes as i understand they both were strugeling financialy[cse and ginger and brian].i dont know who owns the property but it was given to them to runn a school.anyway to lockdowntimes after9/11 several parents asked if they can let their children go to cse.jzr brushed them off with the sentence:this school is not my concern.this was the message for many people to pull their donations.than margery made up with jzr by buying events for the kids.cse strugeled sevirly in the beginning too.some isues were that the buildings werent up to code.now that cse is successfull jzr uses it in a infomercial way.[diane is the name of a teacher there and was former left or right hand in rse.hope you r a different one].


diane is the name of a teacher there and was former left or right hand in rse.hope you r a different one].

I'm not the same Diane who taught at CSE. What does buying events mean?


she paid events for kids in cse.a beginner retreat.


than margery made up with jzr by buying events for the kids.


Thanks for explaining what events mean. Is buying your way into the heart of "Ramtha/JZ Knight" a common practice with students in general?


when there were wineceremonies and ramtha asked people to sit on stage.there were mostly rich students and young males....just an observation.i dont know what buys you in.i never got to the real inside like employes.


I find it odd that someone would need boots to give them power. Was it not the teachings of the Ram that the power is within self, not in objects of affection.

I find this very funny to read.


from the CSE site:

The Children’s School of Excellence is a private kindergarten through grade eight school incorporated February 1999 as a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation (Federal I.D. Number 91-1953699). We are a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


In the late 1990’s Marjorie Layden, an innovative business woman, started to mentor a young girl who lacked confidence and self esteem, due largely to her having fallen between the cracks of the public education system. At the age of 13 this child was reading at a third grade level so Marjorie hired a private tutor for her. The techniques this tutor employed were radical. She used her understanding of quantum physics and combined it with patented techniques for enhancing focus. As the student began to make marked improvements scholastically and in all aspects of her life, other parents in the area took notice and were eager to get their children involved.

The Children’s School of Excellence officially began in 1999. Originally conceived as a K-12 school, CSE is proud to have had one graduating class, which included the student that Marjorie mentored. Of the five graduating students one was accepted to Harvard and the University of Queensland in Australia, however she chose to attend the University of Mexico where she is currently earning a B.S. in genetic engineering. Another graduate was accepted at the top computer animation college in the world, Digipen. The other three were all accepted to accredited colleges.

The Children’s School of Excellence is a private kindergarten through grade eight school incorporated February 1999 as a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation (Federal I.D. Number 91-1953699). We are a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

CSE provides equal opportunities for all persons without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability in its curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular, and support programs and services. This policy of nondiscrimination extends to students, staff, the general public, and individuals with whom it does business.


The Children’s School of Excellence provides a safe and supportive environment of responsible freedom and personal growth that nurtures the development of individual genius and academic achievement.

Our students, from kindergarten through grade eight, study the science of the human brain. They learn about its physiology and chemistry as well as its extraordinary and less known capabilities. During Mind Labs™ the students practice methods of enhancing whole brain function, accessing parts of the brain rarely used in conscious states.

This is combined with the study of quantum physics where students gain an understanding of the power of thought on matter, and then reinforced through a series of experiments in which the students prove to themselves that what they focus on, with conscious intent, does change the outcome. CSE is dedicated to providing an environment in which children are empowered and challenged with the holistic approach of a dynamic and creative learning environment to build character through self responsibility as well as academic achievement executed by an inspired teaching and administrative staff. Our curriculum is Washington State approved and is based on cultivating a love and passion for learning through the integration of knowledge and experience. We address the educational needs of all students by using these Principles of Education:

• Provide appropriate curriculum based on both formal and informal individual student assessment
• Offer a variety of effective instructional techniques
• Accommodate diverse learning styles
• Maintain a caring, friendly environment

It is our mission to uphold these objectives as stewards of the CSE student body:

• Guided freedom
• Foster individual expression and potential
• Mutual respect and tolerance
• Personal responsibility
• Education/knowledge/academics
• Exploration/personal journey/curiosity
• Full participation
• Discipline/targeted focus
• Self-awareness
• Nurture and facilitate
• Open-mindedness


Self-management and personal responsibility, cornerstones to achievement and personal success in this complex society, are learned qualities. A child’s success at school depends a great deal on his or her self-control and sense of responsibility. Children thrive and learn best in an atmosphere that is caring, understanding, and supported by reasonable and consistent discipline. This is what we aim to
provide here at CSE.

We have established four guidelines for your child to follow. When your child chooses to disregard or deviate from these guidelines, he/she will receive logical consequences from a concerned and trained staff member. The guidelines at CSE are very simple and straightforward:

• Follow directions
• Act in a safe manner
• Be kind
• Show respect

Nancy Driscoll, Kinderclass
Cheryl Nichols, Kindergarten
Carol Shimono/Donna Haglund, Grades 1-2
Deanna Waldo – Grades 3-4
Diane D’Acuti – Language Arts, Grades 5-9 and Science, Grades 5-7
Julie Rahn – Mathematics, Grades 3-9
Heidi Smith – History, Grades 5-9
Shuna Morelli – Science Grades 8-9
Yvonne Lebron – Office Administrator
Annie McCandlis – Director

Board of Trustees
Founder, Marjorie Layden
President, Carey Miller
Vice President, Margo Mansfield
Secretary, Susanne Miller
Director, Annie McCandlis
Treasurer, Shubha Nandyal
Terri Church
Karla Broschinski
Omey Nandyal


this was the scariest part:

Chess, Art, Music, & Movement

No curriculum is complete without chess, art, music, and movement. Each area has key components in developing whole brain activity and hand eye coordination. Our music program is offered to our kinder class all the way up to 8th grade. Students learn about music from the basics of rhythm to composition and voice. Students treat the CSE family to performances of their musical accomplishments after every project-based assignment is completed. Art is integrated into many areas of the curriculum as well as its own distinguished class. In some courses, students are encouraged to create models or illustrations to enhance projects to develop the skill of turning 3D objects into 2D and 2D concepts into 3D. Students learn the art of drawing from the right side of the brain and are introduced to a variety of mediums. Movement and physical education include dance, gymnastics, aerobics, and a variety of fitness training and games that build stamina and strength while developing cooperation and leadership skills in a noncompetitive environment. All lessons are tailored to each grade level.

Mind Labs™

Our Mind Labs™ are the most signifcant component of the CSE curriculum that sets us apart from other schools. During Mind Labs™ students practice a range of patented techniques for the development of focused thought, while developing voluntary access to the parts of the brain not usually accessed during conscious waking states. The practice of these disciplines enhances all aspects of the student’s academic and social life.

(meaning, they do disciplines as taught
at RSE, fieldwork,archery, C+E,dance)


when there were wineceremonies and ramtha asked people to sit on stage.there were mostly rich students and young males


Thank you Tree & Ex for taking the time to explain.


funnyhow you get a positive spinn out of everything.they had one graduating class one year long.because they couldent handel the teens they desided to stop at 8. grade.


I agree ex, esp by the time the children
are teenagers, they figure things
out way before the parents do.
I am a classic case!


Not too long ago I sent out an S.O.S. for the Children's School of Excellence "Swim With the
Dolphins" trip to Hawaii. Last April, CSE teacher Diane D'Acuti attended the first Ramtha
Question and Answer event and she asked him what she could do to inspire the children
she teaches (7-8 grades) because these students are at the age of hormones changing - puberty.
From my understanding, Ramtha said they needed Virtual Education and Ramtha MANDATED:
- "Take them to swim with the dolphins." Diane is striving to fulfill this mandate and she
and the students need your assistance. Ramtha also mandated her to get the money from
the students in RSE.

This is exactly what CSE is doing - only...they need help now. They are still short $6,000.00
even though the chaperons are paying their own way.

This is a first for CSE and it is making known an unknown. This is paving the way for
upcoming CSE students to experience something similar. From my understanding, Ramtha
suggested the students be taken on field trips in order to experience first-hand and learn.

You have an opportunity to make a difference and be part of this unique virtual educational
tool for these children of RSE.

If you are unable to contribute, please forward this email or call someone you think may
be able to help by making a financial contribution.

*****All donations should be earmarked: Swim With the Dolphins.*****

The trip is schedule for the last week of this month - leaving October 23. The
funds are needed - like yesterday.

Please focus that this becomes a reality. The students are doing fieldwork and archery.

Call CSE (360) 446-1100 or email cseinfo@fairpoint.net

Thank you,
Bettye Johnson


geez... can I throw up now?


Why don't they forward this to the founder? She can afford it!


Only $6000 short, and JR cannot make an 'anonymous' contribution? That is more than sad. However, when the students win awards and appear on local radio shows, why does JR accompany them? The RSE "student body" should contribute? Why on earth? It is always stated that CSE has no affiliation with RSE. Many RSE students can't pay their own bills, particularly if they upped and moved to Yelm.

Get real, Judith.


"Ramtha said they needed Virtual Education and Ramtha MANDATED:"

I guess JZR does not know the definition of "virtual" and
I love the term MANDATED...like it came from God himself (whoever THAT is!)

so yeah, why not just drop 6K judith? pullleeeze....
oh, that' right, they have to create for
How bout they do it like you do? by ripping people off and spiritually raping them in the process?
oh, except, children are smarter than