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How Mike Wright views this web site

As I have told some time ago, Mike Wright posted in the international European forum that nobody should speak about the coming Earth Changes because there is a "spy" in the forum who will relate this information to EMF, I wonder who this spy is...

However the German Coordinator talked to Mike about that and he told him the following (it is in German so somebody has to translate it, I don't have the time at the moment):
Es war im Mai im Büro des Hotels in Houffalize/Belgien, als Mike neben mir saß und diesen Beitrag schrieb. Er hat sich vorher auf unserem Internationalen Forum umgesehen und bemerkt, dass da einige Beiträge und Eindrücke bezüglich des letzten Live Streaming Teachings von Ramtha ausgetauscht wurden. Seine Meinung dazu habt ihr ja soeben gelesen. Auf meine Frage, was er damit meint: "Nicht alle Augen auf diesem Forum unterstützen RSE und seine Studenten", erklärte er mir Folgendes:

In Yelm ist eine massiv aktive Anti-RSE Bewegung entstanden. Diese Gruppe setzt sich aus ehemaligen Studenten und RSE Angestellten zusammen. Es wurde auch eine eigene Webseite kreiert, wo man eine Menge Verleumdung über JZ, Ramtha und die Schule lesen kann.

Wie Ihr wißt, werden bei GeniusMaster nur aktive Studenten für den GM Community Bereich und für das Forum zugelassen. Wir Koordinatoren kontrollieren das bei jedem einzelnen Studenten und wenn ein nicht europäischer Studenten um Zugang ansucht, wird bei RSE bezüglich seines aktiven Status nachgefragt.

Mike hat den Eindruck, dass ein aktiver Student in unserem Internationalen Forum irgend einen Beitrag über die kommenden Tage und den Austausch darüber gelesen und an diese dubiose Anti RSE Webseite und deren Forum weitergegeben hat. Zumindest ist es ihm so vorgekommen.

In unserem Forum gibt es keine anonymen Namen, dort schon. Deshalb kann man die Person nicht ausforschen. Mike hat sicher Recht, wenn er darauf hinweist zu überlegen, was man bei einer Veranstaltung gehört hat und dann im Forum ausführlich weitergibt. Aus meiner Sicht wird aber nie auszuschließen sein, dass - auch von aktiven Studenten - ein Mißbrauch von Informationen stattfinden kann. Genau aus diesem Grund haben wir Koordinatoren beschlossen, kein offenes Forum bei GeniusMaster anzubieten.

Wie auch immer, ich wünsche euch jedenfalls weiterhin viel Freude beim Austausch und genialem Beitragschreiben in unserem Forum. Das GeniusMaster Team achtet weiterhin auf einen höchstmöglich sicheren Bereich für alle aktive RSE Studenten.

Liebe Grüsse,

Ex,you are very right, Ramtha is absolutely an american figure and she will never gain a foothold in Europa. You don't have a big New Age movement in Europa and try to name one known european channeler.... there is none. What you have in Germany is that people leave the churches and turn toward buddism, but there are not that many people who are into the esoteric stuff.
What we have is a conspiracy movement (new world order, September 11th is a fake etc.)

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

I had this info translated into english for our readers. It may not be the best quality translation, but it's readable, nevertheless.
It is interesting that there are bully tactics used in what was communicated. Because we have some anonymous posters, it does not equate being able to question anybody. I post anonymously and I would vouch for every word I've posted in a court of law. Does that speak volumes ? I KNOW I am not alone. The REAL issue is, in my opinion, that RSE cannot control things here, unlike at the "school". They were not amenable to communications from former students. In FACT, attempts to communicate criticims were made, and IGNORED.

Thank you, Ivan, for posting this information:

...german to english translation...

"In Yelm a substantial active anti- RSE movement developed. This group consists of former students and RSE employees. Also its own web page was created, where one can read a quantity of slandering over JZ, Ramtha and the school.
As you know, only active students for the GM Community range and for the forum become certified with genius master. We co-ordinators control with each individual student and if European students around entrance does not ansucht one inquires, with RSE concerning its active status.
Mike has the impression that an active student read in our international forum possibly a contribution over the coming days and the exchange over it and to these dubious anti RSE web page and their forum passed on. At least it seemed to it in such a way.

In our forum there are there already no anonymous names. Therefore one cannot question intensively the person Mike is surely right, if he refers to it to consider, what one heard with a meeting and then in the forum passes on in detail. From my view it will however never have to be excluded that - also of active students - an abuse of information can take place. Exactly for this reason we decided co-ordinators to offer no open forum with genius master.
However, I wish you anyhow further much joy with the exchange and ingenious contribution letter in our forum. The genius master team pays attention further to a highest possible safe range for all active RSE student."

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

right on.people who think for themself r the real danger.every uncontroled flow of information is a thread.rse cant afford that secret knowledge gets public.people could realy think about it before they r brainwashed enough.i remember how during the allinement scare suddenly the comand came' dont talk to people outside the school about it'.of course i talked to my close friends about this danger into which they r heading .later i realised how stupid i looked when the world not even got a rumble.i lost the confidence and arrogance beeing a special ramthter.and slandering jz ts ts ts.its sad but tell me one thing she does which you cant explain with greed for fame power and money.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

it's not enough that Mike ,Greg, Steve, JZ have and believe enough in their own organization that they have to spend their time and energy combatting another
If they were so confident in their GREAT WORK, they would not have the need to be poking around here.
Just speaks of their inferiorites (oh-that's right, they have none )

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

"In Yelm a substantial active anti- RSE movement developed. This group consists of former students and RSE employees."

nice to know that they consider this

" Also its own web page was created, where one can read a quantity of slandering over JZ, Ramtha and the school. "

interesting they use the word slander.
Since when does writing about one's experience about ANYWHERE and ANYTHING
constitute slander? AS for the most part, I think it is understood , but if we need to print it everytime, that,
"this has been my experience" when we post here.
I am only writing my opinions and my experience.
Good luck if they think they can get this forum under the scrutiny of a lawsuit of any kind because of the ruling of a similar site who have posters about a similar group called
"Winds of Change". THe court ruled in the anti-group's forum sight under the right of free Speech. The forum group was also awarded a substantial sum of money.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

who exactly is "the genius master"?

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

GeniusMasters=RSE Students, created by the Austrian coordinator Wolfgang Kreutzer.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

One would think the staffers would simply ''create'' the reality this forum doesn't exist ( in their reality) Some ''masters,'' eh? Obviously a great deal of paranoia exists. I find it an abomination to NOT inform others of impending earth changes should it be true. It would be immoral to not help others in my opinion. Seems the ''Ramanathan'' movement (just a rip-off of old ancient things already known long ago) doesn't give a hoot about the world or anyone outside of itself. They honor Jesus-Yeshua Ben Joseph yet ridicule his words by NOT following one who the big guy claims to have taught.

If this forum is such a menace, where are the promised powers of the staffers-teachers. They must not be doing it right! (focus) Why would they be afraid with their level of ''knowledge?'' It is laughable if it were not so insidious.

It is very uplifting to hear Europeans speak out. i find it interesting the European forum is seperate and apart from their US information. Why is this?

Money money money money money money

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

one more item. Why does the school keep the European students seperate from the US students? I heard from JR with my own ears ''''this school must become one mind'''

Not my mind. It belongs to me.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

why does RSE staff spend so much time here?
do they not have better things to do?
( and they get PAID for monitoring such a site. wow)
and even some were not paid, why waste one's time on a "bogus" site.
Go focus on some miracle.
or S O M E T H I N G .

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

Maybe they are ''manifesting'' these very posts! Ahem.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

Thank you Ivan for your post,
Here is a more accurate German to English translation of Wolfgang Kreutzer’s
conversation and directive from Mike Wright.


It was in May in the office of the hotel in Hoffalize/Belgium that Mike sat next to me and told me the following:
He had looked into our International Forum and noticed there were a few posts and impressions regarding the last Live Stream Teachings of Ramtha. You just read his opinion about it. I asked what he meant by saying: “Not all eyes in this forum support RSE and its students”, and this was his reply:
In Yelm, a massive anti-RSE movement was created. This group consists of former RSE students and RSE employees. A website was created where you can read a lot of defamations about JZ, RSE and the school.
As you know, only current students are allowed to enter the GM Community area and the Forum. We coordinators make sure that every student who wants to enter it is current, and if a non-European student seeks to enter, we ask RSE about his status.
Mike has the impression that a current student read a thread about the days to come and the comments about it on our International Forum and passed the information on to this questionable anti-RSE website and its forum. At least, that’s the impression he got.
In our forum, there are no anonymous names, in theirs, there are. That’s why you can’t find out the name of the person. Mike is certainly right by suggesting to think about what you hear at an event and then pass it on in the forum in all detail. In my opinion, we never can exclude misuse of information – even from current students. This is exactly why we coordinators decided not to offer an open Forum at Genius Master.
Regardless of all the above, I wish you lots of joy through sharing and writing some genius posts in our forum. The Genius Master Team tries to ensure a secure space for all current RSE students.
Best regards,


I welcome Wolfgang Kreutzer and Mike Wright to write to the EMF moderator’s with their complaints and to point out those so called defamations about JZ Knight and RSE that are apparently posted on the EMF forum.
I assure you that we at EMF take such allegations very seriously and will investigate the complaint sincerely and thoroughly.


Re: How Mike Wright views this web site


You've made such a good point !

I've touched upon this topic before, myself. I don't care how much money RSE brings in. I do care how it happens; which is upon the backs of hardworking people, who are focused on attaining enlightenment, which is not delivered upon. The student is blamed, and the school/teacher, has yet to be accountable for the lack of delivery of the service promised.

Aside from all of that, look at the actions. The actions of the business demonstrate that the priority is gaining money from people. It is NOT about getting the message out. If it were, such CONTROL TACTICS like telling people why they should be More Secretive, speaks volumes.

If the DOOM AND GLOOM that has been predicted for almost 30 years, has not yet happened, it's not going to.

Hello ? If you folks are MASTERS ... even Genius Masters, then there should be PEACE ON EARTH, not doom and gloom (excuse my moment of sarcasm...DUH). WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS, MASTERS ?????

Don't you believe your teacher ? You can create ANYTHING that you want. ...IF... you are frequency specific with it.

Apparently, you are not FS with peace, love, harmony, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, compassion, the antithesis of CONTROL, to name some things that come to mind.

Picking on bad old EMF ? I agree with David. If you believe that any of the experiences or comments on this forum are not based in people's true experiences, then challenge them. Email the moderators.

UNLIKE RSE, we don't dismiss criticism by saying "Well, you created it, so you deserve it."

Like those people who DIED in the tsunami ????? You know, the ones who DESERVED their deaths ?

Yes, there is much to be accountable for - but it surely not with the EMF forum's posters !!!!!

Anonymous or not, it doesn't change the fact that people such as myself may choose to be anonymous, yet speak the truth.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

........and P.S.

It's interesting that MWright would make such a comment about this forum, when he's never emailed me to ask any questions, and used his real name.

David, has he emailed you ?

I'm sure he hasn't. How then, can he say that we wouldn't answer questions, when in fact, he's not ever tried to ask them ?

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site


Did you use a web translator, or know of someone ? Just curious.


Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

it was a former RSE translator that had finally seen through Judith’s Ramspeak.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

Thank you for that translation David.
defamatory vs slanderous...big
difference. But still, where is in expressing our personal experiences labelled defamatory?

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

would you trust a guy that had
1) a regimented program as a Military pilot that then
2) had a nervous breakdown while in the school ( before ever becoming some great
mouth piece for RSE?)

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

I recall hearing "Ramtha" say, "Having a nervous breakdown is a good thing! It means your reality is changing and you are breaking free of your past. Nervous breakdowns are good!" (voice inflection)

Well, aren't they????

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

I remember hearing JR say that as well. My question is, why on earth are these ''master teachers'' creating this website? he he
I'm wondering too how an internet website is now a ''movement''? If we exchange experiences and feelings, is this a ''movement''? Since when! They are extremely ''creative'' masters indeed

Just quit reading this site ''master teachers'' because you are only reinforcing your neuronet to accept this as YOUR REALITY.

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

WE are inflitrating.....(shhhh)
THEIR grid.....

Re: How Mike Wright views this web site

Having a nervous breakdown is a good thing!yes it shows that you mentaly denie a material fact.and your body shows you that it cant function this way.but thats a real good condition to be a employe of rse.