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I find it odd.....

I had an encounter with a staff member two days ago.
They were fishing for any documentary dates, further interviews, etc
Obviously, the staff keeps tabs on this site.
Don't they have better things to do like
dig a hole or do some disciplines?

What happened to focusing on oneself?

Re: I find it odd.....

its not odd because this is the side with people who have insider knowledge.i know since i was in this school exactly what i have to watch out when i say :so you like the school still what is your position on the rapecase..."i get total deniel like what r you talking about?.....i dont know if it was even..who?what?.....than here are jz sources listed.what can be more dangerous?real knowledge will smaler her audience.also it gets obvious how she feeds from other people like audry or joe.imagine what measures r getting nessesary when greg and other now bigshotts dont get enough powerrushes and moneyshares and wake up. it is still a ramthatactic to sit things out and keep them out of his students knowledge or coach them responses.i heard the coments about this side bassicly:a view misserable victimes and failures try to get even with the school.also the reach out for europe might be not so succesfull through this side.after all bossy americans r not very welcome there and the ramthafigure is very american.concer the world,infomercials,no helthinsurence nessesary with bluebody,only winners are accepted[no offence i talk about chlisches there r wonderfull people here]so a question to you computerfreaks. how do you bump up a side in the searchengines?how does it get done that negative press disapears from the web?because i wished i would had the oportunity to realy make a dessision when i got involved and to know that the world ended 1987-1990-1998-2000-2004-2008-2012[random but petty close and by the way it was allways:no trielrunn this time,thats the real thing,thats what he trained us up to now].and that her longtermemploye died on cancer and that the miracles r fabricated and that the staff is trained and part of a brainwashsetup and jz lies for her convinience and and and.a glimpse of hope r the coments to what the bleep.they r mostly negative,they reveal the cultsource,they reveal the pseudosience.to get positive reviews out there jz needed even her staff like klein to write some.so this littel webside seems to be a big success.

Re: I find it odd.....

And everyone who 'graduated' RSE is a success, simply because they are no longer there. They have evolved and are dealing with their recognition of problems for lack of a better word, and their own spirituality in a form that is true to each one.

In Tree's interview, I read the school is now the 'Royal School of Enlightenment.' Whatever happened to 'Ramtha's Quintessential School of Enlightenment? I'd heard awhile back, 'the school is going in another direction,' when asking why C&E wasn't being done. (actually, people were concerned about the 'spitting' and fact children were there posing a threat of contracting colds, etc.) So no blue body could prevent it? No hierophant could? WE CREATED IT? I think not. I even told a person who traveled with me, stupidly, 'no one ever gets sick here.' Idiot thing for me to say since I had no idea of the school's background. The person with me had a cough and sore throat for weeks after (a vocalist) and I developed bronchitis. So go ahead RSE and state I created this; but the reality is I DID NOT believe anyone would become ill in such a 'holy' environment, with a 'great pyramid' over the field and a 'hierophant' claiming to keep everyone well (at least in the books I read). Bunk.

I only belonged for a year. My dreams are very vividly haunted by that place every now and then. I ask, how can such a short membership/student status cause such a thing? Each day, I pray in my own way to my own vision of the supreme being(ness), with thoughts of beauty. So why awaken with heart pounding and a memory of camping in the sun in Yelm, with fear at this time?

Before I attended, I was well-grounded in my own spirituality, knowing we are all part of God and feeling genuine love, compassion and tolerance. I knew I had to work on the 'judgmental' aspect, since I would analyze my own responses and be cognizant of them and stop. How did I leave that place with a loss of the more profound level of non-organizational spirituality and closeness to the 'absolute' than prior to the event? I now am evolving from the 'damage' I allowed my spiritual self to experience at that place. I was brainwashed!? Derren Brown should be an international hero for his revelations.

ROYAL SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT? Uh, yeah, sure. More akin to a royal pain in the buttocks.

Re: I find it odd.....

Royal School of Enlightenment ?

There have been a number of name changes to the school, throughout the years.

It has been said a number of times that the school is taking another direction, also.

MY OPINION is that it's a reflection of the delusional state of the sociopathic CEO.

To think I once revered her for her work, makes me shudder.

Re: I find it odd.....

Isn't "Royal School of Enlightenment" just a rumor? JZ's website is still titled Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. If you Google the words "Royal School of Enlightenment," nothing comes up.

Re: I find it odd.....


Perhaps it was just a typo error from the recent Volcano article…


Or perhaps "Ramtha" is getting the royal elbow..
from the queen bee.

dark chuckle...


Re: I find it odd.....

It could be possible that the term was used, tongue-in-cheek. For those (perhaps foreigners) who are not familiar with that term, it just means half jokingly, half sarcastically.