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The OMEGA Trust scam.

"Ramtha" encouraged every RSE student to invest in Omega.. it was a holy cause
Setup by The Great White Brotherhood as GOD's program.. With "Saint Germane" at the helm... all for the benefit of RSE students to gain their great wealth.
Almost everyone in RSE put money into Omega; some even mortgaged their homes to raise the cash. At the height of the Omega scam Clyde Hood visited JZ Knight in Yelm, this would be around 1996.
The OMEGA Trust scam was promoted by RSE/Ramtha for over TWO YEARS..
There are still RSE members who believe their Omega will payout!!
On April 10, 2001, Hood pleaded guilty to fraud
He was eventually sentenced to prison for 14 years.
Hood is imprisoned at the "Federal Medical Center Devens," north of Worcester, Massachusetts.


Omega Trust
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Omega Trust was a fraudulent US investment scheme in Illinois.

Clyde D. Hood is a former electrician from Mattoon, Illinois. In 1994 Hood formed Omega Trust and Trading Limited and began to lecture to church groups. He said that the Lord had given him a mission. He claimed that he was one of the international traders who could make secret multimillion-dollar deals to benefit humanitarian programs through debentures and "prime bank notes" in foreign banks. Hood asked for an investment of $100 and promised a payout of $5,100 within 275 days. He wanted the money delivered wrapped in aluminum foil and via Federal Express because U.S. federal government was trying to block the trades through the United States Postal Service. Therefore the scheme should remain secret. Thousands of people from USA and overseas sent money.

The program stopped accepting new investors in 1995. By that time, Hood had received more than $10 million. He began to present number of excuses as to why investors had not been paid, blaming administrative costs, problems with foreign banks and international financial conflicts. When some people still wanted to join, Hood and accomplices claimed that they could sell share units of people who had wanted to leave the program. The estimated total amount of money was $20 million.

In addition, Hood began new investment schemes named Alpha and Destiny and obtained more money from those who had invested to Omega. With the money Hood and his associates bought land and businesses in Mattoon, gave no-interest loans and made trips to Europe. Some of the money also went to finance businesses of other Hood associates like construction contractor Chris Engel.

Engel later cooperated with the police and let them tape a phone conversation with Hood. Hood lawyer Steve Ryan was also later removed from the case when he was subpoenaed as a witness and for possible collusion.

Clyde Hood and his 18 associates were indicted in 2000. Some of them pled guilty or were convicted of multiple counts of fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and filing a false tax return (see 26 U.S.C. § 7206).

On April 10, 2001, Hood pled guilty to mail or wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, and filing a false tax return.

On January 24, 2002 Hood was sentenced to prison for 14 years and was fined $5,000. Five of his associates were convicted of active participation of the scheme and were ordered to make restitution. Thirteen associates were convicted of money laundering. Three hundred fifty-five victims received restitution from forfeited Omega Trust funds to the total of $1,697,310.00.

The Omega Trust still lives on in the Internet as a supposed global poverty relief program (see NESARA).

Hood is imprisoned at the "Federal Medical Center Devens," north of Worcester, Massachusetts, and is scheduled for release in November of the year 2012.


What to do when your trader goes to prison . . .
From http://www.quatloos.com/cm-omega/omega-chronicals.htm
There are many Omega message boards and newsletters that continue to promote the Omega CULT. Both scammers and delusional victims propagate the insanity. Most of the following Internet message boards are private, but the hosts will allow you to join if you claim to be a faithful Omegan.
The most accepted current pro-Omega theory is that convicted scammer Clyde Hood was just a pawn in a bigger holy cause. After being mismanaged by mortals, Omega has now been taken over by heavenly management, and funding is not just about to happen - but it IS happening. Omegans believe those who have received are under a strict non-disclosure agreement. The non-disclosure conveniently provides them with a reason as to why they have no knowledge of particular individuals who have received. Additionally, many use the non disclosure myth to explain the behavior of ex-believers who drop out of the Omega CULT circles. "Jim Bob said he's done with the program. He must be under a non disclosure." The accepted story Omegans cling to is that Clyde was divinely inspired to work with a group of power-moguls turned humanitarians. Clyde's duty was to compile a list of "the faithful". These faithful would later become the direct beneficiaries of a biblical redistribution of wealth -- "The meek shall inherit the earth." Clyde's commission for completing this task was 100% of the proceeds from all Omegans. Omega is GOD's program, so it does not need initial capital, and Clyde was free to keep it. Each $100 unit represented the required show of faith on investors' behalves, hence allowing them to receive God's million-fold gift in return. According to the story, Clyde became careless with his personal management of the funds, and the big bad government stepped in and arrested him. Clyde, being nothing more than a fallible man, cooperated with prosecutors as to possibly avoid the rest of his life in prison. Regardless of what O-Positives now think about Clyde (most hate him), they all believe "THE LIST" made its way to the proper hands before Clyde was hauled off to jail. They continue to wait for the shiny Fed-Ex truck, as funding is always within a day or two away. They keep one eye on the Internet chat boards and the other eye on the driveway. Several thousand people fit this profile.

An excellent resource for self-education.


FactNet link..



do you know the timline from the affair with harrington templer.i was on the event when jz ramtha asked him to do something for the people in school.later i heard from one lady that she lost 50000$with him.since i was broke at this time i never got involved.i was in omega and destenie. yes it was definitly proposed from jz ramtha to invest.when the spook was nearly over ramtha jz stated:i never told your faboules wealth comes from omega.after the event i still heard people twisting the words so they can belive in omega.it was quite astonishing to me how the audience took this.since i was a beliver in this time i thought about not getting emotional and blabla.only a few upset voiceremarks from a 1000 people.since my ex partner invested i never saw any documentation or a resed just a mailing form.later i was wondering who realy got this money send from mu without proper reseeds.i heard that jz got part of her money back and that she still proposed it when it got obviews that it was a scam.



The RSE timeline for "Harrington Templar" is between 1999-2001.
I am gathering information on the HT affair, I will post within the next few days,
If anyone out there has some info on HT...?

please Email me at LARSE@fairpoint.net




I have started a new thread for the Harrington
Templar topic.




To anyone who still thinks Omega wasn't just a scam, why isn't it paying out NOW, when "Ramtha" has told everyone (again) to make major preparations for self-sufficiency?

Personally, I'm all for people being prepared to take care of their own needs for a while, in case of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. Animals store food to get through the winter; why shouldn't we learn from them?

But animals don't give their power away to scams that promise to take care of their needs for them.

Of course, the real sticky question for RSE students and staff is this: Since "Ramtha" told his students that Omega was legit and that was back in the 1990s, and Omega hasn't paid out for all those years (and the large group of people who were collecting the Omega money and using it to buy cars and businesses for themselves were exposed and prosecuted years ago), why was "Ramtha" so wrong about Omega?


Ramtha? Wrong?

What kind of reality is "he" creating?


I was around when the OMEGA was in and I could not believe the amount of money that people gave to OMEGA. I knew of people that gave 25K and another spend her saving of 200K and another one 150K, these people were some what well off and they believe in Ramtha and his word.

After no pay out, two left the school and the other went to the other side. I never believe in the Omega, it just did not feel right, but everyone kept saying, this is real and you better get in, so I gave a 100.00 and when I gave it, I told them that I just burned a 100 bill, because I will never see this money, but for my friends to stop nagging me, I did it and laughed all the way. Because I just felt that OMEGA was not real.

What I don't understand is that NOTHING that Ramtha has said invest in has never, never, never come true and I don't understand why tell people lies if you are enlighten.

Why the lies??? Something I don't think I will ever understand.

I could never return to that school and it is not just the omega, it is so much more then that. To much happen there, to much drama. Drama, I can get in the world, I don't need to pay thousands to recieve it from a school.

All that I know is that in my heart, I really cared for Ramtha and I wish it would have been different.

Peace and love to everyone on this board and I thank you for creating this board, it has helped me so much. Keep telling the truth, so other people can see the light!!!!


"All I know is that in my heart I really cared for Ramtha and I wish it would have been different."

This is beautifully said...the ideals that Ramtha espoused were inspiring and motivating and the fact that RSE/RSE International are still going speak to the depth of the original inspiration. But over the years there is no question that the beauty has withered into abuse and alcoholism. The truth of this is difficult to accept which makes RSE hard to walk away from.

Add to that the addictive nature of the trance, which is what all of the disciplines are about and you have something called a bad situation. This is my experience and opinion.