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disassociation at it's finest

and she is a friend ....this is such a dichotomy...and now, in retrospect....this is so weird


Re: disassociation at it's finest

i saw audry cheat when she was still the celebrated hero.i could talk to nobody when i saw her crawling through the fence and than she claimed half a year later that she teleported from the field.what i was wondering is just how much knows jz.is this all show?how much beleaves a greg simons and a steve kline?and how much do they know about the scam?maybe than i understand better whats going on and why jz gets away with all this.

Re: disassociation at it's finest

i think greg and steve are just puppets. they believe in what they are doing, just as we all did at one point.
yeah-the cheating thing is amazing-esp since she held onto such lies for such a long time.