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The Volcano

For those of you that missed it, here you go.
And for those of you RSE posers posting in here ( and Mike not-so-Wright [as all the staff calls him behind his back because of his huge brown nosing] and Greg Simmons who check this forum) , make sure all your RSE buddies see it as well.
I hope it spreads like wildfire.


as for the person Ray in this story,
she went back to Florida.

Re: The Volcano

I need to add here, this story got out through a realtor in Tacoma.
I invited David and Ray(she has posted here as "the real" ) after the interviewer contacted me for a full spectrum outting.
David made some very valuable points that were glossed over or never could make it due to length of the article ( I am sorry that was the case).
Ray is still airy fairy about the whole
self evolvement thing but has made her trek back to Florida.
We CAN make a difference.

More forthcoming.