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Derren Brown

Derren Brown now has a weekly show in the US - Mind Control - on the SciFi Channel. See how easy it is to manipulate and be manipulated. Imagine what Derren could do with an arena full of tired hungry bladderfull drunk enamored people over a 3 to 21 day period of time if in less than a minute standing on a public street he can have you hand over your watch wallet keys and cell phone.

Re: Derren Brown

Yes! When does the show begin in the US? I have several of his DVD's and his book. I was showing a few segments to my teenage niece, who could not believe it wasn't staged. We all need to wake up - or awaken others. Since RSE and the thought that no one could force me to do anything I didn't wish to (and I did do things at RSE I did not wish to), I could never, not ever, envision myself as belonging to a group with which one must agree on all counts. I'm too much an individual, or so I thought. Then I realized, as I've mentioned before, that this 'herd' was no different and I was a part of it! I felt fear when the bell rang. I felt fear I would be locked out of the grid session. Then in deep reflection on the field, realization that my gut instinct was right. I took responsibility for my actions, and then walked off the field, knowing I was not ever going to return.

Derren Brown videos are very startling to us all, I'd imagine, since none of us wish to believe that we can be 'entranced' to the degree people have been. It begs the question, then, just by whom and how far have we experienced this through other agencies - media, law, while shopping, etc. It's very sinister, and much more comfortable to believe it's a gag.

But we, who graduated RSE, know it isn't.

Re: Derren Brown

G2G said, " just by whom and how far have we experienced this through other agencies - media, law, while shopping, etc. It's very sinister, and much more comfortable to believe it's a gag.

But we, who graduated RSE, know it isn't."

Well said, G2G. Look at kids in schools, who are pressured to have the Right Jeans, Sneakers, Toys, etc...as just one example. Societal pressure to Conform in various ways, are definitely in place.

As someone who posted months ago said, always dig deeper.

Re: Derren Brown

Beginning on July 26, 2007, the US based Sci Fi Channel will show six one hour episodes of a series titled Mind Control with Derren Brown. Andrew O'Connor and Michael Vine will serve as executive producers for Objective Productions. Journalists in New York at the press announcement were shown preview clips of Brown "manipulating human behavior" and given the promise of more surprises to come. Sci Fi's press release describes the show as an "original US produced version", and early previews show a mix of new segments and older clips shown in earlier UK TV shows. The current first showing release schedule is listed as:

Episode 1 "Shopping Mall" July 26 at 10 PM EST - In the largest mall in New York State, Derren turns over 300 befuddled shoppers into his puppets by using seemingly innocuous shopping announcements made over the public address system. Also, Derren decides to go shopping himself...but he's forgotten to bring any money.
Episode 2 "Lying Car Salesman" August 2 at 10 PM EST - Derren outsmarts a group of used-car salesmen and demonstrates his mind skills to an astonished Kung Fu Master.
Episode 3 "Exotic Dancers" August 9 at 10 PM EST
Episode 4 "Assault Course" August 16 at 10 PM EST
Episode 5 "Dreamscape" August 23 at 10 PM EST
Episode 6 "Disappearing Sun" August 30 at 10 PM EST

Pre-production has begun on Derren's all new 2008 series for the UK.

Information found at Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Re: Derren Brown

Learn more about Derren Brown at:

This is where the info about the Sci Fi shows came from.

Re: Derren Brown

sounds interesting... It will probably take some time before it comes to Aus. Or it might be on cable here.. (something I don't have or plan to get so I guess that leaves me out!)

Re: Derren Brown

Prudence - if you have dsl or similar internet - click on the "links" section above (on this website)-and you can see lots of Derren Brown.