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do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

this came through the RSE elist


Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

I cannot imagine what life must have been like for Judith’s two children to grow up in the midst
of their mothers Ramtha fantasy world.
Children have an amazing ability to cope.. “to a point”.
They will seek the love of their parents no matter what… especially when there is only one around…..
obviously …staying close and loyal to mum would have its material benefits....
there are times when the true cost of money is too much.

I wish them well, and hopefully they have grown beyond the reach of Judith’s manipulations, power and clever insanity.


Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

What I don't like is that she is promoting it through her Ramtha school. People who are interested in Ramtha and are serious about that and want news on new Ramtha events etc. also get this stuff about her other businesses and now also about the business of her son.
In my eyes it is highly nonserious.

Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

yes, promoting it through the RSE site AND I am sure, being the business for when the teachers go on the world tour and they are limo-ed to the airport. How convenient.

Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

Children of controversial cult leaders have varied histories. Jim Jones of People's Temple had several sons.

Elizabeth Clare prophet has 5 children, the first 4 by Mark Prophet. The 4 adults are doing well enough in their own ways, but none are loyal to mom's teachings. The oldest son Sean who could have been the next leader is atheistic. Check out his website:

I guesstimate that 90% of children of cult leaders tend to not follow the cult by the time they get to adult age.

Hope everyone's summer is going well....


Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

I found these comments by Elizabeth Prophet’s oldest son Sean Prophet particularly fascinating and
relevant to this topic thread…

“My entire family extricated themselves from CUT in the 1990’s, and we now enjoy a bond we could never have had before. And none of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet’s many grandchildren have shown the slightest interest in their grandparents’ religion–CUT will not have a genetic lineage”.

“I harbor no illusions about what my parents did. It was in many ways cowardly and despicable. They took advantage of the power they wielded and often enjoyed it. (I’m still convinced they really thought they were doing ‘god’s work.’) To the extent I went along with it, I have accepted responsibility for my mistakes. For 5 years, I’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to convince people of the folly of religions and cults. It’s hard to see how much more I could conceivably do.
From my response to RDF:

"It WAS a sham. But it only got started because there were gullible people like you around to support my parents in their cosmic delusion. Yeah, I went along for a while, but I’ve thoroughly repudiated it, and I’ve also taken responsibility for my actions and apologized many times to many people.
As far as my mom is concerned, I consider her admission of fault to be one of the bravest things I ever saw her do".

"I’m driven to tell this story because I watched my parents use the Machiavellian laws of power (Law 27: Create a Cultlike Following) to maintain control over their cult for 30 years. And I also watched how their enablers’ fawning delusions contributed to their authority and sense of infallibility. I watched how they became corrupted by the power their followers gave them".

"I watched what started as clear authoritarianism devolve into a destructive symbiosis. I watched a human tragedy unfold that ended up consuming both their lives, and decades of the lives of countless thousands of followers, myself included. We will never learn from the experience unless we recognize the full complicity of the membership".

"Today, Elizabeth Clare Prophet suffers from late stage Alzheimer’s disease. She has been unable to recognize her family since 2000. Before she lost her faculties, she had started to acknowledge her abuses of power and tried to make amends. Sadly, her condition prevented her from fully doing so. She is dying and soon will be gone. RDF, what more do you want??"

"In the end, we can only fight cults and religions by refusing to join them. We fight cults by keeping them socially unacceptable, creating a climate where this type of organization is seen for the insidious threat that it is. No more Hollywood glamour for the Scientology freaks. Boycott their movies instead. Refuse to take seriously anyone who professes patently outlandish and false beliefs".

From...“The Complicity of Members in Cultic Social Manipulation”

Thank you Joe...

Re: do you want to know what JZ's son is doing..

thanks Joe and David.......thought you all might be interested to also read this........by the way, life is great after ramtha and all these other false prophets.....free at last!

El Morya, You Have No Power!
By BlackSun / July 2nd, 2007 / Religion, Elizabeth Clare Prophet / 13 comments

Picking up on a recent post from Heather at Why Don’t You Blog?, I’ve decided to tackle the spiritual ‘founder’ of my parents’ cult, El Morya, and along with ‘him,’ everything ‘he’ started. This is by no means a complete debunking of the personality of this ficticious ‘master.’ Heather’s post did a pretty good job of that, and I will have more to say later.

Most readers will be unfamiliar with much of the terminology related to CUT and its theology. When you break it down, it’s not that different from standard religious fare. CUT uses its support of the world’s mainline religions as a way of building its credibility–kind of a theological open-door policy. The principal difference between CUT and most other religions is this syncretism. But rest assured, the members take the idiosyncratic nuances and revelations of their faith every bit as seriously as Christians, Mormons, or Scientologists do. But like other faiths, while espousing a degree of ecumenism, CUT considers its brand of truth to be exclusive and definitely required for salvation. Since this elaborate cosmology was my particular curse of childhood indoctrination, I felt it was about time to address it. Especially since the organization is approaching its 50th anniversary, and is launching several new initiatives on the web as well as internationally. They’ve just upgraded a number of their facilities in Montana, USA, and they show every sign of digging in for the long haul and preparing for the next phase of their expansion.

I don’t expect to reach hard-core members, most of whom already know my position, and consider me some sort of “fallen one.” But maybe those who are thinking of getting involved, spending years of their life and hard-earned cash supporting this organization might benefit from my 30-year insider perspective. I can only hope it might save them some trouble. This post also has permanent residency as a tab (called Blasphemy) on my front page.

My Blasphemy Challenge to members of CUT, other religions, and new age mystics:

My father was Mark Prophet, my mother is Elizabeth Clare Prophet. They were the founders and leaders of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant. Legend has it that Mark Prophet once rejected a vision of El Morya as a young man. Because of his Pentecostal upbringing, he considered the turbaned, bearded apparition to be a ‘devil.’ Later, El Morya ‘appeared’ to him a second time and convinced him of his reality. My dad then went on to found The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958. Well, dad, I’m sorry to say you had it right the first time.

My parents called themselves messengers for the ‘Ascended Masters.’ I hereby repudiate and deny their message and mission. I declare that they invented their teaching about ‘Ascended Masters’ out of the whole cloth and by drawing from earlier fictional accounts, such as the books of Guy and Edna Ballard, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and others. I declare that in my 30 years of intimate observation of their ministry and messengership, I saw absolutely no evidence to support their claims. I never observed any spiritual communication or supernatural phenomena, and never saw any prayers answered. There were no miracles or healings.

What I did see was the result of group dynamics, coercive manipulation, fearmongering, spiritual blackmail, and practiced stagecraft. Many of the stories circulating about my parents’ spiritual gifts and powers have been embellished and exaggerated by their followers, who have a strong incentive to justify their investments of time, money, and effort. In over 30 years, I saw no such occurrences. I watched two human beings who had both a good and a bad side, and were most definitely encumbered by the same human problems as the rest of us.

I was in charge of the Church Universal and Triumphant audio-visual department for over 5 years during two separate periods. Once in the early 1980s and later in the early 1990s. I saw many occasions where portions of so-called ‘dictations’ were composed and researched in advance–or their text changed after the fact. I participated in the editing of tapes of ‘dictations’ which changed their meaning. After the tapes were edited, on several occasions, the originals were destroyed. One of these involved a key church teaching about abortion (the original dictation had an exception for rape, the edited version did not).

There was also a secret vault of tapes from the early days of The Summit Lighthouse, including:

Staff meetings where my parents gave brutal treatment to the inner circle of staff members, putting them on “trial” and other ignominies.
Embarrassing discourses on conspiracies, containing racist and politically extreme statements.
Denouncements of oral sex between married staff members.
Discussions in front of the staff of confessions of people’s personal sexual affairs and ’sins’ such as masturbation.
And a lot more. Other past CUT AV department heads are well aware of the existence of these tapes, the editing of dictations, and can also attest to these facts.

WHEREAS I have come to the realization of:

The failure of my parents messengership to provide any genuine verifiable contact with ‘god’ or even benevolent human leadership, by my own observation over a period of 30 years, and my mother’s eventual admission,
The manipulation of their message and hiding of the truth on many occasions with their knowledge and cooperation,
Their promotion of the “guru-chela” (master-slave) relationship as a spiritual path, which became an exercise in human dominance and submission (psychologically similar to consensual 24/7 sadomasochism, but maintained under false spiritual pretenses–more on this later), and led to rampant abuses of power in their dealings with their staff,
The promotion and encouragement by the organization of the unquestioning beliefs of devotees (including predictions of nuclear war and other physical and spiritual ‘crises’ and disasters) as a self-serving method of maintaining power and income,
The knowledge that the world’s other religions have been no better than CUT at representing their gods or promoting truth or reason, and have similarly betrayed the ’spiritual’ power vested in them by their followers,
That there is not now and never has been a shred of credible evidence for any afterlife, reincarnation, ascension, or the existence of any deity who has any influence or effect on the earth or its people,
That the only way to analyze religion is as a human cultural phenomenon, which means the behavior and morality of the participants becomes the only salient factor,
That the gods and masters of such religions are man-made props, and the personalities are tailored to appeal to the many different personality types of the membership to allow for greater and more all-pervasive social control,
That such control through mental and spiritual manipulation (and most especially through the indoctrination of children) is anti-human and devastatingly effective, and represents as great an evil as any of the totalitarian political systems of the 20th century.
That such fear-based control systems are one of the leading threats to freedom that are even allowed to exist in a representative democracy.
That the only way to break this stranglehold of dominance and deception and to restore sanity and ethical relationships among the membership is to destroy utterly the belief in the very personalities on which the control systems are based–starting at the very top with the big-daddy ‘god’ himself.
That I as the son of the founders of CUT and the recipient of many of its mantles and titles supposedly bestowed by ‘the masters’ must set the example, in order that others may follow and thus conquer the phantasms of their fear of divine retribution by the ‘final judgment’ and loss of ascension.
I THEREFORE deny for all eternity the existence of God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit. I deny the fictional characters of El Morya, Saint Germain, Sanat Kumara and the Seven Holy Kumaras, the seven Elohim, seven Chohans, and seven Archangels. I deny Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, the Mighty I Am Presence, the Holy Christ Self, angels, elementals, and nature spirits. I deny the resurrection, transsubstantiation, and the hypnotic pseudo-science of the spoken word. I deny every supernatural personality, including Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Peshualga, all demons, fallen angels, and devils.

To all the fraud messengers and charlatan hucksters of these comic-book personas, that they use to destroy people’s self-esteem and keep them dependent on their dictations, fighting false battles of light and darkness, quaking in their boots that they might not be doing enough decrees to win their ‘ascension,’ I repeat the words of my parents once used for a very different purpose: you have no power, your day is done! You can fool some of the people some of the time–after all you were trained by the best! But the world is moving on and will soon be done with these worthless myths. Your day of reckoning with reality will eventually come. You know who you are: Carolyn and Monroe Shearer (Temple of the Presence), David Lewis (Heart’s Center), and Dawn Covington (New Wisdom University).

By disowning these fantasy personalities, I declare that I refuse to live in fear of any ‘god’ or external ‘dark forces.’ In the unlikely event a god exists and controls my destiny, I will face his judgment and the “second death” with utter contempt and disdain for ‘His’ vicious and sadistic manipulations of human beings. But I have no fear this will be the case, for I have come to understand that ‘god’ is an entirely human construct. ‘God’s’ wholly man-made ‘law’ turns humans’ inherent nature against itself to create a living hell of denial, guilt, and fear. Such irrational fear once distracted me from my own responsibility to understand and control my behavior, to determine a direction for myself, to honor and work with others in my personal circle on my own terms, and to lead a productive and fulfilling life. No longer. The only thing I will ever fear, ultimately, is ignorance.

I declare that I am solely and wholly a chemical and physiological being. My thoughts and feelings arise from the interactions of neurotransmitters in my brain. I am a creature of free will, within the limits of that will and causality which are allowed by the nature of human genetics and brain function. I am responsible for the ethics of all of my conduct, and I declare that there is no such thing as ‘entity’ or ‘demon’ possession. I deny the ascension, the existence of an immortal soul, or any afterlife. My immortality can come only through my works of creativity, or the continuation through my children of the genes which spelled out my creation in the first place.

I therefore deny reincarnation, karma, and the spirit-matter split. I also deny the mind-body split, and all concepts of dualism. The universe and all it contains can logically only be natural and material–made of the same stuff we are–no matter how vast and how many constructs there may be, and no matter how ignorant we presently are of its ultimate extents. The only method which has consistent value for discovering truth about that universe is the objective scientific method. That method can also be the only way to consistently and reliably solve mysteries.

I deny the tenets of mysticism, that there are any immutable or ineffable mysteries which cannot or should not be explored, revealed, and deconstructed. I deny that consciousness is a phenomenon outside of matter, or that consciousness in any way precedes or resulted in the creation of matter. It is matter which is instead the precursor and the storehouse of all information and consciousness.

I deny all theories of non-locality, or of a mystical connection between physically distant objects, other than what may be proven to exist by quantum entanglement or other physical mechanism. I deny that all sentient beings are one, except through their common material substance, genetic lineage, and their drive to live their lives to the fullest extent possible. I deny the teachings of Buddhism that “suffering is caused by desire,” or that self-denial and asceticism represent any realistic path to enlightenment. Suffering is far more likely to be caused in this world by violence, political machinations, or deprivation of genuine human needs such as food, water, shelter, or companionship. The way to end such suffering is to fulfill one’s desires.

I deny that it is possible for human beings or scientists to “play god,” since there is no evidence for such a being. Instead, we humans should realize that we have the potential to be gods. This human aspiration toward the divine can only be satisfied through greater understanding and control of our universe. We not only can, but we have the obligation to repair our bodies, relieve suffering, and conquer aging, poverty, and disease. Since we have no realistic possibility for an afterlife, we should do everything in our power to re-invent and re-engineer ourselves and our societies to make the billions of lives on this special planet the very longest and best that they can be.

I declare that my life, heritage, and identity is defined by the cause and effect inherent in evolution. The quest for empirical knowledge and reason gives purpose to that life. Supernaturalism, mysticism, and religion take that purpose away, drowning all true knowledge and meaning in a psychic sewer of confusion–of ever-shifting subjective and imaginary spirits, phantoms, ghosts, and chimeras. The only way anyone can try to understand the universe as it is, is to attempt to eliminate all such baseless beliefs and subjective biases.

This has been my blasphemy challenge as inspired by the Rational Response Squad. I’m now officially on the record, and I cast this challenge into the teeth of the false and nonexistent ‘Lords of Karma’ and all the human charlatans and promoters of these imaginary personalities and forces of the so-called spirit world.

You should do it, too. Throw off your gullibility and credulity which subjects you to religious manipulation and makes you believe the Big Lie of life after death, judgment and ****ation or loss of ‘ascension.’ You can experience this freedom from fear, and the power of knowing that you are the only one who has agency in your life. There is no one watching over you, punishing you, helping you, judging you, or protecting you. You are responsible to yourself alone for your safety and success. You are accountable to no one but yourself for your failures.

If you are not a manipulator or deceiver of yourself or others, you have nothing to fear from embracing your humanity. Nor from accepting the vastness, reality, sufficiency, and spectacular physical transcendence of our natural universe. Peace