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what do you think?

I came across this information today, after having put this aside before my affiliation with RSE.
I am not advocating anything here, just wondering what your thoughts are....


Re: what do you think?

it was my estimation he was a truly humble man and gave his gift back to the world.

Re: what do you think?

Hello Tree,

I have read a lot about Edgar Cayce and have found that the info he "brought through" while in trance has been very helpful to many people. Most of the 'readings' related to physical problems.

Also I have been to the Cayce Center in Virginia Beach several times, and find it to be very interesting. There is a HUGE library on the second floor and access to many of the thousands of 'readings' he offered. I have always felt that he was pure of heart and had no hidden agenda such as money, fame, or looking for ego strokes.

My heart and mind always wanted something DEEPER than the Cayce info, and I felt it didn't meet many of my needs, ( that was when I was still searching,,,) However, after RSE, my search turned mostly INWARD and now things like the Cayce info I find 'intereting and informative' but I no longer look to groups or teachings to meet my inner needs,,,if that makes sense.

Bottom line, I find the Cayce info to have much helpful health info and to be high in honesty and sincere integrity. His later predictions were "off" as to earth changes, but imho, I believe this change was/is due to the awakened consciousness of individuals on planet earth wanting positive changes. I never felt any of his future predictions were to induce FEAR. NOTHING like the booga big booga fearful prophecies that 'originated' at RSE. I have several stories about that ,,,,my experience and my observation of others at RSE. It was definitely fear programmed big time ,,,, via words and audio tapes from RSE. Or I should say, this was my experience and I observed illogical fear in myself and in other students to the same thing.

Peaceful Blessings

Re: what do you think?

Hi Tree,

While the phenomena of the man and his life make interesting reading (much of his information about Atlantis and such predates jz/r) it is a good example of some of the principles with regard to truth being a prerequisite for knowledge.

One of them being, just because someone says something is true does not make it so and so follows that just because a group of people say something is true does not make it so.

EX. what was written in the beginning of the site;

"Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space."

The statement "...This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space." This statement follows one that appears to be fairly factually represented, meaning there is quite a bit of evidence to support it. The statement regarding what his ability "enabled" him to do has no basis in fact and therefore cannot be taken as truth and if truth is a prerequisite for knowledge, then no knowledge can be gained from the last portion of that statement where in the first part it can be.

So, since that was in the first part of the article, if accepted as a 'truth" then it colors and effects ones experience of the rest of what is written.

Probably the best evidence for what I am saying is buried in the end of the article and comes from Cayce himself and directly contradicts the statement that "...This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space."

"Throughout his life, Edgar Cayce claimed no special abilities nor did he ever consider himself to be some kind of twentieth-century prophet."

Re: what do you think?

Hi Tree !

Here is a website (biased, though it is) that may help to answer what you asked about.

Re: what do you think?

ty all.

this quote, so it SEEMS, jz has read herself:
"However, as he would say in trance, the best thing any trance warning could accomplish, would be to incite change which would subsequently change the direction the future would take."

Meaning , in Ramtha-ese,
"I give a prediction to change time lines.
THOSE are the greatest prophecies; ones that I have created the most amount of change"

although, from a humble being, is plausible.

From (IMHO), a megolmaniac, um...exactly WHERE is the documentation that your predictions have come true??!!

Re: what do you think?


i once talked to a physician, who was not "into" the new age circles, etc. actually, the person was/is a practicing jew. well, we were talking about cayce in terms of health care "predictions". the dr. said some of cayce's (health care) predictions had been studied and found to work.

i don't have the specifics, though that doesn't mean they aren't available. if they are available, i'd expect that the cayce foundation would have the citations as they are dedicated to preserving/documeting cayce's work. it would be easy enough to find out - just call them ! or email them.

Re: what do you think?

again, ty you all for your input.
I definitely am not searching for anything, and I was moved by his
"service oriented" approach to people
in general.

Re: what do you think?

Tree said, "I was moved by his
"service oriented" approach to people
in general."

Yes, I understand. And agree.