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Joe Dispenza ?

As some readers and posters are aware, Joe Dispenza, a long time, seemingly sincere student of RSE, was fired as a teacher, and discontinued attendance at the events when he refused to sign the "gag order" (Conditions of Participation) in February 2006.

The following document was sent to me (**see below). It allegedly is what was circulated among RSE staff members, dictating to them, what they were to say about Joe's dismissal, to students who questioned the staff about it.

My question is, what does anyone know, who is a participant on this forum, that can validate the legitimacy of the following document. It was received by a credible source, but no name was attached to is. I did not receive it directly as I am not (thank goodness), former RSE staff.

** "Talking Points Regarding Questions about Joe Dispenza

This week we have terminated Joe Dispenza as a Teacher at RSE. This was difficult for us because he is a friend. Yet it has become apparent that he is not supporting RSE but is instead pursuing his own agenda. In light of this we felt that it was in the best interest of RSE to terminate this relationship.

We do not know what will happen from here. It is largely up to Joe.

RSE remains strong with good teachers who continue to guide our students.

(Here you may describe the positive things about the School.)

If persons want more information than the limited outline set forth above, then:

Your discussion should be along the lines that Joe seems to be focusing on his own agenda and appears to be a competitor to RSE rather than a supporter of RSE. Naturally it is in the best interest of RSE to terminate the teaching rights of such a competitor."

Re: Joe Dispenza ?

I didn't care for JD anymore than I cared for the rest of the yayhoos at RSE, except for the fact that JD seemed to be moore of an individual, which is a no no at Judi's mansion.

JD missed a lot of the inner teachings at RSE.....but so did the rest, most importantly Zsa Zsa Galor.

Too bad for Zsa Zsa too.

I liked her better when she was 007's ***** Galore.

Re: Joe Dispenza ?

JD is okay. That's it!

Wolfman becomes wise.. because he IS the all knowing beyond those words .. as are..

"it is noble to walk dirty and pure through the stormy acid-rain of life, rather than using a clean umbrella-of-ignorance, so you dwell forever unwashed by mind-changing-experiences under the safely and cloudy shelter of a monkey-mind."

From the New-Age-Testament, chapter PUS-- Galore 17:12, quoting A007 (not myself!?)

Best to you, Wolfman!

Re: Joe Dispenza ?

whatchamacallit asked..
"My question is, what does anyone know, who is a participant on this forum, that can validate the legitimacy of the following document?

Two former RSE staff members have imformed me that the RSE Joe Dispenza document is genuine.