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rebels with their causes..

seemed like time for a new thread.(ha ha - get it?) and maybe something OTHER than posts by people who have read 'Spirituality for Dummies.'

Since EVERYBODY just HAS to hear about the event…

Just for those who don’t have megaphone dyed-in-the-wool friends, Assay 007 was small, estimate 650 or so. (hey Master Bond(age) - you must have been bored to tears with so much RAM time..and, no card games, either!!! So much for under 'cover’ assignments…, huh?)

There were 2 tanks, the latter one was in the heat of the day (BTW, NO water for those who needed it ). The big guy said it was the ‘hardest tank ever’ so Judi was up there, determining who REALLY needed to make it to the Void... (you know, the ones with lots of $$$$.)

People are finally finding their cards in larger numbers (like, what did it take – 20 years???) Blind archery a favorite continuing roadside attraction… 30 managed to hit a bale. Glory be to Jesus - all that practice, those lessons, I should hope so. What is 30 divided by 650??? IMO - just less dangerous than the others…

NOW ---on to the next event, spending all the money you have and putting it in a big HOLE IN THE GROUND…

JUDI’s next event is ….getting the cash out of those people who met with the lawyer, for RSE International. Maybe Frances Kay is the ‘Brilliant Business Connections’ consultant working for the Brits trying to organize there. [FK: so much for waxing poetic under the ‘Does R exist? thread, mixing business with spiritual goofiness. Hey – we KNOW you earned your degree, write How To books, almost a lawyer - just don’t do it, it’s lame. Work off that energy another way ... a marathon? ]

But, back to A007 - bringing in r. kennedy jr., to talk about the days to come, the Illumanati, the real price of gas.. pretty tasteless. Especially when you think about it.. doesn’t the rejection of religion, for the omnipotent God of Science make one wonder if RSE doesn’t think IT is part of the big I team? Wouldn’t that just stink to high heaven: talking all about the grey men, when in fact… there you are… Science as God Almighty and down with the church… ******Whoa, Bobby Joe, its just your reflection ***** sorry, its almost too much to think about. (forgive me, I just reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons; the similarities of RSE training to Illumanti..striking. OMG! Last year's mantra “ If not now, when?” was there - right in the novel, spoken by the bad guy...)

Anyway, hope everyone is having a fine holiday, they certainly are trying their best in London, aren’t they?

Re: rebels with their causes..

Is this designer label Joe? ..even more sarcasm?

Re: rebels with their causes..

There has been talk about RSE activity in England. Anyone know anything...thanks

Re: rebels with their causes..

Hmmm...and what's going on in Asia with RSE ? Something? Nothing? Do we want to know ? LOL