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JZs Anti Christian Bigotry

It is no coincidence that so many Ramtha students hold such a low opinion of Christianity. This is because RSE itself preaches anti-Christian bigotry; RSE students are merely reflecting the views and opinions of their object of worship, Ramtha the Enlightened One. Look no further than “What the Bleep?”.

In a not so subtle display of anti-Christian bigotry, Marlee Matlin's character attends a grotesque Christian wedding where everyone is fat and lecherous. The wedding forms the background as scientists' blast Christianity's "ugly superstitious concept of God".

Elsewhere in the movie, while channeling Ramtha, JZ refers to the "backward" religion of Christianity that doesn't appreciate the fact that the parables of Jesus can be explained by photon waves and probability. Statements like this force us to regard JZ as a kind of New Age fundamentalist, literalistic in her interpretation of the quantum theory, and openly disdainful of Christianity. She says of Jesus:

"His only really smart disciple was Judas, the man with the money who carried out the mission. That was the only smart disciple. The rest of them, well, what can you say about fishermen?"

This excerpt not only represents JZ’s asinine interpretation of the Bible, it is a projection of her personal bigotry and animosity. If you enroll in RSE you will be taught to hate.

Excerpt taken from Ramtha Web site:

Re: JZs Anti Christian Bigotry

Fishermen bring home the bacon... so to speak. That's what I would say anyway.

When I was 16 I did a project in my photography class. It was of my own volition. A superimposed upside down cross in the face of my church; the church I was made to attend when I was young.

Perhaps JZ's shpeal appeals to my inner sensabilities. Since I have always been somewhat anti religion, I was a prime candidate for RSE. So it basically sounds to me like a recruiting call.

I have nothing against "christians", if that is what you want to call yourself. But like a very famous person once said:

"Before I am black, I am woman; before I am woman, I am human."

By the same token we should be treating all equally - by a persons actions, not their chosen title.

It creates a dichotomy, when you instill people with the idea that a particular group is bad, just because a few within the ranks did something horribly atrocious. Its also irresponsible to do this when you are an influential to a lot of people, such is JZ. However, I would like to point out that it is easy to commit the same crime - as some of us here do. We are quick to discount a whole group, because of a few bad apples!

Oh the humanity!!!

-Two Socks

Re: JZs Anti Christian Bigotry

Two socks I want to tell you that I appreciate your presence on this site. You articulate much beter than I the very things that I m trying to express here.

God bless you!

(p.s saing god bless you or bless you, may afford me a dirogatory commment from some on this site, it is only words, what about the meaning?)

oh well, we are all learning... and that is wahts important.

Re: JZs Anti Christian Bigotry

There's a difference between being merely anti-religious (as I tend to be) and being an outright bigot like JZ Knight and her ga-ga's.

I myself have never attended a Christian church service other than the quasi form of Christianity offered by Unity Church, which I grew up in and now no longer attend.

The type of Christianity that is closest to my heart is the type preached by the great, occult Christian triumvirate: Jakob Boehme, Rudolph Steiner, and Meister Eckhardt.

Yet, at the same time, I have the grace to accept that esoteric Christianity is completely foreign to most people, especially the “work-a-billy” type who labor very hard raising children and going to work every day; they only have time to focus on the poetic, mythological side of religion and never think of penetrating deeper into the Christian Mysteries.

JZ Knight herself is a disgruntled former Christian who rejects Biblical values because these values, she feels, obstructs her debauchery, greed and vanity. And she’s right!