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If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Mainly a response to Whatchamacallit's Question:

Instead of copyrights, events for a price-for-enlightenment, and other control tactics, why not just give "truth", if you believe you have it, to the masses for free ? Otherwise, one has an agenda ATTACHED to it.

This is food for thought, and if you have good judgment - Oh I'm sorry, the PC term is Discernment - If you practice good discernment, then your will should flip-flop back and forth in that lovely right and wrong head of yours with these following statements.

Presumably you would charge for the venue, because it takes a decent amount of money to provide a place for people to come to and learn... You can't do everything for them. On the other hand, if you are exceeding your mandate by making MILLIONS off the poor people you are trying to help, then that should raise the red flag of INTEGRITY. Let's demand integrity from our teachers. Let's demand as much if not more than we ourselves are living by, -and are willing to live by.

If YOU were making that kind of money, what would YOU do?

I ask myself that often, and I keep coming up with different answers. I would like to travel the world, see exotic places, meet different and important people. I would love to have my home and several others in other places, and I would love to open a new business. hmmm.

But then I think, well, only if I can do that and keep with the integrity I demand from others.

Many have the attitude that if the poor suckers want to throw their money away, who am I to argue? I have gone through all sorts of learning experiences that have taught me not to throw money away unnecessarily. So who am I to stop someone else from learning those valuable experiences? And of course if I make a few bucks along the way, what would the moral implications of that be? AH! Enlightenment! It is my MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to take those poor suckers money to teach them a lesson! HAHAHA!!! After all they come to me for ENLIGHTENMENT! and that they shall have! MOOHOOHAAHHAAAAAAAAAA! And besides I have given so much in the past that I am sick of giving. Nobody really appreciates charity because the more you give, the more they ask and rely upon yours...

So where are we now? Is it inherently bad to be rich? I am rather wealthy, and I don't seem to have a problem with it. Of course, I have also been immensly poor in this lifetime, eating out of garbage cans in southern Cali. I've lived out of a van for a couple of years. I now own a business and am doing pretty well with it. Does this mean I have no compassion? Maybe.

But I digress. Back to the point...

Which was...

Oh yeah, Is Ramtha Real?

Well, Perhaps he was and now he isn't. Or perhaps he never was.

the whole point is, rich or poor, we are always pointing fingers aren't we? Finding someone to BLAME for the poor judgments we've made in the past. Well, JZ is an easy target. And Why not? I wouldn't mind seeing JZ go down mself actually. If its true that she is scamming people, then let her fall I SAY! Let her FALL!!

But seriously if ever we pick ourselves up and make something out of our miserable lives, it should be because we made the choice to. So I suggest let's stop trying to find a scapegoat for our suffering, and get out of it, and DO something with our lives.

Okay so Maybe your sick, or have a broken leg, or are so deep in debt that the idea of being free from your suffering is so alien that you need to blame the worlds. GO FOR IT. I agree with you that there is so much BS in this world that its Godawfullness is more than I can bare at times. What with all the 7 deadly sins and whatnot. Greed, Avarice, gluttony, Etc...

I just want you to all know, that we don't NEED anyone else to make our lives miserable. Let's say **** those people, and hey, if we can get ourselves to write a book, or simply enjoy a nice quite night reading one... Or rent a movie and really enjoy it. or go with a friend who invites you out on their sail boat for an afternoon and enjoy som fresh air and sunshine, go for it and enjoy it! If you feel the inspiration, give yourself credit for that inspiration! Its you thats feeling it, its you that thought about it.

Let's face it, we all have an agenda. Mine is to bring to light certain thoughts just to say "hey, I thought about this" Which I think is what everyone wants. Some form of attention whether its validation, money, whatever....

I acknowledge that many of us want to support the Great Work, and were and or are willing to give large amounts of money for the betterment of the world, society, mankind, etc... Great! We can do. I just think it takes more than money.

I've run out of hot air for the moment... BUT:

If you like my thoughts and want me to be wealthy, send me an email and I'll tell you where to donate.

-Two Socks

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

The point is that JZ presents Ramtha as real and makes money off of the fact that "Ramtha is real." No one has to point a finger at her - SHE CREATED ALL OF THIS HERSELF!!! And isn't that what she would say?

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Two Socks,

If I were JZ, I would do exactly what she is doing. But, I'm not. I would do things differently if I were in the position she has been and is, in. I also know that there is no pleasing all people all of the time, so that I would also have critics, and applause. I don't think THAT is the issue.

I think that anyone who earns their wealth has earned their wealth. I'm not struggling financially, nor do I have a miserable life. I have a beautiful family and other things I have wanted and attained. I'm quite happy and content. That isn't the point, either.

WHAT one does with their money, when they have made CLAIMS, does matter, in my opinion.

As a former students, I was in audiences where students were told (many times) that RSE was a SEVEN YEAR SCHOOL. That within seven years, we would have learned to do all of the disciplines, and we'd progress through stages of enlightenment. Adeptship, masters, christhood and the prize, God-woman or God-man realized.

For those of us who were sincerely seeking depth and advancement in our spiritual lives, we believed that if we did our disciplines every day, we would attain some rung on the ladder of evolution beyond our humanity. Not to escape humanity, but to enhance ourselves, which can only help all around. We could help our families, etc. We were told we would be able to manifest ANYTHING, and care for our families at a deeper level than the typical way we do in our societies. What a noble and loving gift we could bring to self and others. Many sincere students worked very hard, and were dedicated to their disciplines.

When seven years came...and went...there were rumblings. Hmmm...no christs. There were students still stealing money out of other student's wallets during events. "Ramtha" yelled at students, chastising them to explain that STEALING is not MANIFESTING. This is how desperately poor some of them were/are.

It is commonly known among folks in that area especially, that it's quite difficult to move there and support oneself in an entrepreneurial venture. So much for fabulous wealth.

I know a few folks (and there are more, but these are a few that stand out in my mind), that went to the school to learn to be responsible for healing themselves if assorted conditions and illnesses. Some eventually left, with no results; some are dead.

I recently learned of a person who went to the school to also heal themselves of a terminal condition. Blue body did not work and they made major life changes to get to the school from a very far distance, because they were sincere. They wanted a healing. The person was worse and recently was given three months to live. This is a young person, too, who could have possibly lived, had they gotten traditional treatments instead of forgoing it all and placing all trust in the Blue Body technique WORKING when it was sincerely applied.

If Ramtha is not real, yes, let JZ be exposed as a fraud and fall.
If Ramtha is real, he is responsible if he allows this stuff to go on, in the name of his school. That is morally corrupt, in my opinion, not to mention grossly irresponsible. Some believe if he's real, he is evil.

What does all of this have to do with wealth? I deny nobody their well deserved, honestly earned wealth. I am happy for them. But when someone gains wealth upon the backs of tragedies, with deception from claims being made that do not deliver in the majority of cases, that isn't something I think is benevolent or enacting life with integrity. I even question if it's legal.

I also think it's important not to blur the quality of "integrity", with "perfection". I wouldn't expect any business owner to be perfect, but one can be imperfect, make mistakes, and still have integrity. What would you call it, when someone repeatedly and knowingly does as JZ has, without making changes to make it right for the majority ?

Putting conditions upon attending events because they are "progressive", when later on you invite the John Q. Public to a very 'advanced' event, goes against all of the prior teachings about keeping groups together who have similar knowledge so that the energy of the group can be pure and move forward together in the same energy. It's a discrepancy. But, it's a profitable business move !

When the video live stream events were started, they were available to anyone (with few exceptions). Suddenly, only current students could register for a live video stream event. That's not getting the message of truth out there, to as many people as possible, that you claim you have.

If JZ's priority was to get the "truth" out to the masses, instead of having it be conditional upon so many other things she imposes upon others to meet, then she would have made different decisions. But, just as any of us has the right to make a choice about where we purchase our food, our furniture, what college we want to attend and would want to attend/financially support, what car to buy (you get my point), we would expect that what the product or service CLAIMS it has to offer, is just what is delivered. That has not been the case, and the seven year school is now going on 30 years old.

Who is responsible for that ? The teacher who failed to teach to mastery, of the "course content", or the stupid students who didn't attain Godhood ? Or both ?

So, my point, with my comment that you quoted, was about priorities. Instead of focusing on copyrights to control others from doin' ya dirty, charging high prices and pressuring/shaming students to attend as many events as a priority in their lives, or else challenging their sincerity, or pressuring them to sign "gag orders", etc...

then why not hold a priority of GETTING THE TRUTH OUT TO THE MASSES ?

My point was not how much money JZ has, for the sake of money itself, but the priorities as they relate to the belief she has the truth, as given to her by Ramtha, and putting the money/conditions BEFORE the common people.

My goal in life is not to be a billionaire. But if some being who claimed he was a God-realized came to me and taught me the wisdom of the ages, and I had their permission and blessing to get that word to the masses, I would be busy writing books and doing whatever other things I knew to do, with a priority of getting the information to as many people as possible. If as a side effect, I became very rich...that's just exactly what it would be - a side effect.

I've facilitated conferences on topics not even closely related to what JZ does. I know full well what it takes to cover expenses, and that there are expenses as well as time required from paid/unpaid people who do the work to get everything ready to go.

I'm not talking about setting up that sort of venue and giving it away for free to the masses. What I questioned was that if a person believes they have the truth, then why not just give the truth TO the masses, for free.

Libraries carry books that patrons can check out, for FREE. Why does a student have to pay a lot of money for 30 years, and not have attained enlightenment, when the Message could have been delivered in a way that was available to the masses. Not just those who had the TIME and/or the MONEY, or BOTH, to travel to events $$$$$. This is one example of the point I was intending to make.

JZ can do what she wants. It's her BUSINESS. As a former customer, I have the right to evaluate the product/service and decide why it's not for me. In doing so, I (and anyone else), have the right to the opinion of how we think it should/could be done.

All of that said, I think it would be great to see the truth prevail. If there is no Ramtha, and people have been duped, let it be known. If he is real, let him come forward and address these issues. I am far from the only one who has expressed these sentiments.

I am one of many who would have chosen for the teachings, and the teacher, to be genuine and a noble place for all in the world to see. I didn't bring my family there because I did not care. I wished the whole world could have gone to that school, because I believed in the initial presentation of what was claimed to be as truth from RSE.

But unless it is proven otherwise, it is my position/opinion that it was/is a lie, and that it is all about the $$$$$$, not the MESSAGE. Tsk, tsk.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

LOL ! I just posted my version of what hubby just called "War and Peace" only see that EWO just posted a few sentences to sum it all up ! Thanks for the hearty laugh !

On that note, it's time to go out for dinner...

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

"So I suggest let's stop trying to find a scapegoat for our suffering, and get out of it, and DO something with our lives."

Wow, first thought into my mind is, "This could only be written by RSE staff..."

Scapegoat? JZ is who she is and has done what she has done, for better or worse. I ask anyone reading these words, "How has JZ affected your life? If you could do it over again, would you include her or not?"

DO something with our lives? How about months spent reading books about cults in order to understand the truth about RSE? How about unrelenting effort overcoming the effect of mind control? How about countless hours engaging a counselor capable of pointing out the fantasy of the whole thing?

DO something with our lives? Try "something was done to our lives..."

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

"I acknowledge that many of us want to support the Great ..."

What Great Work exactly are you referring to?
Apparently you are still a believer.
In this case, maybe speak for yourself.

"So I suggest let's stop trying to find a scapegoat for our suffering, and get out of it, and DO something with our lives."

now THAT was a winner.
1) I am not suffering
2) I am not making JZ my scapegoat
3) I am out of it
4) and I am now doing GREATER things with my life
(including, but certainly not limited to what virtualreality mentioned)

What was your point exactly?
no need to respond.
It is pretty evident where you stand.

I am not JZ Knight, nor would in my wildest dreams ever want to be.
I know health insurance (so staff members in need could avoid the "free" help at St. Pete's) and
better pay might be the first respectable order in
how to truly treat people as employees.
I might even consider giving ALL employees (not just the core handful) 2 weeks vacation.
I'd make myself "approachable", not some icon goddess
in the Big HOuse that everyone fears.(JZ is not
above or better than me).

I think I have had just about enough of this topic.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Regarding the mystery of the Great Work ,JZ is an invaluable teacher.

What she has done is a clue of what a great one would never allow ones self to become.

In this, she has been a great MARKER or REMINDER.

Sort of like when one comes to the fork in the road and finds a Dunkin Doughnut Coffee Shop.

Best to take the other path less one gets fat,happy and underfed at the big glazed doughnut in the sky.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

virtualreality, no if I had to do it over again, the answer is HELL NO would I attend RSE.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

i think two socks is obviously not in concurrence with what JZ is doing... I see lot of defensiveness and hurt and the need to justify position for the sake of sanity in a couple of posts. the term 'the Great work' is just semantics. Words are signposts used to point at the subject matter. in this case the words 'the great work' could very well be reffering to the duty that we feel a need to uphold and thats why jzs manipulation of the inherent goodness of man to be great, is so disgusting... look at this! the great work is a term, but beyond all forms and organizations it jsut means to live rightly...what is wrong with that? anger flares and hearts are heavy and misguided, let us not let these trivial things come between us... what we all search for is peace.

in the words of the Beatles - LEt it Be.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

The term, "Great Work" is more than semantics. It is used by JZ/"Ramtha" to describe what a "student" is learning to do at RSE. It meaning overcoming one's limitations in the quest of becoming a "God."

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Eyes Wide Open-
exactly my point.
Those of us who have actually EXPERIENCED RSE know what is referred to.

the real-
"the great work is a term, but beyond all forms and organizations it jsut means to live rightly...what is wrong with that? anger flares and hearts are heavy and misguided, let us not let these trivial things come between us... what we all search for is peace."

I think you do not understand the healing process that is involved in the aftermath of expereincing such a group. Anger is a step in the process, not necessarily dwelled upon. These aspects definitely are NOT trivial to healing.
And I think a generality might have been made when you said: what we all search for is peace.
Take a poll.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

I have experienced RSE as a student for over 10 years. Done the Tank, the feild, archery, legacy walk - all of it.

I take no sides. I no longer attend because there is nothing more for me to learn there.

I love all your responses.

One of the books that I read before I ever knew about RSE was "The Teachings of the masters of the far east."

There are many books JZ offers as reading material, the problem I see is that many of us use these books as validation tha Ramtha is Real, and to validate what they teach at RSE.

The "Great Work" is a very very old statement and can be found in many books pre-RSE... Almost everything RSE or Ram/JZ says is pre RSE, from somewhere ELSE.

If you walk into the school knowing nothing, I can understand how it would be easy to assume that RSE is the beacon of knowlege that has soul ownership rights over this material. And I believe JZ would purport this to whatever extent she can.

BUT the information they offer there is NOT PROPRIETARY like they would like to make you think it is. It is available in many other places prior to the forming of the school therefore it is only text knowledge they use to support their system of thought. Very savvy indeed.

I don't really care for the people around the school much. Most of them have very closed minded attitudes that are so very counter from what you would expect from "masters" there are however a choice few I do respect.

Some of you who have responded here may have had other things happen to you that cause you to be so angry. I would guess quite justifiably so. It is very sad when people treat others without the respect they deserve. And worse unforgivable, mistreat people by violating them, mind and body.

My point was to try and bring to light the fact that many of us may have lost our ability to think critically, because we so much wanted to believe in something greater than ourselves.

My suggestion was lets get back to relying on ourselves again, our own inner compass to guide us. If I sounded like RSE, thats probably because RSE has used some very valid knowledge to do its thing. But that doesn't retract from the truth of what I am saying. Let's get our heads on straight, and go through the healing. that's all.

So just becuase it sounds lik esomething ramtha would say doesn't mean its not true, nore does it mean it is. What is sad is that it seems many of us have lost the ability to think for ourselves... I just want to get back to that.

"What would you do if you were JZ" was to explore the integrity and judgments we have within ourselves of who we are. Like, If you were presented with the same situation she was, or anybody else for that matter... Anyway, what makes you different? that is what I would like to see come forward.

Kindest regards,

-Two socks

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

by the way watchamacallit,

I very much agree with you about the dissemination of knowledge... If getting the message out there is so important, then perhaps it should not be turned into an elitist camp for only those who pay...

But didn't we already know that before we paid for RSE?

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Thank you two for your clarification.
I better understood your last post.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Two Socks said, "If getting the message out there is so important, then perhaps it should not be turned into an elitist camp for only those who pay...

But didn't we already know that before we paid for RSE?"

What we were initially told, as I already said, was that it was a seven year school.

So, yes, people could decide, just as with a college, that they'll invest in the "education". After that, excuses were given for why there wasn't so much as ONE SINGLE MASTER, never mind any of the "higher" levels of evolution. Students were made wrong and told why they didn't make it. Never once did I hear "Ramtha" or JZ Knight take even one iota of responsibility that the CLAIM of the service being given, wasn't delivered.

For those of us who "tried harder" so we'd get it, dull bulbs that we were told we were, it's been almost 30 years, and there is still no delivery of the service.

In my opinion, that is fraud.

That doesn't even touch upon the other issues that have been posted on here. Child abuse, exposing children to extremely foul swear language as well as very adult sexual talk, verbal and physical abuse of students, rapes, alcoholism by coercion (leave if you don't fill your glass to the brim each time you're told to do so), etc. No need to be redudant...it's all posted on EMF. Words to the wise.

Two Socks, with regard to "getting the message out", I was being partially tongue-in-cheek. The BASIC message, is very old new, from many eastern philosophies. JZ can copyright and trademark all she wants to, but it's all old news. THAT MESSAGE. Hinduisim, Buddhism, Gnosticism...all of that is old. It predates all of us.

It some spook showed up and said, "Yep, it's all true.", then that's pretty darn simple to me. Get that message out, and don't attach elitist strings to it. That's exactly what she did.

Further, "Ramtha" said that there were to be TWO events per year worth one tally of gold. When "he" said that, each event should have cost around $300, give or take a little. That is far from what has unfolded.

I do believe in wrong and right, and I believe the priorities and actions coming from RSE are morally corrupt and enact very "first three seals" priorities.

Yes, we knew...partially...we were following a carrot that always was dangled in front of us in hopes of reaching it.

Whatever "intuition" I had prior to RSE, I still have today. Nothing has changed. But, I had a death. The death was the major loss of something I had hoped was truthfully presented to me. It just wasn't. I will bear the scar of that, even though I can/do/will/must "move on" in my life and I have done so. I am not at all an unhappy victim, as some current students would like to justify in their minds, about former disgruntled students. But, it doesn't take away from the fact that I have a spiritual scar that I will bear for the rest of my life. Me, and many others.

How we bear that scar is very personal and individual.

I wish JZ would have an epiphany and before her days come to a close on this planet, she admits the truth for once.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

First of all I would like to appologize to anyone, whom my opinion offended, that was not my intention... wat I meant by my speaking out about 'the great work' was summed up beautifully in two socks' post after mine. Also two socks' whole post could accurately describe many of the points I was trying to make. It goes to show in this case he is far more articulate than I. May main point and desire in wanting to engage with the people on this website is thus: (and agrees with two socks) that the truths that JZ purports as her own for her own manipulative purposes, are in fact ancient pre RSE and that the ultimate truth of course has nothing to do with form or teacher anyway. It is universal and answers to NO organization and NO teacher. It is already inherent within the human being. And it would sadden me greatly if knoweledgable and strong hearted people who responded to the truth that JZ baited her hooks with, would throw away that truth in the name of 'its ramtha'... because it s not ramtha. Ramtha is a fictional character in some mad womans mind. Truth is truth and many throughout all time have used it against good people manipulated it and even called it there own original works. BULL****. Truth is when you look at a childs smiling face enjoying such simple pleasures as children do and become Joyful all over at the fredom that is in the present moment. That can never be copyrighted and can never be charged for.

My only hope here is to inspire my brothers and sisters to never abandon the true dreams of the soul to be loving and masterful at many skills and to right the ills within yourself and the world, to go beyond the daily toils of this messed up society.

What jz does is so destructive... to take truth and to twist it.... and if you had only learned such truths through the school then when you realize ramtha is a fraud you may think that the truth is untrue.... because 'ramtha' taught a lot of truths. Though the truths wre used is a dirty way.

all I am saying is dont abandon the truths in your heart!

I hope I have reconciled any damage I may have unwittingly caused by my disertations here. Words are easily misinterpretted, especially when you cannot see the expressions, body language, or here the tone in which they are intended.

in short: I meant no harm.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Perhaps you have touched upon an important point. After the realization that one has been duped/betrayed/spiritually conned at RSE, it is easy to want to protect oneself and, as the saying goes, throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I KNOW there is "something" to the unseen side of life, because I have a highly developed sense of intuition and clairvoyance. I have since I was a very little girl. THAT fact, was my vulnerability at RSE, because I believed the hook that was given there. That I would learn more than I already knew. Not that I knew much about the unseen. But, BECAUSE I knew it exists, I could easily accept that I had found a place that could teach me more. I was not so special that I was the end all, be all, of spiritual knowledge because I was/am so intuitive !

I was naively trusting. I did smell a rat, but I gave the benefit of the doubt, because I'm not a deceiver. I don't live my life being cynical and skeptical that others are, either.

I was SO rattled when I figured it all out, that to a large degree, I have nixed all of it, except what I experience on my own (precognitive dreams, etc).

Spiritual rape. That's what many people have experienced at RSE, as is witnessed by this website.

A tragedy.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

yes, it is spiritual rape. And throwing the baby out with the bathwater, in this case, is what is so horrible about RSE. Like a rape vicitm is said to feel dirty and guilty even in healthy sexual activity... so it is with the case of spiritual rape perhaps. I bless you all wtih the true heart I posess. And hope for a speedy and full recovery for all of you. :)

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

To all of you - as you know I read this forum with great interest as my partner is a long term member of RSE. It is very clear to me that many of you are still searching for something, so many references all the time to other websites regarding teachings, cures for illnesses etc etc. If I could wish something for you all it would be to find contentment with yourselves and your lives - remember life is a journey not a destination. Live your life, spend more time with friends, family, in nature at work, laughing, loving rather than searching for answers. Trust me you will find all the happiness you can handle.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Hey Aussiegirl,

....need some more attention-units?
looking for a new master, ey?!

feel a bit lonesome?

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

oo therer other sides for this kind of remarks.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?


What's up with James the Bond's comments ?

Also, with all due respect, I don't think that being aware of alternative healing modalities or do not discount other-than-RSE-spiritual venues, means someone is still searching, and/or malcontent in their lives. It may simply mean that they haven't gone to the degree of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I am certain that can be done, while also being quite content and downright happy

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

there might be no baby and no bathwater maybe only some sientific test to boil the frog.shure everybody is free to do whatever everybody likes.i dident leave rse for a new guru.and i dont read here to find a new one.and from time to time this side swings in a new agey or better agey direction which i just waited out up to now.and i also thought there is no soliciting on this side?i might be on the wrong thread for my remarks.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

And the TOPIC is....

What would you do if you were JZ ... to explore the integrity and judgments we have within ourselves of who we are. Like.. if you were presented with the same situation she was,... what makes you different?

On June 27 - all posters OFF topic.

I have thoughts for this thread which I have been contemplating since yesterday - it is a good question and has many possible considerations.

It is hard to put a thread back 'on track' ya know..

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?


are you just complaining that we are out of topic?

Why don't you post your topic-thoughts?
You too are out of topic!


Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

James the Bond - mmm interesting not quite sure what you are getting at though

Sorry if I offended anyone, I was a bit concerned after I had posted. I suppose I am always hoping that if my partner ever realises RSE is a scam he will stop all the interest in new age spirituality/conspiracy theories etc etc but reading the forums I can see it is an ongoing interest for most of you.

When you have no interest in these things it is hard to always be patient. I'd rather just make love!

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?


Miss Moneypenny speaking:

James is on a long-term undercover mission coded „How can you prove or disprove ageless wisdom by New-Age-science?“

His message for you only:

„Make love to the unknown!“


Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Bond.....James Bond.......007.....Shaken not stirred.

Is this CIA Ron?

Well here's a little info.

Ramtha mentioned C.I.A. Ron.......007.

These are two different entities.

007 is a reference to magician John Dee who cataloged the Enochian codes. (Astral Pantheon.)

C.I.A. Ron is a sodomite.

Ian Flemming was a British Intelligence Agent who was trained in the ways of Pantheon Magick.

The Pantheon is another name for the dead and the ramtha's.

The Power Is Within.

Find it.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?


Miss Moneypenny speaking:
and this is the message

„You are howling correctly.... keep on howling.
The power is within. Be it.“

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Bond - I dont want to make love to the unknown, I have no interest in the unknown, give me flesh and blood not airy fairy nonsense.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

response to Aussie girl: Everyday is an 'unknown.' Each moment, each day. I love life and love sitting among the wildflowers feeling the breeze and walking barefoot through the crystal creek below, but I also have an inate curiosity about those wildflowers and wonder, does somewhere else in the universe have the same flowers? To me, questioning is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, I would feel as a child constantly dancing in the rain with no cares. I care about what we don't know, and we don't know a LOT. I want to know the reality of how we evolved/were created, and what our true purpose is - is it to evolve further or is this simply a 'play of a supreme power.' I want to know if a bird loves its offspring, the code of the fireflies, and so much more. I love learning new things, and simply 'being' is when I'm in a meditative state, which is ancient practice and medicine today finds it beneficial in reducing stress (the more forward we go, the further back we go sometimes). We are all different. Most of us here have experienced RSE, I would believe. And in doing so, we were indeed 'spiritually raped.' Our spirits were betrayed, and I for one, do not wish to experience another betrayal. So I continue to try and learn all I can about the unknown and make my own decisions about it. Yet this doesn't prevent me from living a wondrous life and loving others. If we do not seek the unknown, what can be learned? One would still believe the earth is flat and held up by elephants. So these are my reasons for seeking. But i will seek within and on my own, for I've learned indeed what is within knows all. We're part of nature, and connected. Nature knows all, and nature is honest and pure. So I'm keeping my mind wide open for the inner knowledge to spew forth in due time, a bit at a time. I'm delighted at what I've learned on my own, now after RSE. We don't need a teacher - school's out! We are our own teachers. Man/woman was born to dream! And we also have intellect plus emotion. For me, they both need 'food,' so I've been feeding my head, and loving everyone.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

For those of you who posted on the topic,thank you. It is indeed important (the purpose of this site) to clarify our thoughts and intentions on the subjects that we are perhaps unclear about, or have questions about. Yes sometimes the questions linger, and we are caught wondering at the validation of something we WANT to be so real. Because if it was, somehow our lives would be better.

I think we have something within us that brought us to RSE in the first place, that quality that some perhaps lost in JZs world. We are either trying to get it back, or take the wisdom and move on etc...

My "what would you do" was trying to "bring it back home" so to speak, in that (even though they teach this at RSE, I said it before I ever went there) its YOU that is on the journey. Its what YOU decide to do that is important. I believe the healing process starts when we start to walk towards our wholeness from a perspective of being curious cautious and wise. We are all here - WISER for what we've realized involved in a deception. let's take that and move forward, not in hate, but in the spirit of what we believed before we got caught up in it.

There's that old wise-child thing that so true. The struggle will be to remember whats true, and stop giving credit to RSE. You see, I know most of what they say there IS true; but I don't need them, want them, or care to give them credit for what I already know to be true through my own experiences, whether I had the experience there or not is of no matter when it was ME that had the experience. I could have had the same experiences somewhere else, because I was ready for them in some way. Would I have given credit to someone else in that case? Maybe-maybe not. But it really doesn't matter...

Does anyone get it?

If I was whoever - I'm me is the point. We are moveing through attrition away from spinning around you know who.

-Two Socks

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

James the Bond:
I have absolutely NO clue as to what message you are endeavoring to get across.

I get alot out of your posts. Thank you for sharing.
In response to what you wrote:
"It is very clear to me that many of you are still searching for something.."

I what you are saying and understand.

As for my experience, at first when I finally figured
out I had been participating in such a group, amongst the myriad of emotions and panic attacks, I, at first, felt an utter void of God, spirituality, or whatever you want to call it. And that scared the hell out of me because I thought for the past 19 years had been a viable avenue.
I was highly tempted to find other ways, but something innately told me not to, at least not right
now. I needed to allow wounds to be healed, not to fill up that void with another group or process.
So in that regards, I totally understand other people's posts of alternative routes. Each person is
doing what is right for themselves.
I, myself, always in touch with nature, have found a great solace in the past few months (not that is was ever missing).
You can ask anyone that knows me , with or without RSE, my fondness for the pure nature of the world around us (have you ever seen a squirrel pee? omg! it was awesome!)

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

I found this great quote, please ponder it. It said concisely what I have tried to say in far too many words.


"They must find it difficult...
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority."
-Gerald Massey

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

GTG - I understand what you are saying but for me personally I just don't care why I am here or where I am going after this life. I love learning but not about these things as there are absolutely no trusted sources of information except within myself. If we are all some crazy experiment in a giant alien's testube or just here for our journey from life to death, it makes no difference to me.

I am the one who decides what happens to me, what I do in this life or any other one, all the reading in the world won't change this. I dont see that as naive how could it be when I am totally completely happy with myself and my life, there is no need in me to find answers to questions about my life journey, I have all the answers I need.

Re: If you were JZ Knight, what would you do?

Right on Aussie Girl!

That, to me, is the heart of it.