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RSE - Intrepid Class Voyager

Royal House of Kings

Ramtha stated in the early years of RSE that the purpose of the school was to produce a Christ. Ramtha presented the concept as if it was some sort of glorified attainment and a potential that was available to everyone.

Historical evidence indicates this is a contrived lie.

Yeshua Ben Joseph was born into the bloodline of the Royal House of David. Researcher Laurence Gardner, who has been a guest speaker at RSE, has researched the records of the Royal Houses of Europe and the Celtic church and traced this lineage back to ancient Egypt. The gene code of the bloodline of Christ is considered to be the Holy Grail.

Historical evidence indicates priest kings possessed sacred knowledge and mastered the ancient mysteries. Historical evidence also indicates that mystery schools and secret societies did exist and studied the sacred knowledge.
Ramtha stated that the schools of old taught what he is teaching. Whilst it appears the knowledge was available to many the evidence indicates the candidate to become a Christ was SINGULAR and available to one whom bore the gene code of the grail bloodline itself.

The teachings at RSE are presented as if all matter is formulated from information coming from point zero, through the ribbons of encoded information, through the grid to the material levels below. If this is the case then anyone who is adept enough at performing the discipline could easily, in theory, replicate the data of a gene code and alter their own genetics.

According to RSE participants on this site and local Yelm rumours Ramtha has stated that JZ Knight is/will be the first female Christ. Based on Ramtha’s presentation of what it takes to be one this is hardly observable in her life. What is observable is the standard image of a successful corporate head that can enunciate spiritual concepts eloquently enough in public to fool a significant number of people. This is not an extraordinary exhibition but rather one that is commonplace. If there is a presentation that JZ is the first female Christ it needs to be substantiated by a credible means not just the mouth of someone who does not furnish any credentials to substantiate his competency to educate anyone on the subject.

If the knowledge to become a Christ were truly available to those born outside the royal lineage it would be illogical that the grail bloodline would be so coveted that murder and intrigue to acquire it have surrounded the idea for centuries.

Ramtha’s statement that the objective of the school was to create a Christ also indicates the availability of the offer is in fact singular.

However it has also been presented at RSE as if it was available to all. It was the fashion of the day in the early years of RSE to make cards on the name field in order to bring Christ consciousness into being. It was considered the crowning achievement of the work.
From the available evidence I would conclude it is a fabricated lie presented by a manipulator.

Ramtha stated that the book called the “Nine Faces of Christ” was what it took to become one. For those who have not read the book the main character in the book went through years of theoretical training in numerous mystery schools and then went through gruelling initiations to the point that death could occur if the wrong choice was made. On occasions the person encouraging the candidate to make the wrong choice that could kill him was the trusted teacher himself.

The concept of Christ, as in known in this culture, is itself is flawed in intelligence and irrational. The depiction of Yeshua’s crucifixion is inhumane, brutal and cruel.

He is humiliated and degraded in a civilization where stupidity and ignorance dominate. He is defiled and publicly ridiculed. There is no beauty in that.
It is a supreme exhibition of injustice of a brutal perpetration against an honest person.

The concept of a Christ is quite contradictory to the Ramtha’s presentation of an ultra violet reality in consciousness. In ultra violet a person has done away with the limited attitudes that bind them and enslave them to situations that don’t bring joy. Ultra violet is the first level above inner emotional conflict. Truth and true love exist at this level. The holographic environment of ignorance is placed by one of joy, love and enthusiasm. The body regenerates and becomes youthful again and aging ceases. The “death hormone” is eradicated and fear in the body no longer exists.

A natural progression of evolution for humanity would be to formulate ideas in ultra violet, experience those ideas and evolve through the levels of x ray, gamma ray to the zenith of infinite unknown when ready. It is a logical concept.

The concept of a Christ is quite contradictory to this and quite illogical. A Christ is considered a being almost at the seventh level of consciousness way beyond the ultra violet level and yet the holographic, reflective, environment of Jesus is one of ignorance and hate. It appears to be a contrived idea that is unbeneficial to everyone.

In the case of Yeshua it has produced an example that is worshipped. At RSE he is presented as an ideal. It is not observable that his accomplishment has benefited humanity as the dishonesty and injustice in this civilization seems to be quite similar to the conditions described in Yeshua’s time.

It also remains to be questioned that if these sorts of conditions existed at that time then what was the value of the accomplishment of those illuminated beings/ Christs before him?

Is it a scenario that repeats itself throughout the millenniums that denies humanity but glorifies a single being setting another example that none can actually attain except for a suitable candidate born into the bloodline?

It is barbaric to glorify a concept that is cruel.

The concept of producing a Christ is the very foundation of RSE itself. No one is likely to take the offer of becoming a Christ based upon the exhibition of Yeshua Ben Joseph unless it is presented as some sort of worthwhile concept by a manipulator.

The ancient education system appears to be the biggest lie of the ages and Ramtha perpetuates it.

There is nothing worth the onslaught as exhibited in the life of Yeshua. An honest being does not deserve such cruelty.

I would never want to get involved in RSE education, or Christ concepts, ever again.

The primary theories presented at RSE are contradictory and to be involved in the education is to be subservient to a mind divided.

A house divided against itself can teach NO ONE.