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The "scientific study"

Judith constantly refers to the "scientific study" conducted on her property on February 8-9, 1997
as "scientific proof" she is not faking it.

“we got results which could not have been manipulated”
“She’s not faking it,” added Ian Wickramasekera of San Francisco’s Saybrook Institute.

This is a statement from a man who knows how to manipulate and fake.


Metroactive News & Issues | A Touch Too Much.

Trust Busted: One of the female patients who says sex was part of Dr.Ian Wickram's 'treatment' now says, 'He violated us in every way.'

Wickram, 64, pleaded no contest in August to felony charges of sexually exploiting his patients. A name well known to most alternative-psychology practitioners, Wickram is a frequent lecturer and speaker, giving addresses at conferences like the 1999 fall meeting of the Biofeedback Society of Illinois at Loyola Medical Center, the 1998 Biofeedback Society of California's 24th-annual convention "The Heart and Mind of Biofeedback," and "Brain and Behavior: Allies in Health," the 17th-annual Biofeedback Society of California's Conference in 1991.
Stanford Medical School, where Wickram worked on a contract basis from 1998 until he was arrested in April, sheds very little light on the situation. "We are cooperating with law enforcement authorities on this matter," Stanford spokesperson Michelle Brandt tells Metro, when asked for the results of the school's independent investigation.

Stanford's world-renowned Dr. Ian Wickram had a reputation for excellence in alternative medical treatments using biofeedback. But there was more to his treatments of young, female clients than meets the eye.
By Allie Gottlieb


Wickram use to treat victims of sexual abuse.


Re: The "scientific study"

Excerpted from the URL

SUMMARY of 1997 Scientific Research Papers

From the conference:
In Search of the Self: The Role of Consciousness in the Construction of Reality.
February 8-9, 1997, Yelm, Washington
Copyright © 2005 JZ Knight

At a conference in Yelm, Washington in February 1997, a distinguished panel
of 12 scholars — including scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and religious
experts from such diverse institutions as Chicago Theological Seminary, Temple
University, Colgate University, the University of California, the University of Oregon, and
Birkbeck College at the University of London — concluded that JZ Knight, who had been
channeling Ramtha the Enlightened One, a spiritual teacher for the previous twenty
years, “is not a fraud,” according to Dr. Stanley Krippner, a psychologist and the leading
parapsychology researcher in the U.S. who rigorously tested Knight at Ramtha’s School of
Enlightenment (RSE) in Yelm over a period of 18 months.
“She’s not faking it,” added Ian Wickramasekera of San Francisco’s Saybrook Institute
of Graduate Studies, “because when we hooked her up to test her physiological responses,
we got results which could not have been manipulated.” According to Wickramasekera,
when Knight left her body and Ramtha took over, the heart rate hit a low of 40 beats per
minute and then raced to 180 beats per minute. In her normal resting state, Knight’s heart
rate was between 85 and 90.
According to conference organizer Gordon Melton, Wickramasekera was initially
not interested in being involved in the study and did not expect to come up with such
significant results. “You might see this in someone who is jogging or having a serious panic
attack, but at the time Ms. Knight was sitting completely still,” said Wickramasekera, who
used state-of-the-art equipment to test Knight. He conducted the physiological tests three
times and the results were consistent in all three runs. “Science demands repeatability and
Ms. Knight allowed us to perform these tests three times.”

Excerpted from the URL

Re: The "scientific study"

And furthermore....

Beyond the obvious; that the WickRAM dude is a creep, and one might ask why Ramtha/JZ created the reality of hiring someone to test it/her/him who was/is such a creep, there is more.

One needs to understand the use, purpose and limitations of the Scientific Method, when considering the authoritatively touted results of JZ/Ramtha's biofeedback test results.

In the last post, it was stated, “Science demands repeatability and Ms. Knight allowed us to perform these tests three times.”

Yes, using the scientific method of hypothesis development (theory proposition) and testing to get results to support or deny one's hypothesis, does not support any results as FACTUAL. Further, when it is stated that results require repeatability to become a supported hypothesis-become-theory (frequently accepted as fact though it may not be true), it doesn't mean to simply repeat A test three times ! It means that under the same type of conditions, with the same variables present, those conditions meet the same results when tested AGAIN, independently.

So, if a laboratory test is run to see if plants will move themselves to grow toward the sunlight, and it's found to be a supported theory in laboratory A in California, then another lab, in another location, with the same testing CONDITIONS set up, would have to yield the same results (actually multiple labs testing the same thing), before it would gain any possible credibility. More than one "research report" supporting the same findings, would have to be presented, all saying that when placed in sunlit windows, plants will grow toward the light.

Having WickRAM do 3 consecutive tests on JZ/Ramtha doesn't prove anything, imo.

If a hypothesis doesn't allow such repeated measuring, viewing or other empirical procedures, it isn't in the category of "good science".

But then again, we're talking about someone who allowed (if not demanded) to have Ramtha listed in What the Bleep, along with the scientists. When did either of them graduate from college with a science degree?

I think it's all incredulous.

Re: The "scientific study"

Why not, once and for all, does Ram not just put the cameras on, perform a miracle such as manifest a gold coin out of thin air right in front of everyone, and lets have all this nonesense put away?

Oh wait, that's right, because he says he doesn't want anybody WORSHIPING him...

Well apparently that has not stopped anybody.

Re: The "scientific study"

Yeah, I've been saying that for a while. It's true. There are some diehard FOLLOWERS of the Ram, and they do worship him. What they don't seem to "get", is that they are supposed to become SELF empowered, from an internal source, not external. (Assuming you believe that philosophy)

If Ramtha were real, he could have, and still could, publicly demonstrate and prove his validity to leave no question in anyone's mind. But, it has not happened in that way.

He has also said that he cannot show himself to us/students, because he is just so dang gorgeous that we would fall to our knees and worship him.

I beg to differ. I would not be in line to stroke his narcissism for him. He'd need a mirror for that. Or his followers. One woman told me she would do ANYTHING he told her to do, no questions asked.
Scary. She needs a BEGINNER event, because she missed something along the way...and she lost HERSELF.

They just don't get it.