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secret societies in us news

A collector's edition of US News & World Report is out today for $8:
"Secret Societies" (Assassins, Masons, Mormons, Scientology, Opus Dei, Mafia, Skull & Bones, KKK, Illuminati, Rajneesh, People's Temple, Manson and more but I saw no mention of RSE or my old group CUT)

Re: secret societies in us news

I will aquire said copy,
as you told me,
JZ is "small potatoes."
They all ( as JZ sais) , "suck gas."

Re: secret societies in us news

What is the conclusion of the article?

Re: secret societies in us news

The conclusion? None really. This is a typical journalistic or historical approach---iow Let the reader make up her or his own mind approach. The series of articles are mainly excerpts from various established authors and publications. For example, the reader should get the idea that Masons are way past their peak (1870-1920 when the era spawned 300 more 'fraternal groups' like the Odd Fellows that actually outnumbered Masons in 1890), Owls, Moose,Knights of Pythias---groups satirized by that 'Raccoon' group on the Honeymooners that Ralph and Norton joined.

These esoteric "private" groups were hedges against the cutthroat economies of the day and a way for businessmen and politicos to develop and insure trust. Most of them were quite benign and ran some charities. One article summarizes Masonic symbols.

The piece on Scientology is soft but it does mention some of the secrets and controversies.

I found mistakes and omissions. For ex, one chapter states that it quotes from Margaret Singer's book Cults in Our Midst but it was not included---there is only a mention of her work in the index and it states that Singer "is" well qualified--Singer died years ago.

Re: secret societies in us news

I do appreciate this approach.
But it is a longterm approach.
It can be made only through the approachers own mind and not just by reading or thinking ..but by personal experience (the thinking is changing according to the owned experiences).
That includes.. no fear, no supposing.. willing to change.. and so on.

Always speaking for myself.

I observed that I can learn more from "contradictory" (contradictory - according mainstream) organisations or persons.
Mainstream is nothing new and no challenge at all
(regardless of how many PHD's there are).
And if mainstream would be the best.. we would have another society!
And another planet!
(take a look at Al Gore's explanations about "global warming")

So there is really no problem to predict the catclysmic comings - if the "mainstream" continues.

So perhaps you may learn more from the so called "enemies".

This does not mean that a person or organisation is exactly right.

Regarding the Masons, perhaps the peak of their knowingness is past.. but there still is power and mind-control.

Regarding Scientology, I did experienced for years,
..no more now.
They have tools to how-to-study or knowledge about how-to-think-by-your-self, you may not find in the "mainstream schools".
They do have practiced knowledge about emotions, tone-scale - a treasure for any movie-star.
And you may find pieces from Scientology in "reincarnation therapy", in NLP etc.
And yes you may learn to get out of the body.
(which mainstream-organisation is teaching this?!)
It is always your own mind which learns.

Regarding RSE ..it is still my conclusion..
I do not want to miss one single Retreat I did experience.

If you are following the "mainstream-mother"'s advice - you will be mother's darling forever - and chicken-food for the "dark lords".

Let us all become at least wiser!

Re: secret societies in us news

Io, I consider there is an invitation coming from the Time Lords.

Re: secret societies in us news

ps. The mask is obvious to all who are informed. When it is rent asunder you might find the "dark lords" change what is on the menu.

Intentional ill will towards others begets one's own future.

Re: secret societies in us news

NB: The bit on Scientology is an interview with (think "shave and a haircut-two bits" jingle) J Gordon Melton. He treats Co$ much like he did RSE---careful to avoid or confirm anything an ex-member might say about the group experience. Otherwise he accurately represents what the group says about itself.