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well, it has come to my attention that I am now red listed on the Ranch's security board of the Yellow Guards ( the card carrying NRA employees that are the official security for JZ and the Ranch) office.
In the office, there are three groupings of people.
Yellow for warnings(keep an eye on these folks), esp those who have mental issues.
Green for those who have had some sort of misconduct
(like raping a 16 year old at a wine ceremony-which, btw, was swept under the rug, also "lesser" violations such as assault) who are not allowed on the property until JZ deems is alright, and Red: for those who are never allowed ever again to set foot
upon RSE grounds( of which the aformentioned rapist was moved to the Red list).
Now I ask:
What did I do to deserve that status?
Why would I EVER think of stepping foot there ever
again? wth? They must be out of their minds, the whole lot of them!!

on a side note, I had ( note the tense of the verb) a very good friend who is still employed there (he is NOT in the school). He has chosen not to remain friends because of what JZ terms, this situation to be.
I also had some work scheduled with 2 staff members.
They both cancelled without explanation.
You gotta love Yelm (NOT)!
amusing to think ex-Ramsters are dangerous.

Re: Security

Tree wrote, "and Red: for those who are never allowed ever again to set foot
upon RSE grounds( of which the aformentioned rapist was moved to the Red list)."

Tree, did I understand this correctly ? The head red guard got fired ?

Re: Security

this was a separate incident during the wine ceremony years.
I am trying to think of his name, but he was an opera
singer and teacher.
His then girlfriend wrote to JZ and James and told them
that he had had sex with an underage minor during a wine ceremony.
It was never publicly disclosed and he was banned from
RSE altogether.
I had "heard" (now you can't quote me on this part)
that was was "taken care of" (paid off).
I never saw her at the Ranch after that.

Re: Security


Thanks for the explanation. It clears up some things I had heard in the past, too.

Re: Security

Consider your banishment the highest compliment.
Little ol' Tree is a threat to the Big Guy?
Oh dear, whatever shall we do now?

Re: Security

Why did "Ramtha" create a school where there would be a "need" for a red list of people to be banished ?????

What reality was he creating !?

Re: Security

Sounds like the bigguy/gal took some lessons from Richard Nixon; at least he had the common sense to resign. His paranoia did not stop him from that

Re: Security

Tree, you are absolutely correct in saying "They must be out of their minds, the whole lot of them!!"

The hypocrisy of it all. Shame on them.