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There is hope!

You don't like other peoples behaviour?
You certainly don't like smokers?
You do not like other peoples cult?

Perhaps you get moody, frustrated or angry?
Prohibit their existence?!
or watch the HolySmoke:

Re: There is hope!

The following quote is directly from the URL that is listed above, by io. It is the New Yorker's review of the movie io is referring to. A woman who gets caught up in a cult.

"A mad new movie from Jane Campion, who has forsaken the incisiveness of "An Angel at My Table" and "The Piano" for something close to an acid trip. Kate Winslet plays Ruth, a young Australian woman who travels to India and falls victim to-or, from her point of view, finds peace and poise with-a religious cult. Her family lures her back to Sydney and hires an "exit counselor" to clear out her mind. Given that this counselor is supposed to be the voice of sanity in the movie, it is unfortunate that Campion assigned the role to Harvey Keitel. Winslet, by comparison, seems wholly in control-by turns lucid and lubricious, and always alive to the comedy of the situation. Thank heaven somebody is, because, long before the end, the film drifts into the outback and starts wandering around in circles. The forced weirdness of the imagery and the slightly weary satire of bourgeois existence do not make for an appetizing mix. In fact, the whole thing could use a little exit counseling. -Anthony Lane

Re: There is hope!

great movie !!