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Beyond the Secret

Beyond the secret


Here is the location of a really excellent article . JZ channeler , of Ramtha is mentioned , but it takes a
much wider critical look at some of the basic assumptions promoted in RSE and the New Age movement in general .

Re: Beyond the Secret

The "Secret" - here comes the marketing campaign. If you have something "to sell" present it in such a way that the "market" will respond to manipulation. After all, what is a "secret?" Something the market doesn't have. Slick people know that one of the aspects of the human condition is that we instinctively want what we don't have and might not be able to get. So packaging something as a "secret" is an excellent trigger.

JZ has been doing that all along. "Ramtha" often says, "You are not to repeat this to anyone!" Great technique for making people feel special and manipulating them into buying what they don't need or even want.

Re: Beyond the Secret

great find AD-

here are some of my favorite excerpts to entice reading of the whole June, 2007 article.

…its genuflection toward wealth, self-worship and apolitical complacency, it could meld easily with fascist beliefs. It’s not difficult to imagine the book as a big seller in Nazi Germany or Franco’s Spain. The Secret is all about you, but there’s one little problem: other people.

…The Secret has little to say about community, interdependence and the world around us. Yet all our material hopes and dreams play out here and nowhere else, in a thin, fragile margin called the biosphere. And it’s the irrational belief in unlimited, material abundance that got us into the environmental fix we’re in now. Is it socially and ecologically responsible for The Secret teachers to push the idea of universe-as-genie, granting your wishes for more booty, when consumption threatens so many beings on the planet? Is this so-called secret profound or profane? Is this part of a spiritual path or a spiritual Ponzi scheme?

… if (it) really wanted to wake people up, it would have something to say about the social construction of reality, a la The Matrix. There is also remarkably little said about love – except in the narcissistic sense – and nothing about compassion.

... But it all turns out to be a bait and switch game, a promise of perennial wisdom that turns out to be a cult-like sales job for personal power. … a cleverly marketed mash-up of self-help kit, sales seminar, spiritual inflation, pop-science and pseudoscience, with some discount solipsism tossed in. With all its talk about positive and negative thinking, it is heavy on dualism. And dualism is all about judgement.

…Call it Jungian “synchronicity,” Christian “gratuitous graces,” Islamic “occasionalism,” quantum “non-locality,” or even the Law of Attraction if you like. It could be that the universe whispers in coincidence because it’s the only way we’ll listen, but we just don’t know for sure. That’s what’s so maddening about The Secret’s teachers’ wide-eyed claims of absolute knowledge about such things, inflating the universe of Einstein and Heisenberg into “your catalogue,” from which you order anything you like by thought alone. This is perilously close to magical thinking. It’s similar to how infants think.

Re: Beyond the Secret

good point about "dualism". it's something that "the teachings" tell students they need to get beyond in order to evolve. yet, it is clearly used in what some would consider to be, controlling the students.

Re: Beyond the Secret

" good point about "dualism"."

Yes, that is one of the things at the back of my mind that has been bothering me about the whole premise of RSE . The RSE school claims to be about becoming free of "lack' in yet the goals of these supposed teachings seem to depend upon people believing in lack, and making negative judgments about who they already are ,and what they already have. RSE seems to need people to believe that who we naturally already are isn't good enough , what we already have isn't enough, and the natural self transcendental processes of getting old and dying are some kind of personal failure . If that isn't conditioned unconscious cultural assumptions, negative thinking and judgment , what is ?

It is so hypocritical , I would think it was funny, if I didn't also see how much real damage this high priced doublespeak , has done to my Mom's life , and our family .

Re: Beyond the Secret

Angrydaughter wrote, " If that isn't conditioned unconscious cultural assumptions, negative thinking and judgment , what is ?"

Daughter, of course I know what you are talking about here (been there, done that). But to get into the heads of the students, I can say that the "excuse" that is given by them to justify/rationalize (gotta love those defense mechanisms), the teacher saying one thing, and doing another, is that "he" knows best.

"Ramtha" (or even JZ), will tell students they are the most special handful of people on the planet, because they are there, in the school, learning. Unlike the social conscious masses (villagers), who are clueless wonders.

Then, when "he" loses his grip, he verbally berates and ridicules the students as a group, or individually. They tolerate this in many cases, because Teacher Knows What is Best for Them.

When I was finally a Chosen One for ridicule, I didn't follow the mold of compliance, if not outright gratitude, for being so special that Teacher would select me for a straighten' out. I did question quite a few people about what his problem was talking to me that way !

One classic response that I got from a long time student was, "Don't you trust your teacher ?" I said, "Maybe I really don't." I'm not "into" verbal abuse ! Or threats.

Lucky me !

Just wanted to share that, as it may be helpful to you.

Re: Beyond the Secret

Yes, in my Mom I have seen what you are talking about Whatchamacallit. It seems like the bizarre stories, contradictions and abuse coming from someone everyone is deferring to, like they are an all powerful authority figure, is so overwhelming, confusing and destabilizing, that for some people, hanging on to the person claiming to have the answers, feels safer and saner, than doubting , asking questions or trying to make sense of contradictory messages.

You are lucky that something happened that made your crap detector start working again .

I have never been involved in a cult situation. Maybe because I tend to automatically mistrust anyone in a position of authority. So it is a bit hard to understand how people in a group like RSE make excuses , but I have hung on to abusive relationships, doubted my own judgment because of peer pressure, and refused to read the writing on the wall because I so badly wanted to believe in something. So I guess all that might be a bit similar.

I didn't mean to blab on so much, as there is a lot I don't understand about RSE, and why and how people get hooked . It would be easy for me to say some really misinformed things that might not be at all helpful to anyone. I think I will step back now, and just read and listen for a while. I have found some really interesting reading in these pages !

Thanks everyone for the honesty I see here. I really respect the effort that is being made.

Re: Beyond the Secret

Daughter, I don't think you're blabbing on so much. You have had a lot of offer. Chances are pretty good that there are people reading your posts that are identifying with it. We've received that sort of feedback on numerous occasions about assorted material on here.

Otherwise,as for understanding how seemingly intelligent people can get "hooked" into a cult like RSE (my opinion of it), is that the lure is incremental.

The beginning retreat is not at all like a more "advanced" level teaching/event. Typically, (with few exceptions I am aware of), the beginner events are filled with hope and promise for a novice student. THAT is the hook. It is presented in a ....hmmm....what word do I want here..."professional" manner. It's only later on that the vice tightens. It's slow, and incremental.

Another poster likened it to slowly turning up the heat and boiling the frogs. They don't even know they're gettin' cooked. The analogy does make a point. If it were a more sudden switch away from what people are "used to", in one hefty dose, probably many more people would flee sooner.

Re: Beyond the Secret

Angry Daughter - just to let you know I'm a partner of a 20 year RSE member. We have been together for 2 years and I am one of the biggest sceptics going around. Have never been part of nor do I want to be of any religious or new age group, have absolutely no interest in my spiritual journey, where I am going after death, why am I here etc etc. So my partner and I are at complete ends of the spectrum with regards to our belief system. I was married to a Muslim before so have experience of being with someone with different beliefs but boy does my partners involvement in RSE challenge me. My partner is like many on this forum an intelligent man interested in expanding his mind, RSE seems to target these people, I guess because a lot of them have been succesful and have plenty of money to give, they also give a credible face to the school.

I read your posts and they resonate so strongly with me, I think there are probably quite a few of us who are family of members and need the support the site can offer. For me it allows a little hope that one day my gorgeous man might see the reality of JZ and Ramtha, and if he does I will know where to go to help him get through it. Anyway to get to my point, your posts are well written and relevant, don't ever think you don't have something constructive to add, you never know who will benefit from your words.

Re: Beyond the Secret

"...it is a bit hard to understand how people in a group like RSE make excuses."

First there is the hypnotic effect which separates "students" from reality. They're not making excuses, they are existing in a parallel world. It is quite literally "all in their heads."

Second, they are unknowingly caught up in the parameters of an abusive relationship. Here is an adaptation of the POWER AND CONTROL model developed
by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, Minnesota.

Instilling or attempting to instill fear. JZ/"Ramtha" often says, "If you do _____________, I WILL BRING YOU DOWN!!!!"

Isolating or attempting to isolate one from family and friends. JZ/"Ramtha" often says, "The journey of a Master is an alone journey." "Let go of the past." "Walk away from your family! You don't need them!"

Constant presence. JZ/"Ramtha" claims omnipotence, the capacity to be everywhere at once. S/he puts a positive "spin" on it, "Call on me whenever you need help," but in fact the result is to create a state of psychological dependence.

Undermining or attempting to undermine a person's sense of self worth. Criticism, "You can do better!" belittling one's abilities or competency, "You have to try harder!" insults, "You use less than 10% of your brain!" manipulating emotions, "Did I tell you today that I Love You?" repeatedly making and breaking promises "I'm going to leave and never come back." JZ/"Ramtha" does all of these things in the name of teaching students how to become "God." 30 years later, no one has become "God" and the pattern of abuse continues.

Withholding access to resources necessary to maintain health. RSE staff are not provided with health insurance (a standard benefit generally provided by US corporations)because JZ/"Ramtha" has said, "You don't need health insurance. You have your blue body to heal you."

Forcing the use of alcohol. Wine ceremonies started in 1996, 11 years ago. JZ/"Ramtha" tells the students how much to drink and instructs the students to check each others' glasses.

Inflicting or attempting to inflict physical injury. JZ requires "students" to sign a waiver stating that they will not hold RSE responsible for injury. Why is the waiver necessary? And how can someone who is new to RSE possibly comprehend what kinds of injuries are possible? Fieldwork involves walking around a large fenced horse paddock blindfolded in a group which may be as large as 1,000 people. What are the chances of being injured? The "Tank" is a huge outdoor labyrinth which "students" must find their way through blindfolded. The "Tank" includes ladders, tubes, rope walls. No talking, no touching the walls. What are the chances of being injured? At some wine ceremonies large numbers of "students" have been DRUNK. What are the chances of being injured?

Attempts to undermine a person's sexuality. Treating one in a sexually derogatory manner, accusations of infidelity. During wine ceremonies JZ/"Ramtha" singles out staff and students requiring them to stand while s/he reveals secrets concerning their sexuality. Homosexuality, masturbation, fantasies have all been revealed in the name of "helping the student." After humiliating the student JZ/"Ramtha" says, "You need this so that you will face the truth about yourself!" In other incidents JZ/"Ramtha" has couples stand and talks about one partner's alleged infidelity. According to JZ/"Ramtha" infidelity not only involves the act, it also includes just thinking about it. This gives JZ/"Ramtha" a lot of room for chastisement, accusation and humiliation.

Domestic violence: A pattern of coercive behavior for the purpose of establishing and maintaining power and control over another. Look familiar?

Re: Beyond the Secret

previously posted under The Cycle of Abuse:
Cycle of Abuse

Those who say that the “RSE” is not a cult, or, as JZ’s “Ramtha” has also said – not a “New Agey” thing, not “spiritual mumbo-jumbo – are in some ways correct. The content of JZ’s ““Ramtha”’s” “teachings” is from valid sources, at the least, published sources. Although many would disagree with the content of the “teachings”, many of the principles presented, if understood and applied in their appropriate context and fullness of understanding, would “indeed” bring about spectacular “manifestations”. The issue, therefore is not the “RSE’s” apparent cultness or New Ageness, nor the information taught. The concern emerges from the fact that the RSE is a profit making business (even in the days when it was overtly a non-profit ‘religion’/church); and the context in which the information is taught is clearly, and consistently a classic manifestation of what is known as the cycle of abuse. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear simply listen to an audio tape or view a video of JZ Knight’s “Ramtha”. It’s obvious – and utterly predictable.
“I love you.” “You are my people”.
“Only I recognize the truth of who you are”.
“You are gods”.
TENSION PHASE “Ramtha” says:

-“You’ve looked everywhere for the truth and haven’t been able to find it”.
-“Your churches have let you down”.
-“I am the only one who can show you the way to become all you were meant to be”.
-“You are lazy”.
-“You are hung up on your image.” “You care about how you look, you care about your relationships, your marriages, you care about your children more than you care about God”. “If you listen to me, I’ll teach you.”
-“If you leave, you are loved, but you will die”. “
-“You have to be willing to give up everything you have considered important”.
-“You criticize me, and look for support from outsiders to deride the ‘disciplines’ – because you think you’re better than the ‘disciplines’ – when in reality
you’re not:
ABUSE STAGE “Ramtha” says:
-(you’re not) committed enough, you’re not passionate enough, you’re not_________ enough”.
- “Ramtha” uses peoples’ human-ness against them and “beats” them with it – verbally, and physically.
- Sometimes “students” are put through 8 to 12 or more consecutive hours, sometimes days, of disciplines with no allowable breaks – after which “Ramtha” tells them they were more concerned with their bladders and their stomachs than they were with attaining ‘analogical mind’ / manifesting / reaching the void / finding their card / etc.
- Sometimes “Ramtha” berates the audience with their lack of will – and in spite of all he has sacrificed to be here, and all his daughter has sacrificed so he could be here and all the ways he’s tried to teach truth, the students still aren’t getting it because they’re not trying hard enough or wanting to enough – are simply not enough.
- One example: In the morning of the last day of a 21 day “event”, “Ramtha” berated the audience for at least an hour because they had been thinking of the animals or children or gardens they’d left unattended (even though “Ramtha” had insisted everyone grow their own food and keep chickens and goats and cows, and have children). We had dared to think outside of “the Ranch”, about something other than “Ramtha” and “the teachings”. The ultimate punishment was that we were to be sent home early. We’d all been so high on what we’d learned and done – as well as in a state of total exhaustion due to sleep and food deprivation – and were completely devastated. Some people broke down in uncontrollable tears.
- The rationalization for “Ramthas” self proclaimed “outrageous” behavior is to “wake” people “up” out of their lethargy, laziness, stuckness in image, blindness to their non-analogical neurotic physical thoughts and acts. If the students weren’t so __________ then “Ramtha” wouldn’t have to act that way.
- “Ramtha” threatens/promises to “bring people down” if they did / thought /said _______________________.
- “Ramtha” makes it very clear that if you don’t “get” “the teaching” you will die. If you die without “getting it”, Light Beings in the 3rd dimension will eat you.
- During the era of “Wine Ceremonies”:
- A “Wine Ceremony” entails drinking 3 large glasses of wine straight down, one right after the other.
- The person sitting next to you is to make certain that each of your glasses is full.
- The instruction is that the wine has a scientifically proven effect on a human beings capacity to transcend their ordinary thinking into extra ordinary enlightenment.
- It was also taught that “The Wine Ceremony” is of a sacred tradition throughout the history of humankind.
- As demonstrated by “Ramtha”, students are instructed to smoke a pipe.
- It is taught that it has been scientifically proven that tobacco, particularly in interaction with wine consumption, facilitates the transcendent experience.
-“The Truth Teachings” during which a drunk “Ramtha” would call upon a drunk ‘student’ and expose their most intimate thoughts and behaviors.
- A drunk “Ramtha” would curse, use obscene language and gestures, mock, accurse and berate the audience for all their humanness.
- A drunk audience were told to dance to loud “1st seal” music as demonstrated by a drunk “Ramtha” and instructed that this overtly sexual dancing by drunk participants was a sacred act of sacred union.
- “Ramtha” acknowledged that sexual activity took place during “The Wine Ceremony” events by discussing the babies born of such drunken sexual activity.
- “The Wine Ceremonies” are defended with a cloak of religious sacredness for the elect and therefore incomprehensible to the uninitiated/ un-elected/ not a “Student” of “Ramtha”.
- “Ramtha” instructed sober alcoholics to participate in “Wine Ceremonies” if they were sincere in their desire to attain enlightenment; and assured them they would not be harmed.
- Once sober alcoholics lost their sobriety.
- Once non-alcoholics have become chronic drinkers.
- Children were present during “The Wine Ceremonies”.
- “Ramtha” encouraged “Students” to start taking the anti-depressant Prozac.
- “Ramtha” taught “the Students” that “Prozac” would enhance their ability to learn, to become enlightened, to be able to control their lives.
- In the video of “Two Paths” “Ramtha” brags that the fact ‘he’ has consumed 4 bottles of wine without evidence of it proves it is ‘he’ “Ramtha” in the body and not “his daughtern”.
- During a “Wine Ceremony” “Ramtha” threw-up on stage.
- “Ramtha’s” “Guards” have had to pick up JZ Knight’s drunk body when it has stumbled.
-Although the RSE has moved on from frequent “Wine Ceremonies”, a drunk “Ramtha” will unexpectedly come into the meeting arena at the end of an event while everyone is packing up to leave and curse and use obscene language berating the event’s participants.
“Ramtha” says:
-“You are my beloved people”.
-“Your churches don’t love you, your spouses don’t know love you, your children don’t love you as I do.
-Noone loves you as I do.
-Listen to “Ramtha”, attend as many “events” as you can, and you will be a manifesting god.

THE HOOK: These techniques to get people to attend as many events as possible have been used for 30 years, and have become somewhat predictable – i.e. when attendance at events is falling off, or near the due date for property taxes.
-“My daughtern won’t be allowing me to use her body much longer.”
-You soon won’t be able to travel to attend events.
-“Ramtha is leaving this dimension.”


Re: Beyond the Secret

Great points everyone is making.
I just want to add one more thing (or two...)

Instilling or attempting to instill fear. JZ/"Ramtha" often says, "If you do _____________, I WILL BRING YOU DOWN!!!!" "

Yes, I can vouch that this is true since I also witnessed it. Also, as EWO can probably also attest to, is that JZ/"Ramtha" (I like that) has also said the opposite. That if students do NOT do such and so, s/he will bring them down.

This is a bold threat. Since that person has also physically hit people, one might easily question if the intent is assault, imo.

Example: When the NASCAR racetrack was even a distant possibility for coming into Yelm (I have reason to believe this claim was quite exaggerated), there was an event, where "Ramtha" was outside in the field talking to students about it.

"He" told students that they had to protect "their school" (pulease). They were to write letters of complaint, stating NOT to support bringing the track to Yelm, because, as we were told, JZ Knight's property would probably be taken by eminent domain, and the new road involved with bringing in NASCAR, would cut through the "name field" where we were sitting. Students were TOLD by "Ramtha" that they better write those letters to stop it OR HE WOULD BRING THEM DOWN IF THEY DIDN'T WRITE THE LETTERS.

This is the behavior of an Ascended Master God-being?

I think not.

I was also told by a town committee person (directly), that there were no such plans as to take the property by eminent domain, nor were any such plans filed with the town.

Eyes Wide Open, do you remember this ? It was a hot afternoon, out on the field.

Re: Beyond the Secret

I was at that even in the field, whatcha.
EVerything you said and recollected was true.
I remember sitting there, while the sun was setting
(almost night) thinking ," What the hell does Venture
Bank have to do with all this?"
As Ramtha/JZ told us NOT to frequent establishments
that supported NASCAR.
It was a hot and divisive issue in this little town.

Daughter: Your posts are very articulate and thought provoking. Thank you for you insights.

Re: Beyond the Secret

"If the students weren’t so __________ then “Ramtha” wouldn’t have to act that way."

In this respect, he/she does not seem able to create his/her own reality.

"Students were TOLD by "Ramtha" that they better write those letters to stop it OR HE WOULD BRING THEM DOWN IF THEY DIDN'T WRITE THE LETTERS."

In this respect, he/she is so cowardly he/she finds a need to threaten in order to "create" his/her own reality.

Re: Beyond the Secret

"It was a hot afternoon out on the Field."

Geez, Whatchamacallit, I know what hot afternoon out on the Field you are talking about but I wasn't there. I had bilocated to the 23rd Universe. A little afternoon "field trip."

You mean you stuck around and listened to all that bs?

I had already concluded that everytime JZ/"Ramtha" told the "students" to take a position - let's see now - No to the cell tower, No to Nascar, No to Walmart, Yes to buying cashmere sweaters from the Outback (now known as JZ Rose, by the way, could someone please enlighten me...why does she change her names so often????? )

Where was I? I need to learn how to focus better, I wonder if there is a school for that? Oh, yeah...I had already concluded that everytime JZ/"Ramtha" told the "students" to take a position the purpose of the task was to measure group compliance. And if the group is not compliant, guess what? They need more indoctrination, er, I mean training. You know - disciplines.

Here comes some mind control, Whatcha, get ready for it...How many times did you hear JZ/"Ramtha" say, "THIS SCHOOL IS NOT A CULT!!!!!! CULT IS A DIRTY 4 LETTER WORD!!!!!"

So there you have it, I had figured out the gig but I kept going back. Now why was that? Is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Re: Beyond the Secret

EWO, you can always write her a letter and ask her why she changes her name so often. According to Greg, they pass communications along to her, which is why David was supposed to have contacted RSE before going ahead with the likes of the LARSE gathering. hahahaha Sad, but true.

I hope the 23rd universe has good shopping malls and that the everchanging named one isn't among them.

Re: Beyond the Secret

JTR, excellent points.

Re: Beyond the Secret

EWO wrote, "Here comes some mind control, Whatcha, get ready for it...How many times did you hear JZ/"Ramtha" say, "THIS SCHOOL IS NOT A CULT!!!!!! CULT IS A DIRTY 4 LETTER WORD!!!!!" "

MANY times. Also, we were told to tell it to our partner !

Re: Beyond the Secret

I just have to say something more !!!! I'm glad i don't just sound ignorant , though in many ways I am .

If Ramtha knows the secret to "creating your own reality", this must be something that is knowledge based and therefore, when Ramtha is supposedly inhabiting JZ's body, Ramtha can use this knowledge to "create his own reality".

Presumably creating your own reality would have to include other people, so this creation would have to be something which would be shared and affect other people participating in this reality. Otherwise what we manifested would be nothing more than the type of dreams we have when we are asleep or lying with out eyes closed daydreaming .

So if Ramtha has the knowledge and is a God and can manifest anything he wants , he should be able to manifest everything on this list by tomorrow . Or maybe by yesterday .

Warehouses full of food, medicine and tools manifested in every community on the planet that needs this .

Non violent police forces with enough members to do the job of protecting people from being murdered, tortured, raped and robbed everywhere on the planet where such forces are needed.

Leaders who truly care about the welfare of the common person and the environment.

A planet that is 10 time bigger so we have longer to screw up before we poison everything.

Students who are able to learn to manifest these things.

If Ramtha is too inadaquet of a God to manifest any of these bigger manifestations , how about if he manifests enough fabulous personal wealth that he
can pay back all the students who couldn't learn what he couldn't teach ,because he doesn't really know it himself ?

If he can't do that he might consider manifesting himself a day job . McDonald's might need someone who can manifest some energy to flip hamburgers.

Why would anyone in RSE accept abuse and belittlement from someone who really had all this wonderful power to do good and who sat back and did nothing .If your neighbor was starving , sick , cold , being subjected to violence and you had the power to manifest something that would stop this but you just sat there what kind of person would you be? If you knew someone who had the power to feed a starving child or prevent a rape but neglected to do so, would you even want to be friends with such a person ? If someone who is
a God just sits there and does nothing , has to let us figure it out for ourselves, respects free will, then it would logically folow that becoming a God means you will not be able to not change or manifest anything that would be shared by other people. ( manifestations limited to daydreams )
Why pay to learn that ? We already have that power for free .

I do suspect some type of hypnotism or something going on . My Mom tried to recruit me for many years and I agreed to read the biography of JZ,( was not impressed ) but I have always been afraid to listen to any of the tapes or watch any of the videos.Even though my Mom has begged me to . I tell my friends not to watch that movie "What the Bleep ", because I am afraid
there might be some kind of embedded message in there. Maybe I am paranoid, but when I see sane people willing to go along with such totally unlikely claims, I get very very cautious.

Re: Beyond the Secret


Thank you for your clarity..I can assure you that your voice is being heard and is helping to clear the fog of RSE deceptions that have blinded so many….. Without a doubt there is a “type of hypnotism” going on in RSE Inc, it is also called “coercive mind control”, JZ Knight has been perfecting these techniques for twenty years or more, She/it… is a master of deception. You may gleam a little more understanding of just how vulnerable we all are to these “spiritual” predators by watching some of the Derren Brown videos, the “Messiah” video can be found on our EMF weblinks page.
I pulled this info from the FactNet website page titled Coercive Mind Control Tactics..

Terminology note: Today Mind control or brainwashing in academia is commonly referred to as coercive persuasion, coercive psychological systems or coercive influence. The short description below comes from Dr. Margaret Singer professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley the acknowledged leading authority in the world on mind control and cults.
a short overview
Coercion is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as:
1. To force to act or think in a certain manner
2. To dominate, restrain, or control by force
3. To bring about by force.
Coercive psychological systems are behavioral change programs which use psychological force in a coercive way to cause the learning and adoption of an ideology or designated set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, or behaviors. The essential strategy used by the operators of these programs is to systematically select, sequence and coordinate many different types of coercive influence, anxiety and stress-producing tactics over continuous periods of time.
In such a program the subject is forced to adapt in a series of tiny "invisible" steps. Each tiny step is designed to be sufficiently small so the subjects will not notice the changes in themselves or identify the coercive nature of the processes being used. The subjects of these tactics do not become aware of the hidden organizational purpose of the coercive psychological program until much later, if ever. These tactics are usually applied in a group setting by well intentioned but deceived "friends and allies" of the victim. This keeps the victim from putting up the ego defenses we normally maintain in known adversarial situations.
The coercive psychological influence of these programs aim to overcome the individual's critical thinking abilities and free will - apart from any appeal to informed judgment. Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent. Their critical thinking, defenses, cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct and ability to reason are undermined by a technological process rather than by meaningful free choice, rationality, or the inherent merit or value of the ideas or propositions being presented.
How Do They Work?
The tactics used to create undue psychological and social influence, often by means involving anxiety and stress, fall into seven main categories.
Increase suggestibility and "soften up" the individual through specific hypnotic or other suggestibility-increasing techniques such as:Extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills, Excessive exact repetition of routine activities, Sleep restriction and/or Nutritional restriction.
Establish control over the person's social environment, time and sources of social support by a system of often-excessive rewards and punishments. Social isolation is promoted. Contact with family and friends is abridged, as is contact with persons who do not share group-approved attitudes. Economic and other dependence on the group is fostered.
Prohibit disconfirming information and non supporting opinions in group communication. Rules exist about permissible topics to discuss with outsiders. Communication is highly controlled. An "in-group" language is usually constructed.
Make the person re-evaluate the most central aspects of his or her experience of self and prior conduct in negative ways. Efforts are designed to destabilize and undermine the subject's basic consciousness, reality awareness, world view, emotional control and defense mechanisms. The subject is guided to reinterpret his or her life's history and adopt a new version of causality.
Create a sense of powerlessness by subjecting the person to intense and frequent actions and situations which undermine the person's confidence in himself and his judgment.
Create strong aversive emotional arousals in the subject by use of nonphysical punishments such as intense humiliation, loss of privilege, social isolation, social status changes, intense guilt, anxiety, manipulation and other techniques.
Intimidate the person with the force of group-sanctioned secular psychological threats. For example, it may be suggested or implied that failure to adopt the approved attitude, belief or consequent behavior will lead to severe punishment or dire consequences such as physical or mental illness, the reappearance of a prior physical illness, drug dependence, economic collapse, social failure, divorce, disintegration, failure to find a mate, etc.
These tactics of psychological force are applied to such a severe degree that the individual's capacity to make informed or free choices becomes inhibited. The victims become unable to make the normal, wise or balanced decisions which they most likely or normally would have made, had they not been unknowingly manipulated by these coordinated technical processes. The cumulative effect of these processes can be an even more effective form of undue influence than pain, torture, drugs or the use of physical force and physical and legal threats.
How does Coercive Psychological Persuasion Differ from Other Kinds of Influence?
Coercive psychological systems are distinguished from benign social learning or peaceful persuasion by the specific conditions under which they are conducted. These conditions include the type and number of coercive psychological tactics used, the severity of environmental and interpersonal manipulation, and the amount of psychological force employed to suppress particular unwanted behaviors and to train desired behaviors.
Coercive force is traditionally visualized in physical terms. In this form it is easily definable, clear-cut and unambiguous. Coercive psychological force unfortunately has not been so easy to see and define. The law has been ahead of the physical sciences in that it has allowed that coercion need not involve physical force. It has recognized that an individual can be threatened and coerced psychologically by what he or she perceives to be dangerous, not necessarily by that which is dangerous.
Law has recognized that even the threatened action need not be physical. Threats of economic loss, social ostracism and ridicule, among other things, are all recognized by law, in varying contexts, as coercive psychological forces.
Why are Coercive Psychological Systems Harmful?
Coercive psychological systems violate our most fundamental concepts of basic human rights. They violate rights of individuals that are guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and affirmed by many declarations of principle worldwide.
By confusing, intimidating and silencing their victims, those who profit from these systems evade exposure and prosecution for actions recognized as harmful and which are illegal in most countries such as: fraud, false imprisonment, undue influence, involuntary servitude, intentional infliction of emotional distress, outrageous conduct and other tortuous acts.

Link http://www.factnet.org/coercivemindcontrol.html

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