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Ramtha Unveiled

The god worshipped at RSE is a liar, a fool and a house divided against himself.

To say that a female who prefers her own gender for intimacy has created an incident of being raped by a man when she has never held the concept of sleeping with that gender is quite a contradiction in the presentation that whatever one holds in the frontal lobe manifests. If she is not the one doing the manifesting/creating then who is?

On the one hand he laments the subjugation of women over the ages and in almost the next breath he encourages the virility of men in the audience as if it is some sort of conquest rather than an act of mutual love and respect.

His vulgar language is that of someone entrenched in concepts of humanity and the senses rather than of someone who has transcended them and is an example to others. The only thing powerful about such a being is the words they use in order to fool others. There is very little substance in them.

Ramtha was a liar and manipulator right from the beginning of his sojourn on earth. His earth changes predictions are pure baloney and the product of an insecure god. Where is that tidal wave the covers the whole of Sydney? Maybe in the next Millennium? Then he will be right of course. Progressively his presentations have disintegrated into debauchery and debased ideas.

Next on the agenda at RSE is likely to be the seduction of someone in the Inner Sanctum by the educator himself. Perhaps it is already well on its way but WATCH OUT……someone that exhibits such a nature is likely to use you and discard you for a better offer sooner or later.

It has already happened in the Mafu organization. If you read the posts of “Secret” on FACTNet who has been involved in this organization it becomes quite evident that RSE is on a similar path but lagging a little behind. It is quite possible to extrapolate the future of RSE on this basis.

Ramtha has abused his audience physically and by his recommendations that ruin their health and their lives. He overrules any objections against his agenda……namely to divide and conquer. To present confused, contradictory concepts as education can result in nothing but an individual that cannot assess ideas and formulate a rational conclusion from them. This is quite observable amongst many of the devoted in RSE.

RSE$ is run on amoral principles. There is no apparent conscience involved in many of the decisions made. A secure god would have meted out justice long ago in order to rectify the unscrupulous acts and ensure that honest people regardless of race, gender etc. prosper instead of the other way around.

Ramtha controls and subjugates his people with his smiles. On occasions he exhibits a very mean character and justifies these acts with lies.

Ramtha subverts humanity from their intent and exploits them in a ruthless fashion that exhibits no conscience.

Re: Ramtha Unveiled

On some occasions Ramtha has a violent exhibition that is formidable and also projects venomous lies onto others. This further serves to intimidate the audience and make them subservient to his will.

He preaches mercy and yet exhibits a merciless attitude.

Re: Ramtha Unveiled

Correction: It is it not correct to say Ramtha projects venomous lies onto others .

It is more appropriate to say that sometimes he enunciates in a venomous fashion that does intimidate.