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The suspense is killing me...

Anybody know "the secret?"

June 13, 2007

We have important information for all current students of RSE. Please go to STUDENT EMAIL VERIFICATION FORM and enter your current email address to update our records.

After you verify your information and submit your updated email address, you will be mailed a link to the infomation. This only pertains to USA AND INTERNATIONAL CURRENT STUDENTS.

Thank you,
JZ Knight

Re: The suspense is killing me...

sounds like omega.allways paid out during or after events.[never did].so you can borrow money in good conciousnes.or go on your creditcard which you planed to pai off but now spirituell growth is much more importent.assay is coming up.the end of the world wave is calmed down to milk the money out from the followers.i would be intrested too which twist this scam has.probably the secrecy that you dont share the information with anyone[there might be somone who knows better than ramtha said.....

Re: The suspense is killing me...

"sounds like omega"
I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe...
Omega!! Of course!! And just in time to buy shares in JZ's corporation. What a great timeline they created!

I shoulda stayed in school