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To JZ Knight

It it really worth clinging to your life and your illusions if it means you are nothing more than a prisoner?

You cannot even communicate to others in a modality of common respect, courtesy and decency.

You abuse and betray the sincerity and honesty of others.

The wealth you aquire reeks with the stench of the slaughter of innocents.

You have to lie to make your fortune and you know it.

Living life as a hypocrite is not living a life well lived.

The fear of death permeates your actions.

Re: To JZ Knight

There is no respect for others at RSE. Only those who provide a use for their ulterior motive benefit.

Multitudes are disregarded and thrown on the wasteheap. It is not very profitable to have a body count.

The lies of the administration are evident. David McCarthy still has not got his hearing.

Sincere, honest voices on this website are disregarded.

An nasty infiltrator from your administration has been present on this website. They have masked themselves so they get away with it.

A person in the RSE administration has used private corporate information to harrass and abuse others. The corporation does not appear to have done anything about it.

According to the posts on this website the person responsible for rape is still employed at RSE.

The honest people on this website who are financially depleted/ruined have not been compensated and meanwhile charity goes out to other places. Anyone that opens their mouth and tells the truth ought to be compensated for personal loss/injury. RSE is after all an enlightened organization.

Relatives of those involved have also suffered finincially supporting those that RSE involvement has ruined.

RSE uses its weaponry and arsenal of a corrupt legal system to intimidate and rule others.

RSE lies to local officialdom regarding their unlawful activities.

Make known the unknown.........truth and justice.

Re: To JZ Knight


An RSE administrative concept is that loving yourself completely is to annihilate others in the name of the holy work. It is an attitude of supreme arrogance.

The result of being involved with the RSE education can be put in a nutshell. It is observable before every one's eyes.

The Yelm community is testament to the teachings. The observable facts are that it is the standard configuration of a cult of domination and subservience.

The central figurehead has an opulent, luxurious life and many of those that participate in the organization are poor and giving the sweat off their brow to sustain the lifestyle of the figurehead.

This configuration was present in 1989 and has not changed to this day in 2007 so all of those teachings on manifesting fabulous wealth for the multitudes amount to naught.

If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat then it probably is a rat.

The people who have worldly occupations and avenues of finance escape this dilemma, as do the main characters that serve the organization. The new influx of students likewise is still financed and all are used to support the illusion that it works.

The noble ideals presented by the JZ Knight Humanities Foundation to world delegates in the name of world peace are also a manipulative tool to support the illusion.

Objective observation has no intent of anger or malice behind it but a person in emotional conflict perceives it as such. An objective observer puts things before others on a basis of sound reasoning. A person in emotional conflict negates others and is illogical in their thinking as there is a deficiency in observation.

The accomplishments within the walls of RSE such as blindfolded archery, the labyrinth and finding one’s card have no value in daily life. It is questionable if the accomplishments of remote view and sending and receiving have a value in anyone’s daily life.

It is not provable that any of the cards found on the field manifest into daily life. It is quite provable many do not. In a worldly, non-RSE life, enjoyable opportunities “come out of the blue.”

To attribute the miraculous healings that occur to involvement in RSE is inconclusive. Miraculous healings occur all over the world with a great variety of reasons given for the miracle. It is extremely questionable if the number of miraculous healings at RSE
as a percentage of all efforts to produce such healings is any greater than the percentage that occurs elsewhere in the world.

The world predictions given at RSE are inaccurate. There has always been drought,
fires, floods etc. Specific predictions given at RSE in the early 90’s have not occurred but have caused a lot of people to invest a lot of money into useless ideas with no foundation in fact. It has also had the result of bringing into being unacceptable living conditions for many and renting businesses/families/lifestyles asunder.

Rational, objective thinking might conclude it wise to have an underground dwelling if living in a tornado/bushfire prone area. For large numbers of people to dig undergrounds in an area with a high water table is absurd. The contradiction in Ramtha’s presentation once again exists because the Yelm area is supposed to be “safe” and preserve students during the coming calamities.

To suppose that the collective consciousness of the student body at RSE has changed the outcome of those predictions is ludicrous. One just has to take a look at the standard cult configuration around town to see how powerful the consciousness is.

Re: To JZ Knight

You're 'spot on' Christel.

Re: To JZ Knight

Christel said, "One just has to take a look at the standard cult configuration around town to see how powerful the consciousness is."

That really sums it all up.