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To RSE Staff


You know of your intentional subversion and lies and some of you continue to hold those attitudes as a preference.

When your reality changes don't point the finger at others and say the preferences for dishonesty, lying, stealing and slaughtering others for personal gain weren't yours. You are informed.

Your mean spirits, false accusations against others, pilfering, and nasty intent is held accountable by no one other than yourself.

Your pretentious attitudes don't fool the voice within you.

Would you welcome all of your words of injustice, hatred and malice back into your life in the next hundred years?

Do you wish to keep on behaving like a predator? The predator is destined to become the prey.

Re: To RSE Staff

Has anyone considered that some of the unscrupulous decisions made at the helm of RSE are not in fact made by JZ Knight but by the person in the bedchamber who seduces her, influences her and deceives her?

Re: To RSE Staff

dont you think they deserve pitty?to get employed by jz you have to accept low pay because you work for the real thing.anyway they sign off theire human rights to work there.you knew that people who got fired come back to make beginners?[audry and diane]they must given theire brains away if they dont have a plan.the rudnes or politness of the staff is part of the scam.you need people who belive in you and get accepted as rolemodels from your custumers.who would take the ram as rolemodel?mafiabosses?african warlords?politicians?probably.the saff also makes the brainwash dirtwork that the big kahuna can come through the door with i love you [good cop bad cop game?]so dont worry the staff sails on ms [mega scam}jzs luxurie liner and it will be interwined with here untill it gets down.and to the second do you think her boytoys have to say a lot?

Re: To RSE Staff

Ex, Do you think it likely that someone who goes to bed with a Swiss bank account is going to be influencial?

Thanks for your posts and tenacity.

RSE operates just like the Ferengi in the Delta quadrant. For those unfamiliar her is a description:

Ferengi (Species 180)

Voyager encountered two male Ferengi on the planet Takar in the Delta Quadrant. Their advanced technology made the primitive locals worship them as gods even though the ferengi exploited them. The Ferengi homeworld is Ferenginar in the Alpha Quadrant, which is ruled by a Grand Nagus. Their culture is based entirely upon commerce and they follow a code of conduct known as "The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition".

Re: To RSE Staff

Continued... to RSE staff:

A true teacher is someone who can exhibit something to others themselves.

Audrey Wolfe has had the capacity to demonstrate the capacity to accomplish fieldwork before many others.

Kenny has had the ability to demonstrate a remarkable degree of accuracy in "seeing through" playing cards.

Neither of them has been able to prove the value of these abilities in their daily life.

Re: To RSE Staff

According to my partner (and I'm not sure if he is referring to Kenny) one of the members of the school that can see through cards has made millions at the casinos. If its true its a good way to use the skills in everyday life

Re: To RSE Staff

Aussiegirl, I have attended an event in early 2005 with Kenny giving a demonstration. Nothing was ever mentioned in this demonstration that he is using the ability to make any significant income.

It is not probable that if he were it would remain hidden as accomplishments at RSE are promoted to get more customers.

I also have contact with the people in the local community. My most recent communication on the topic was about three weeks ago. I have never come across any evidence of the rumour you have heard.

If you can provide the evidence we would all like to hear it.

Re: To RSE Staff

I observed Kenny giving demonstrations at events numerous times. jz/"Ramtha" TOLD Kenny that he could make millions at the casino.

It's called hype, say something exaggerative and hope it spreads like wildfire.

Re: To RSE Staff

it is a tactic to tell roumors and asumptions and the audience does the rest.i was on a event were ramtha stated:....and the entetiy who CLAIMS to be st germain.....after this i heard in a break several times ,ramtha confirmed that this peorson is st germain......i also saw audry crawling through the fence half a year later she get celebrated that she transmutes.where the cards realy looked at bevore the demonstration?why does greg simon not touch the carbattery to start the car of the journalist and only claims he can do this....i wanna know a real miracle.

Re: To RSE Staff

Kenny uses his skills on the roulette table.
Last I heard, he did quit his day job and goes
to the casino a couple of days a week.
If he were to make a million in any casino, his
name would be plastered amongst all casino security
infrastructure, and he would never be allowed in.
His low key method allows him his freedom to make
a few hundred (up to about 2K) and to walk away
He also had given a few numbers (roulette) to a buddy
who went to Vegas. It hit fairly big.
But how these skills translate to loving, compassionate, giving human beings is beyond me;
Much less ascension.
The letter to the editor of the Nisqually Screamer
Nisqually Valley News) describing the contributing
effects RSE students have on the community
were all of narcissistic measure.
So and so got a literary award.
James F placed 7oth at the WSOP championship for
90K, etc etc ad nauseum.
Show me the money!!!!

Re: To RSE Staff

EWO said, "jz/"Ramtha" TOLD Kenny that he could make millions at the casino."

Yes, that's what I heard during an audience, also. More than one audience, actually !

Re: To RSE Staff

At the exhibiton given by Kenny that I was present at (January 2005) there was a deck of cards on the floor and Kenny would gaze at the top card.

When he gazed at the card it was sort of like those pictures that have lots of little spots on them and if you gaze at the centre point and your normal vision goes out of focus and after a while an image forms.

The way he described it a holographic image would gradually take form floating above the card.

On some occasions it would take quite some time (gazing at the card without distraction) before the image formed to the point he saw what was on the card.

He did not get every card correct. At a guess I would say he got about 20 out of 24 correct on this occasion. Quite a remarkable accuracy but quite a risk factor if gambling in a Casino.

It was never presented at that event that he was making any sort of income out of it. I have never some across any conclusive evidence that he makes any income out of it.

From the exhibition I observed I would say the statement that he could make millions out of it is a misrepresentation. As I see it his skills would have to be honed to do away with the margin of error otherwise he could also lose very large amounts.

I also met another student who did not have Kenny's ability who would get an intuition to go to the casino and won amounts of up to a few hundred dollars on mutiple occasions.