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Thinking clearly

Here are some questions which can be used to challenge problematic beliefs.

State your belief and then examine it...

1. What is the evidence for and against this idea?

2. Are you confusing a habit with a fact?

3. Are your interpretations of the situation too far removed from reality to be accurate?

4. Are you thinking in "all or nothing" terms?

5. Are you using words or phrases that are extreme or exaggerated? (always, never, everytime, must, can't, should)

6. Are you taking certain examples out of context?

7. Are you making excuses?

8. Is your source of information reliable?

9. Are you thinking in terms of certainties instead of probabilities?

10. Are you confusing a low probability with a high probability?

11. Are your conclusions based on feelings rather than facts?

12. Are you zeroing in on irrelevant factors?