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question for Joe Szimhart

Hello Joe,
Are you familiar with the prosperity cult Millionaire Mind run by T. Harv Ecker? I notice that it follows the general cult pattern:

1. Create vulnerability by requiring the revelation of large amounts of personal information.
2. Pressure to continuously attend a multiplicity of events in order to achieve the "training."
3. Spend huge money attending events but don't worry - you will make a lot more once you change your faulty thinking and attitudes!

Any thoughts on this organization, Joe?

Re: question for Joe Szimhart

No, but I looked over his site just now.

I think you nailed it virtualreality. The same "influence techniques" he wants you to learn, he already (cynically) uses on prospects attending his workshops. If you fail to get wealthy and happy after a workshop it's your fault, eh?
Truly wealthy people do not use such hype but those who crave moneybags and happyfunbliss might go for the ride.
I do not trust workshops that use mountain peaks for logos. Marmots live on peaks; humans suffer at high altitudes. Most millionaires I've known are not so happy and tend to be paranoid--they live in protected estates and vacation in isolated places with guards.


Re: question for Joe Szimhart

Taken from the following site, the subject been "Millionaire Mind - Enlightened Warrior Camp": http://forum.rickross.com/viewtopic.php?t=2750&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45&sid=350ffa1679016ab89ba3eac40f5a3dd2

Does the following post ring any bells?

Read the other posts from the Rick Ross site for more insider info.


In my opion Enlightened Warrior Camp uses LGAT in a very big way. I attended and came home a very different person.

I signed up to improve my confidence in presentation etc. and came back fearless (I mean fearless) of everything. I allowed myself to be brainwashed by Harvey Ekar's camp. Were other's brainwashed, I can't answer as I have cut off ties to any contacts made that week. (They were very lovely people. The point is it isn't about them or myself, it is about the method used by PP (Peak Potentials) to deliver their content).

We all signed a waver form, and promised not to mention anything about the camp.

I left to go to the camp as a left brain thinking human being, and came home as a right brain person, incapeable of doing basic routine things that I did before I left.

People didn't recognize me. I had been exposed to 10 years of psychotherapy in a 1 week intensive camp. Boy was it intensive, including sleep deprivation, the use of yoga/meditation to empty our minds, and "Leader Control" by the moderator to bring home Harvey's messages.

Normally I go to a conference and hear 10 - 20 good things, maybe implement 1 or 2 and put the others on the shelf and assess them over time.

During this camp, somehow control of what I accepted got passed from me to the moderator. I know this is hard to believe, but this is what happened.

As I mentioned I got what I payed for and more. The combination of emptying the mind (abuse of the great activities of Yoga and Meditation), sleep deprivation (a couple hours of restless sleep each night), being cut off from the outside world (remote location with a locked gate- I realize this when I was leaving), and the use of some weird things like:
Observing a person in our group be attacked (first part of a staged rape)
Trying to smother people and have them try to smother me
Choking other people and having them choke me (some people passed out)
Chanting and drumming
I feel by the end of the week we abused several Native rituals led by our moderator

What happened when I got home?
My family was astute enough to realize what had happened and they helped educate me on what had happened to my brain. From there I spent lots of time with family and friends (time with the ones I love).

I also committed to getting back to where I was before this nightmare happened. Now that I am back there, I can now assess the 30 things I learned, use a few today and over the rest of my life assess the other and take them or leave them.

The people that know me can't believe this happened to me of all people. In the end I found a website with a questionaire on how susceptible you are to LGAT, and I answered yes to all 9 questions (3 or more means you are vulnerable).


In my journey through this life, I never try to be the victim, and I am always in control of my own destiny. In this case I lost that control and was a victim of Peak Potential's Enlightened Warrior Camp LGAT approach.

If you know somebody in this situation, get education on how to help them.

This is not an easy article to write, but it is important, as if I knew this before Millionaire Mind Intensive I would not have even gone to it, so hopefully others will gain from my journey.

Below is a website that I found helpful to figure out what happened to me.


Re: question for Joe Szimhart

Hey Johnny, nice find and great to hear from you.

Anyone know what LGAT is? Thanks

Re: question for Joe Szimhart

LGAT = large group awareness training
this phrase was devised by folks in cult awarness circles in the 1980s to describe est, Lifespring, Tony Robbins, PSI World, etc.