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Why is anyone who QUESTIONS the integrity of any establishment immediately made out to be angry or ANTI-establishment? Why can't I simply question something without being demonized? My intent is not to disprove anything, I'm just looking for CLARITY. That's all. If you feel threatened by this or an establishment feels threatened by this then perhaps there is something deeper going on with your/their own discomfort.

The beauty of RSE was its uncommon-ness. But now if your are thinking uncommonly at RSE you are ostracised... INTERESTING!

I don't need to have anything or anyone PROVEN to me because I don't need to validate any one elses power. I only need to validate my own. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I SAID THIS. If Ramtha says it next week, I want credit dammit!!!

I always thought that Buddha was teaching the middle way, which meant not to swing too to either side of an issue.

I have been a RSE student since 1996. I have been disenchanted with Ramtha. But I have also NOT been. My only exlpaination is to say that So much of what has been taught there is true and valueable, however, I have also observed (myself included) so many people miss it and go straight on to worshiping. I.E. Buying OMEGA or BUYING twinkies or doing whatever Ram or JZ or whatever says to do. Which is not doing your own.

You don't NEED RSE> and your life certainly won't end and you have NOT FAILED just because you don't go there or don't do EXACTLY what Ram tells you to do. If you do, then you are just another follower...

AKA Crumb Cake