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Nine Faces of Christ

In all my years at RSE, "Ramtha" (trademarked) recommended three books(The Red Lion-whom Ramtha declared he inspired the author, Nine Faces of Christ, and The Botherhood of the Third Degree). The rest of the recommended readings were by JZ (who is a VORACIOUS reader).

Well, I was skimming Nine Faces again, and I found some very interesting quotes on page 75 (new edition-paperback):
"One could never show prowess or ability or TAKE ANY MONEY for work in the sacred field."

"Nor could one ever force ideas upon another even knowing he was right and knowing the other was wrong.For a higher law operated in this relationship which could make the right wrong, and the wrong right.

"Teaching was a priviledge for which NO PAY could ever be taken."

"No personal opinion could be imposed upon another by use of will, or thought, or by crafty persuasion for personal gain of any kind."

Just some passing thoughts.....

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

Good point Tree.

I agree.

Nothing wrong with having a school where costs are covered. I think thats great. But at times there seems to be ALOT of expensive items being purchased at the expense of students. Not to mention selling front row seats at a higher cost. That just BREATHS Elitism. If your not rich, your not in the cool club. Well, I am rich, and I find the whole idea extremely offensive to the spirit.

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

"Ramtha" also required "Masters of the Far East" by Baird Spaulding

Re: Nine Faces of Christ


Here's another book that "Ramtha" gave as required reading; Tranceformation of America

He even said it's a true story.

I have my doubts about that. Do you remember that one, now that I've mentioned it ?


Re: Nine Faces of Christ

Tranceformation of America is written by Cathy O'Brien. Scarey stuff. She spoke at RSE, might have been in the late 90's...

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

Yes, I inadvertantly left Masters off the list.
And now that I know, the first three volumes were written BEFORE he ever made a trip to India,
it is a nice tale.
(and I refer here to the Newsweek article 2 months back about the human brain "needing" some sort
of spitirual connectedness, hence, religions, cults,
As for Tranceformation, I did not know the big guy
recommended it, but I think it is sick.
I later heard that some of the story was modified,
so who has any verifiable proof?
Everytime I see Hillary Clinton at the check out counter on the tabloids, I think of that nasty chapter
concerning her.
How do we verify what is totally true? or experienced
by these politicians?

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

In a previous post Joe Szimhart spoke re Trance-formation. Perhaps he'll repost. As I recall, he gave the book no credibility - and said it was written by a paranoid schizophrenic - ?? -- Help us out here, Joe.

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

Re Transformation:

That had to be one of the most rediculos books I had ever read. Mind you, I did not read it as a student, but read it at the request of a family member involved.

I think it is a pretty good example of how one is lead from one extreme idea (or , "outragous" as the big guy might say) to the next.

If you have read the book (I am not suggesting it, or, to bring any $'s to the authors), the claims re the politicians and people involved are simply rediculous. As we all see politicians follies (especially sexual ones) are probably the most sought after by the media. The conspiricy required to keep something like discribed in the book is virtually impossible.

RSE creates a market for books like this. The authors are not looking to get on a best seller list, they are happy to "be invited" to speak at places like RSE and hawk their wares. The benifit to RSE is 2 fold not only does it help to fill their coffers, it helps considerably in spreading the fear and paranoia necessary to keep members in the fold.

Re: Nine Faces of Christ

JTR, etc,

Here is the link for the Trance Formation website.

Mark Philips and Cathy O'Brien are the authors. Ramtha claimed that this book was highly accurate, except for a few areas where Cathy did not have all of her memory recall. Students were told they MUST read it. They were told that if they did not read it they were chicken (I'm paraphrasing) and they were having their buttons pressed. He talked of how disgusting the content is (sexually explicit and deviant), but it was tough because we needed to know what our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT was up to with these MIND CONTROL SEX SLAVE experiments.

Gee, if anyone from the FED is reading this....care to explain ?

It is surely one of the most disgusting, twisted, inhumane books I have ever read in my life, or ever intend to. I read it under duress, after about 4 months of harassment by "friends" (students) who said I just HAD to read it. I never even finished the last couple of chapters. I was so disgusted by it all, and doubtful of its validity, I decided that I didn't need to know the rest of it.

I'm not the most fond person of our government at times, but this book was just ridiculous.

That a "master teacher" would pressure his/her students into reading such material, well, it speaks volumes.