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I am St. Germain

I had an epiphany today... I have become aware that I am the St. Germain reborn into this body. IF you do not beleive me and follow my code of moral conduct you shall not be granted access into the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. I have a guideline you all must follow. I am the new channel for God. Send your thoughts, love, gold silver and dollars to:

MY coffers
123 Sucker Ln
I Can Read Too, WA> 98597!!!

P.S. On a serious note: It also occured to me today that I have a great respect for the accomplishments of my ancestors. But I would NEVER stand up and attempt to state in any way - through action or words - that I deserve credit for those accomplishments. I can only take credit for my own

Re: I am St. Germain

The only difference between established religion and New Age is that one has been around longer than the other.

Re: I am St. Germain

To Virtual Reality,

There is a big difference between ESTABLISHED religion, and what is termed new age. Religion has been around for about 2000 years, and was established by those who wanted control, hence religious leaders. So called New age, is just a term for an alternative way of thinking, about ones relationship, between themselves and their God. The later has been around since before Christ's era, and it wasn't about control, it was about our relationship with nature, being directly related, to the divine.

Re: I am St. Germain

New Age or established religion, I can't see the difference myself, it's basically a desperate search for some sort of meaning. The truth is Life is a journey, enjoy it, love it, live it, the destination is not important.

Re: I am St. Germain

The difference between organized religion and the New Age is your opinion, not a fact. It's how you see it. Don't be fooled by the term "New." There is nothing new about it.

Re: I am St. Germain

Re: I am St. Germain

Hi Aussiegirl,

A lot of the things I believe, and a lot of the things I know from my own personal experience, might be put under the label "New Age" simply because they aren't mentioned much by organized religion. (And I've never met a "New Ager" who believes that any so-called New Age teachings are new; New Age is a misleading label, imho.)

But my point is that after many, many years since I first started looking into so-called New Age thought, I have never experienced desperation. Not once. The search for the meaning of life is, I feel, innately human. Great writers, philosophers, scientists, theologians, young children with their wonderfully candid questions, and many of us adults who have retained a sense of wonder about the universe...human beings as a species search for the meaning of life. Perhaps some people have experienced that search as a desperate one, but I haven't.