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What is Freedom

Here is a website with a refreshing change - met Alan recently and this man is REAL, -with all the spiritual works I have been involved with in the last 30 years, it is amazing to see someone real.

Might be something for some of us to look into into know more about ourselves.


What is meant by Awakening World Dharma?

One of the most innovative features of The Program's design is its nature to be both experiential & co-creative, a radical social experiment in evolving higher states of consciousness through the direct personal engagement of our inherent interrelatedness or "interbeing." And from 'our' shared insights bringing forth A Revolutionary Humanistic Ontology.

The Benefits Of World Dharma
There are 7 benefits we feel one will find through The Program:

1. The confidence to face any condition.

2. Learning to more fully embody one's own personal experience of freedom and as a result, live and love more fearlessly.

3. Learning to embrace one's own unique voice, and having the courage to express it from a place of unrelenting trust.

4. Meet a range of daring, creatively passionate people, from around the world, and forge friendships lasting for years to come.

5. Locate the creative activist that's innately in our hearts and give her or him the respect of stepping up & out more fully - helping to change the world.

6. The pure satisfaction of co-creating a revolutionary new way of living.

7. And as a Dad now, I feel like never before the urgency of safeguarding the most sacred values I know, for the children and their children as well.
The Liberation of Freedom from Isms & Constraints

Awakening World Dharma is about the CoEvolution of Freedom. Call it the liberation of freedom itself, from indoctrination, dogma and fear, while actualizing our own unique sense of liberty -- trusting 'our authenticity' to be our freedom, our art, and activism.

Freedom is a Living Quality, Organic and Dynamic

Like freedom itself, The Program is living and dynamic, never static, each new monthly Presentation will emerge from the preceding one - unplanned, spontaneous.

In this way, The Program will be ongoing and evolutionary - always changing month-to-month, year to year, based on our own growth.

The Challenge to Be True to Oneself

Awakening World Dharma suggests sovereignty over our lives, coupled with a wise respect for our mutual relatedness, an unoptional coexistence. Such is the challenge of finding one's own unique path of awakening and not conforming to someone else's dharma or their way of finding freedom.

Growing a Vision, Intuitively
From an 'always open policy' our intention, with your involvement (we hope) is to grow the World Dharma vision intuitively and organically.

In addition, (being that our doors are always open 24/365), The Program therefore utilizes the power and the beauty of the online environment, as the global communications networking resource that it is.

In other words, why close one's door when there are people awake all over the world, at this very moment, who want to engage other awake people in spirited dialogue about the most compelling personal & global issues that we face.

Each of our monthly Program Presentations will emerge from the preceding ones, and so forth. In this way, we're openly inviting a month-to-month - annual process - and with it the ongoing evolution of the World Dharma vision. We hope that you'll participate all year.

Everyone is Welcome & Encouraged to Find Their Own Rhythm

In other words, The Program offers everyone the opportunity to explore their own unique experience of embodying The Art & Activism of a Life Based on Freedom.

We want to accommodate everyone at any level of experimentation-involvement.