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You Know you are a Ramster When....

(please feel free to add....this is for fun)

-You wear sweats 24/7

-you ask for worm castings, and you actually know what is means

-You go out to a restaurant, you place your hands over your plate
to "change the frequency" of the food that has been cooked by that
"social conscious cook in a bad mood" in the back

-when engaging in a drink, you look deeply into a glass , and say LOUDLY:

-you own over 4 different kinds of blinders for all different kinds of

-you haven't taken a shower in ten days

-you could be on an airplane and say" turn to your neighbor and explain..."

-when you believe George Dubbya is a reptilian

-When you go to an event and you think that Ramen noodles is 4 stars.

-you have upgraded your field boots to something other than 'barn boots'

-when you are in the mall, and you have heard a song that played in the
arena and yell out , "SO BE IT!!"

-you understand the definition of bosons and fermions, but do you really
how they interact with the Quantum Field to create your reality?

-your best friend, who is in school also, just lost her job, a car smashed
into her
front window of her house and you say to her." You TOTALLY created that!!
changed timelines, master!"

-you have had five different 'partners' in the last year, all due to: you
are ever
changing and evolving.

-you own more 'ranch gear' than your kids have toys in the toy box.

-you put off getting those four cords of fire wood this year because
Omega is going to pay out within the next few days.

-you are at the post office, and you hear that there is an event called for
you nearly panic driving out of the parking lot just to race home, cancel
ALL your plans.
throw your gear in your car (panting in excitement the entire time) and race
to the Ranch
to "get a good seat".

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....


Go, Tree !

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

No Tree - things have changed. You know you are a ramster when…..

You get a message on your Blackberry that there is an event tonight.. you smile, as you know you still have time to go out to dinner and leisurely drive your ‘benz’ there, as you have a front row seat reserved – VIP seating ALL year. You don’t have to worry about having a smelly or raving partner either – everyone in the reserved section is RICH… and you know them. I mean, membership has its privileges. You do have to make a call on your cell (GREAT new reception due to Clearwood tower) to get your cushion, notepad, blinders & quantum water delivered there before you arrive.

You scoff at designer insignia, but buy T-shirts that say ‘conquer yourself’… really for the convenience of others, who HAVEN’T done so much work on themselves...

You have a gold plated breath-alizer in your car, for the convenience of you & your friends, so cool to do readings after those Tequila breakfast toasts..

Your children are totally ‘on their own’ as you are so busy with your disciplines and wine blessings. They just run wild, are unruly and don't really enjoy books, they can't read...

After those big ‘neighborhood changes' after events, you forget to pick up your pet for days until the kennel calls...

You are part of the next wave of Bald Hills master developments, with good deals at $300,000 for 5 acres of scotch broom..

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

Now this is a really healing thread!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You know you are a ramster when…..

You just finish a horrible , bloody battle and you hike up to the top of a mountain and as you are going you trip over the root of a tree.

You stand there for a moment and consider how you created that reality.

Then you sit down on a rock and contemplate how the conciousness of the root created its own reality to trip you, or, perhaps you think it was the soil directly below the root that created its own reality and caused the root to trip you.

Hmmmm. could it be that they both created that reality to trip you??? Did you all do it together???

Maybe it was the moisture in the ground that did it..... maybe the water molecules had heard some bad words that said "...trip, trip, trip,..." Maybe it was the tree itself, or the leaves which created your trip??? Or all of them together......

You sit there and contemplate and contemplate and contemplate and before you know it 7 years have past and you sort of lose your mind....

You then decide to open up a school of enlightenment.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

So when are they going to start putting RSE computer chips underneath your skin to replace those bar-coded plastic ID cards?

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

There is no reason to throw good science out the window. Perhaps the only 'person' or group you have ever heard of such things through is 'ramtha' and the school. But knowing that blessing your food changes the frequency of it, and of water and that you do 'create' your realtiy, or that it is rather an extention of your being... that knowlegde does not begin nor end with 'ramtha'. What I mean to say, is follow your heart about such matters, perhaps ramtha and the school are a fraud, but you dont have to limit yourself because of that... just keep moving forward :)

On another note I laughed quite a few times, cause I know the perspective well, where these things are completely hilarious to some... I mean *frequency*?..thats of the devil! LOL And I realize you guys are probably just releasing pent up frustration... and humor really is the best way.

I appologize ahead of time for throwing the 'serious' wrench in here, but hey I move with my passions.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You know you are a Ramster when you can't wait to go to QFC and/or Safeway the day following an event. Excited to huddle and whisper with others in the aisles of the market, sharing all of the "secret" teachings that only "you" now have.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You know you’re a Ramster when…

---your breath smells like goat cheese.

---you have 12 room mates in a single-wide mobile home.

---you die and you DON’T go to the light.

---you’re a total slut.

---you live off your parent’s hard deserved fortune.

---there’s a sink hole in your back yard where your underground shelter collapsed.

---you lose your sense of humor.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

-you get your money together for an event and blow off
paying your rent.
-you get 12 bottles of wine for an event, and then are totally bummed because "dang! we did not have ONE SINGLE WINE ceremony!!"
-you bring your arrows for your event, and the staff tells you that you need to buy the "current" arrows which are re-sized.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

---your boy friend lives in a van down by the river.

----your husband has a deviated septum because drinking white powder gold wasn’t enough. He had to start sniffing it.

---you child comes home from the School of Excellence, saying: “Mommy, Mommy, I made fools gold today!”

---your tongue is black from licking JZ’s boots.

----you find yourself walking down Yelm HWY, muttering to yourself.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

you feel guilty anout feeling guilty that:

--you cant afford to buy anything in JZ Rose store
--you Can afford to buy anything anywhere, so you must be right for having achieved fabulous wealth.
Yet that empty feeling you have when you get home to all your "stuff", sends you down into the triad for a long Focus....
--everywhere you go in town you are secretly looking at everyone wondering "who they are". If you meet eyes and thiers sparkle at you, they must "know"...then you can smile
you know you arent a ramster, when you learn new things from ordinary ignorant people who are afraid of RSE

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

mathew said, "----you find yourself walking down Yelm HWY, muttering to yourself."

it's the LIST, mathew, the list !

you just don't understand that they are rewiring their neuronets with that muttering !

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You know you are a Ramster when......

You have the knowledge and wisdom to not mock, belittle or otherwise judge ANYONES journey, ever.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

Life is Good…
Most of us who arrived at the gates of RSE were idealistic and trusting at the time,
Perhaps just like yourself?
We were led to believe we would learn miraculous things in RSE that would make a difference in the world torn by war, famine, disease and heartbreak.
Many of us arrived from foreign lands believing we were embarking on the most sacred path..
Even to the point of leaving behind our bewildered loved ones and entrusting the lives of our families into the protection of “Ramtha”…? While we did “the great work”
This was a “Ramtha” teaching at that time.
This talk of imminent destruction of the world continues to usher from Judiths sick mind
while she dreams of a billion dollar bank account.
Now twenty years on the tragedy continues….
And her pirating and corruption of what little spiritual sacredness is left in the world continues unopposed.
If anything in this universe deserves any judgment and contempt it is JZK,Inc. RSE …

Am I being angry and judgmental to JZ Knight/RSE..?

You bet I am.


Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You Know Your A "Life IS Good" Ramster when:

The vampire is at your throat and you allow him to continue with his pleasure because your a loving and giving entity.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

"You have the knowledge and wisdom to not mock, belittle or otherwise judge ANYONES journey, ever. "

-you know you are Ramster when you defend the position of a Ramster's journey and not recognize satire when it is right in front of them.

-you know you are a Ramster when you honor and behold "Ramtha's" satire, but no other human's satire is acceptable.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

Wolf & Tree,


Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

- You feel the urge and need to make a character assasination and get all of your friends to tag along,cuz you either ran out of disciplines, wine or tequila.

-Your entire view of saving the "few" does not contain one iota of compassion
for fellow humans who have very different
belief systems than your GRAND and ONLY righteous one.

Re: You Know you are a Ramster When....

You now your a sincere student, when you hirer ex-Ramtha students and can look them in the eye and love them for who they are and can laught at your self.