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We have a new section to this forum. At the top of the messages, and also at the top of where you are posting your own message, you will see text that says, "View EMF's Weblinks Page". You can click on that link and add a website URL with description request, for viewers to see. This page will most likely be updated on a daily basis.

The links will be shown by the order in which they are posted, with the newest ones showing up first. They will also be alphabetically ordered in a category.


Just a reminder of the links to be found on our Weblinks page.

The Teachings of Carlos.. created by James Randi

Jeff Knight TV Interview Clips 1992

Captive Minds Hypnosis and Beyond.

Derren Brown - Documentary – Messiah

Conditions for Mind Control

FACTNet Cults & Sects

Jeff Knight interview with Joe Szimhart 1992

L.A.R.S.E Video 1 1hr:57min

L.A.R.S.E Video 2 1hr:21min

Mind Control - Freedom of Mind

Penny Torres Ramtha clone Mafu.

What the Bleep Do they Spew