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Riddles in stone -Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C
interesting film about symbols and freemasonry

Re: Symbols

Conspiracy theories although sometimes fascinating...
are part of the RSE recipe of fear we are endeavoring to purge from our hearts and minds..
Tell me blind earthworm, why do you think "Riddles in stone -Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C"
is relevant to the purpose of the EMF forum?

Perhaps... there is a point in the video regarding RSE that I missed?


Re: Symbols

Oh yes, Master David, me too..
I was watching this video for nearly three hours and did not found a direct link to RSE.

But „those who have the ear to hear and the eyes to see“.. do you remember the big guy?

Basically most everything of this video was teached by the Ram?
And still I was fascinated by this movie.
And aren’t symbols connected with emotions, tools to control the mind, the associations and the thinking – and the Ram did use those symbols.
„Riddles in the sand“ .. oh yes, we do have riddles in the sand, the wind blows the riddle is gone, we put another riddle in the sand, but before we solve the riddle .. it’s blown away .. and we are left with another one.
Isn’t this the state of most of the Ramsters (current and ex)? (TM)
And it is an easy way to put everything wrong or put everything wright – regarding Ramtha!?
Perhaps.. if we observe the pro and contra, the difficult path, we really get deprogrammed!!!
But .. our companion Joe would be left without a job.. and we do not want that.
Nevertheless, I would like to know if Joe was called to „exit-counsel“, somebody from the freemasonry-cult? Just interested – that’s all.
What about getting the mandate to deprogramm the most important man in your country – as a member of „bones and skulls“? Just interested.

"as above so below"..

Maybe „blind earthworm“ is not so blind?!

Re: Symbols

IO asked, "Basically most everything of this video was teached by the Ram?"

The Ram has taught all along, "against" the government, and that they have secret agendas "against" humanity as we were/are viewed by them as being so inferior that we needed a mind, so they would give us one. How, you ask ? Via mass mind control; television, religion, school, radio, newspapers - all of which are "owned" by "them"...the controlling elite of the planet.

This is the line of thinking that students are subjected to. Along with this, is a hypocritical (my opinion) viewpoint against any and all organized religions, because of course, The Ram has The Correct Interpretation of all of that. Students have been on the listening end of Ramtha's interpretation of many, many Biblical scriptures. However, if one reads gnostic, or spiritual teachings of the past, many of those viewpoints can be found ! Surprise ! LOL

Off to make pancakes for the kiddies for breakfast...and I won't be fretting over THIS ... smile...

It's a beautiful day to plant some more flowers outside and bask in the sun.

Re: Symbols

The Ram Has The Correct Interpretation

Re: Symbols

Hi King David

as I and many in this forum want to find out,what is going on in Rse,how “it” works and why it works… i.e its mechanics….. any valid information on topics related to the content of the teachings is important.And symbols were a very big issue,dont you think ? Imo the film is very informative and only little lurid …......for this topic.

much of the content is taught at Rse……one can compare it now, giving this link is like mentioning the books of Vera Alder………….just information for inquiring minds.

Jr often mentioned the freemasons, skull and bone and those 33 grade types.
Well isn`t it interesting then to watch them talk and beeing able …maybe…to find out that they too…..possibly…. are human beeings ??? I think, this helps in healing.

I spotted this video accidentally some days ago,
conspiracy theorie is not what I am very interested in and not why I put it here.
I always get confused with this theorie : 1) what shall I do with it ??? 2) why are these platonian thoughts of democracy so bad ? Realization is another topic…. always

People of power flock together and of course: groups have agendas, then why should ´nt they ? But groups are never homogeneous and why should their agenda be “bad “??

To find out, esp. hidden deeper levels of Rse this video is very valuable ( that does not mean that I think Jz comes from the dog star or channels the CIA or……) but even if she is just a scam ( my opinion at the moment ) what are these ideas and why were we drawn to them with such vehemence ??? ………most of the common explanation to this question are

I did not want to provoque any fear--- it is just an offer, this is nothing one should see or has to know …to save the world or to get saved… ?????. — sometimes ,especially in recovery it is better to go biking and …much more fun.

Re: Symbols

me too..

I am sorry, ..I did forget, that there are many peoples here, who suffer and deal with pain ..
and they have to forget, detach, recover and heal the deep wounds left.

It was not my intention to offend anybody, or disturb someone (just a little bit) during the reconvalescence.

To master David, Joe, Watcha.. and everyone,

please do accept my apology by the following comic link:
comic for you

And a new happy beginning to everyone!

Re: Symbols

Hello fine wiseworm,
You have transmuted already…what will become of you?
Perhaps those conspiracy theories do serve a good purpose after all?
The thing about Judith’s fantasy world is its lure to try and figure “her” or “it” out…
Perhaps this is yet another trap.. set by the master of deception?..
To journey into the labyrinth of Judith’s mind is not for this sailor….
Not even for tea and cakes in the château.
Having said that..
Each one of us holds a certain piece of the puzzle that when gleamed under the light of honesty will bring some clear navigation through these dark and deceptive RSE waters and beyond....
A poster recently used the term “mental hygiene”..I like that,
It reminds me of a recent scientific discovery about certain parasites that control their host into creating an environment more suited to the needs of the parasite..
It’s time to floss out the mind..

Thank you for the comic video.. was that the new blue body dance?

But please...
Just quit with that “master David” …”Ramtha” lingo.


Re: Symbols

you are welcome!

If it is "the new blue body dance"?

Of course.. if it heales.. then it is the new bbd;
regarding the Huna-principles, everything that works is huna.. if it does not work then it is "squirrel-tech".

Best regards!

Re: Symbols

I've been hired by Freemason members to help get a family member out of a controversial 'cult' and I lectured by invitiation at a Masonic Hall about cults. I reminded them that Freemasonry has been under the cult label for centuries as has the Catholic Church as have 'the Jews" as has Tibetan Buddhism, the Radhasoami Satsang, the Bahais----I hope you get the point. The cult label, as I told them, means nothing...certain harmful behaviors have to exist in a closed system under an authoritarian, possibly deluded leader for me as an exit counselor to get involved. I do not care what name the group has. One member approached me to join the Masons afterwards, but I declined. One of the first deprogrammers in the 1970s was a Mason. I worked with him twice---he was good but did end up in jail twice for 'kidnapping.'

Having said that, Freemasonry is not what it once was, numbers have declined along with influence and power.
If you look at the origins (1717ish) and context of the group in earlier Rosicriucianism, you can see what the appeal was for the more progressive thinkers and entrepeneurs of that day. Masonry is primarily Deist, believes in self-made and self-saved souls as well as 'gnosis' through intitiation into its 'mysteries.' It claims to come from ancient teachings a la Egypt and truths that predate Christian and Jewish era scriptures.

There have been troubling racial issues with Masonry. My ex enrolled my oldest daughter who was then 12 (in 1989) in a Masonic 'Rainbow Girls' club in New Jersey. She liked the idea of "moral values" taught by the system. I said nothing, just observed and communicated with my daughter...we've always been very close. Within six months my daughter, to her credit, quit because she discovered that no Black girls were allowed to join. Then I filled her in on the history of the group.

Conspiracies based on interpretations of symbols can be crazymaking and misleading---Ramtha gives ample evidence of that in the lectures.

Look to the actual behaviors...

Re: Symbols


I do hope that you realize that I was being facetious, if not a bit sarcastic, when I said "The Ram Has The Correct Interpretation".

I would assume so, but just wanted to be SURE.

Re: Symbols


i'm not watching the video about the freemasons/symbols only because i don't have the time to spend on something i've already read about, etc., for years.

but i do see your point about the correlation to jz/r's teachings on it.

there is a lot of info available about conspiracy theories - especially as a spin-off of elitist groups. it's not new. a lot of this stuff, if you research enough, has been talked about since before many/most of us were born.

i've seen some of the things unfold (like debit card) into reality, but so far, i don't see the country/citizen's freedom going to hell in a handbasket over it. THAT, imo, is the key; we can take anything and put a negative spin on it. something rse seems to be good at, and something that has rarely come to pass in any major way.

not to mention it sure would be a waste of the all powerful ramster himself to have come her to help us all over that darn ditch he saw...only for everyone to end up dead from natural disasters of national proportion, and/or enslaved to big brother. hmmmm... me smells a rat !

have a sparkling day !

Re: Symbols

Nothing to add.

A sparkling day to you too!