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The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

There has been so much talk about "the days to come" I went looking through old notes to see what I might find...

April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

Change, The Days to Come

In R's time it was necessary to know the lay of the land.
--born in last 100 years of Atlatia, there were 2 moons (one was a ship)
--many cities that now rest at the bottom of the ocean
--some cities are buried under mountains
--people who were next to nature knew how to survive
--R saw a blackened sky, he lived and led his people through the earth changes
--those who survived burrowed in the earth or sat on top of mountains
--his people knew nature and understood the messages from it
--the first settlement at Indus was built by R's people
--we have never taught how to survive or understand nature
--R has taught that people in cities will be trapped there

You need food stored for 2 years or more, a well with plenty of water, tools and implements that work without electricity, a hovel with no electricity.

Gold and silver should be put up.
--debit card = universal currency, number stored in a computer
--gold will be worth a million times more, you may be able to buy your land
--airplanes have equipment that can detect gold storage, there are remedies for this

All preparations must be carried out in utmost secrecy! Put away things you will need that you will not have access to.

There is coming a time - and it may be tomorrow - when the earth and its zipper is going to break loose.

Be prepared for anything, you are a fool to believe you are safe from an earth that moves and waves that crash 3 miles inland.

If you can find your card on the field, if you can get to the void everytime, if you can remote view everytime, still store food!

People still living in the cities with no seeds or water have plenty of reason to worry and be fearsome.

You should have 2 year supply of food prepared in packets, cans lined to last for a long time, large quantities of wheat and grain, salt.

Buy seeds for 6 years of gardening.

Have clothing for all seasons: coats, woolens, shoes.

Medical supplies until you have complete control of Blue Body.

Alternate ways of lighting, it may be dark for a long time. Fire for heat source and cooking, solar will not always work.

Secure a place RIGHT AWAY! Make it simple and away from people.

Gold - only for the transition, will come a day when it will have no value, it is the acquisition of one's freedom.

Your garden should be underway this year, store what you can.

This year, 1993:
--a terrible year
--here earth changes and over the next 30 years, this is the best place for survival
--government moved armies here
--tide of change will affect this place

Earth and its changes are underway
--ring of fire has been activated
--severe area of pressure building
--big and nasty earthquake coming, not the only 1, only a precursor, 1 of 3 in the next few months
--all the way to Europa and Siberia

In this area a great earthquake is predicted, this year the zipper comes more alive.

This year (1993) is one of the most dangerous times of the earth. Earth must open up and relieve pressure.

California will not fall into the ocean but will separate and migrate north. Not for a long time, in the last years.

Banking, trade, computers that govern will go down.

You may be affected by energy, tidal waves, land movement. If you have mobility you are safer.

It may not happen. Green fireballs in the sky are R's people counteracting the harm we have done. There are fireballs and UFO sightings from here to Mexico, changing the magnetic fields.

From below the equator to north earth will undergo great change. You cannot suck out oil, set off atomic weapons in earth's crust, set off nuclear warheads in stratosphere and think that nothing will happen.

Water will become scarce!
Food will become scarce!

During the next 2 months (4/14/93) unhook natural gas and peopane lines coming into your house.

Earthquake is a cleansing by fire and water.

Florida - never live in that place, it is sinking. Do not be on the coastline this summer! (1993)

Faultline here lies under the ocean, water through pressure and sound can go 3 miles inland.

More incidents on East coast and south.

Volcanoes will go off. We have one. Activity south may relieve the pressure. Mount St. Helen's erupted as a safety valve.

This is still the safest place thru 2035. To say you will not be affected is foolish. This place will be affected. World monetary fund may be suspended. Lands in cities will be under siege.

Next 2 months (4/14/1993) is the most critical. Through summer curtail travel. Stay near home.

Terrible times in Mexico, volcanoes will erupt with earth tremors.

Curtail travel. Stay near your hovel and bless the green lights in the sky.

If earth begins to shake be prepared. If in automobile have food, water, supplies, boots. A way to go across the land.

It's not the end of the world, not the end of civilization.

Earthquakes will happen in places they have never been. This is only 1 of 3 between now and June. (1993)

Storms of a ferocious nature coming, magnetic field changing, entities control weather and can wipe out civilization.

FOCUS on having all of the things you need.

For the next 6 months we will still have school. (1993)

Part of the study in this school is to reconstruct time.

There is a great war coming in the heavens, in the last 4 years. RSE students will not be roped into being owned. This country fired upon another species who wants to own us. A secret war with claims to people, made war to fight off tyrants.

May start to see an arc of color like a rainbow in the sky. It is not the Northern lights. It is vivid, if you see this it is an interdimensional passageway. They are here to fight off beings from out there. This will happen soon. (1993)


There will be another planet discovered. It is a runner, a forecast for all of the above things to happen. This all works in with everything else.

What does this have to do with you? NOTHING. You will still be on the Field focusing.

RSE students - there is a greater plan.
--there is a reason we are in this school

The government will change radically. People will be dying in the streets. A plague in advanced stages will be passed around - people will perish in 4 days. It will happen all over the country.

Stay away from cities.

When the electricity is turned off R wants us to be here. It will be a wonder to see how awesome our focus is once the frequency is turned off. When we come together we are a superior energy force.

In 2 years (1993) a man will announce himself as Jesus Christ. He comes in great power and form. He is an enslaver. If he comes back be suspect, he is a great master, an advanced avatar.

Saving the world means inspiring the god within. Do not enslave with a 2000 year old religion.

Entities from beyond the North star will come at the end of the decade. (1993) Your dreams in the marketplace may not be realized. The humble, great entity will see a new Earth. Through inter-relations with aliens we will have a world free of success/failure. Be more than a man or a woman. To converse with great beings you must be great. A greater future is coming.

Have to become simple, know what the earth is doing. No one should rely on neighbor. Find own food, tend own garden.

I swear to you these changes are on the land. These are small things I've told you. Much, much, much more is going on.

Someday I will show you something marvelous that will make your soul soar.

War is coming soon. (1993) A diplomat and his wife will be assasinated. A new plague is being sprayed on the cities.

In South Africa, there is a new strain of plague which kills faster. If you can find a mountain hide yourself.

Australia - great earthquakes, find a place away from city, supply it. Have a covered cellar that is free of radioactivity.

The further south, the more dangerous. Air polluted with viruses, thickening of calamities. The warmer the climate, the more devastating.

There is a part of the human which wants another to take care of you. You were programmed that way by the Gods. Wake up and take responsibility for your own life. Taking care of yourself is an act of powerful focus.

The journey is to unfold superconsciousness. The responsibility is yours.

Tomorrow will be a busy day around town.

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

so basicly every possible scenary is layed out.when one cames true you just leave out the time of the prediction and well you have a great hyrophant who tells you the truth.oh dont share your wisdom there might be people out there who laugh their belly off about you.happened 2003 again with littel alteration.oh by the way the new ranch id has a barcode to process you with a computer.even so the solarflares will bring down the powergrid.but maybe everybody spent all money untill then anyway.

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

ex writes: ''''the new ranch id has a barcode to process you with a computer.even so the solarflares will bring down the powergrid.''''

Very interesting indeed. The ID certainly does have a barcode. Everything is computerized. The ID is 'scanned' near the end of the event to insure you didn't leave before the end. Then they post a list onscreen of the names of those who didn't yet have their ID 'scanned' to remind them they wouldn't get credit for the event (current status)unless they 'check in.' Duh. I am feeling so incredibly stupid right now. How do we know the new cards don't have a 'chip' in them? Sinister.

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

'When the electricity is turned off R wants us to be here. It will be a wonder to see how awesome our focus is once the frequency is turned off. When we come together we are a superior energy force.'

So why was the Christmas party cancelled last December, when the grid was down???? It was have been the PERRRFFECCCT time for the event, so says R.

Anyway, sounds like the current message IS just a rerun of the 1993 days to come 'shock & awe' message. I am just so saddened as I see people doing it ALL OVER AGAIN - taking their precious life resources, and wanting to bury it in the ground, literally. But as the big land rush is happening again, 1000 new people looking to immigrate to Lack-land, all to try and live in a hole in a place that gets more than 14 inches of rain annually.. NO ONE is telling them of the HUNDREDS of COLLAPSED UG attempts, the wasted thousands of dollars of food, equipment, water that had MUDD BURIALS. And, oh BTW, the county DOES KNOW what is going on... who is building these things, which could ALSO BURY its occupants, if done wrong.

So of the 3,000 or so H'amsters living in Lack-land, who will be saved in this end-of-the-world tale? Like, more than 50% of people can barely buy food and gas now. Will they just be sacrificed? Holy men and women that they are? With health, wealth and wisdom on the brain? While Judy, selected teachers and others go in the elaborate facilities which her millions have created. Or, will it be a little easier to just go over to Fort Lewis to THEIR underground city.. I mean, she's been doing a lot of good experimentation for some time now.. I mean gotta save 'the body' and what better place than a huge military installation?

The part of the old and 'new' message that says not to share the info - keep it secret...sure sounds like the CIA to me. It is so elitist, so gov't. When you get right down to it, doesn't this 'sky is falling' story just sound an itty bitty bit like the scare tactics of the gov't, to control people???

If the Great Work were working, would we not be able to save the planet, all of humanity? Other traditions are telling that story, where our unified love and divine thought forms prevail, maybe even Rationality and Reason..

Not when dire straits come, save ourselves, screw others, too bad about those unprepared (even masters), ***K the unschooled cretins and the rest of the world... If that is not evil, what is? makes you wonder.. how does R knows so much about Jehovah? would it be that, that's who the big boy really is? Anti-christ. truly for those in school indeed lose their heart and soul...

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

The May newsletter of RSE is titled, THE DAYS THAT ARE HERE.

Gosh, it is not hard to find "news" if one goes looking for it...


Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening


Check it out, the "current" JZ/"Ramtha" scare of August 25, 2007 sounds similiar to the scare of April 14, 1993. Could it be???

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

nice-fresh from Italy.
didn't have to fly THERE, didn't have to pay $50 to HEAR it...

I think "he" covered just about every possibility, so, um....which ones are actually true?

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

Gee wiz,

Predicting religious wars, how new and cutting edge...NOT!!!

Same with the rest of the goblldy goook. What is does show to me is the lack of material being able to be produced by those in the marketing and science departments as well as JZ but she is probable a few clowns short of a circus right now.

The simple volume and barraging of fearbased predictions circumvents any serious thought as to their possible veracity.

Sounds like summer re runs to me......

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

The lack of material being developed by the marketing and science departments? C'mon Journey, isn't it a bit generous to use the word science? Just because she calls it science doesn't mean it is.

And has she ever developed any material or is it all borrowed from elsewhere?

Let's face facts...she is too busy spending money and Greg and Mike have a new responsibility called damage control. When do they find time to do their disciplines?? Surely they would have ascended by now if they didn't have to work so hard...

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

Cowboy said, "Let's face facts...she is too busy spending money and Greg and Mike have a new responsibility called damage control. When do they find time to do their disciplines?? Surely they would have ascended by now if they didn't have to work so hard..."

Oh, my goodness ! LOL !!!

What an educational thread this is - great posts. I was also at that event in '93. Ashamed to admit it, but it's true.

I want to know why the MASTERS have to dig underground shelters to save their hides from the Doom & Gloom teachings manifesting in their lives, when they've done disciplines that don't work for 20 or more years !? Please tell me.

I want to know why we don't have PEACE on Earth, thanks to those powerful MASTERS, doing their disciplines and healing the WORLD ?

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

What is an even bigger contradiction is her 2 teachings "you create your own reality" and "the world is coming to an end." Is the destruction of Earth the reality she and her "Masters" are creating? Is this what they want and are working toward? How can a Christ stand by and let the world end? She claims a Christ can heal with a thought. Why doesn't JZ use her power to improve the world instead of condemning it?

Instead of teaching "Masters" to hoard why isn't "Ramtha" teaching them to conserve instead? Does JZ's opulent lifestyle contribute to global warming? There are no windmills on her property even though "Ramtha" has said, "I will blow the wind for anyone who puts up a windmill." Is "Ramtha's" information reliable or not?? So many obvious contradictions make it apparent that RSE is using mind control to keep innocent people trapped in an illusion. This is my personal experience and opinion.

The simple truth is that the environmental movement began to take shape in the '70's, the same decade that JZ started her gig. It was an easy topic to latch onto and use to advantage in order to create an appearance of psychic ability. It was a cheap trick which she is now riding to the max, "The days that are here, I told you so!" In my opinion there is nothing more despicable than preying on a credulous person's naivete and fear.

"When Prophecy Fails" by Leon Festinger is the TRUE, DOCUMENTED STORY of a group similiar to RSE. Published in 1956 these people were also told by their "enlightened" leader that the world was going to end. Did it?

How much time in their lives will RSE "students" lose as the result of being manipulated by fear? Is JZ's brave new world of hoarding and hiding a place you want to be? Is that what "Ramtha" calls heaven?? Is that how Christs live?

RUN, don't walk away from the influence of RSE. And when you are far enough away and can think rationally again make up your own mind about how you want to deal with global warming in your personal life. Don't let someone like JZ frighten you into doing something you never would have done before encountering RSE.

The simple truth is that JZ is leveraging a global phenomenon in order to generate income for herself. We can know this because her information and lifestyle are contradictory. Global warming may be quite real but it has nothing to do with the "predictions" of "Ramtha." What is most condemning is that JZ is using her influence to work against the planet and not for it.

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

another perspective: from an interview with Drunvalo:
Marie: During your workshop we learned about getting out of our mind and into our heart and operating from the sacred place in the heart. You explained how the mind works in duality and while existing in the heart, we just "are" [pure being]. If all the participants of your workshops practiced your heart meditation, would this energy expand exponentially, helping all of us to eliminate fear and transition smoothly?
Drunvalo: It will help get rid of fear but that is not exactly how it works.
Mother Earth is changing the world. She is in control now, so we don't have to do anything but just be of service. If she says to do something, okay we do it, and if she doesn't, then we can relax. We've won the game, everything is almost in place. Everything is in balance. There are things to do, but they will be taken care of ... We just have to keep moving. But a time is coming when sitting in a restaurant like this is going to be a memory. We won't be able to do this and the most important thing I'm concerned about in this time is that good light workers don't go into fear and think "oh, it is all over". No, it is just beginning. Stay out of fear and just believe in the presence of God. We will probably lose a few people during that time, because if you go into fear then it is over.
When everything starts breaking down, the Taos Indians say, go into your house, and pull the drapes so you don't see all the craziness going on, which could cause fear. And just stay in your heart and let Mother Earth and all the energies that you are intimately part of do their job and stay in trust. It is easy to say and harder to do. It is just like when you get cancer or something like that and people are told that they are going to die, and then they get really worried. But we are immortal. We've always been alive and we are going to get through this one. Remember it is a time of transition. Transitions always get crazy. Stay out of fear and be in the presence of God.

Re: The Days to Come - April 14, 1993 Advanced Evening

whatchamacallit said:
"I want to know why we don't
have PEACE on Earth,
thanks to those powerful
MASTERS, doing their disciplines
and healing the WORLD ?"
because they are too busy posting
on EMF!!!