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Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

"Your bedroom should always be lavendar." I know I heard it at least twice and I always wondered about it. Lavendar? It's not exactly ultra-violet blue, the alleged healing color. Lavendar doesn't fit into the Big Guy's oft quoted statement, "Where the gold meets the blue," which was also stated, "Where the gold meets the purple." (JZ too drunk to keep her colors straight? That was always my best guess )

There was talk about the lavendar fairy who sat at the table where "he" and his buds had dinner. (Who can name all of attendees? First person to correctly name all of the "round table" participants wins a free event!) (If you want to go, of course )

I've been wondering about it and still haven't figured out why "I should always have a lavendar bedroom."

Was it JZ's favorite color? Anyone know the color of her bedroom?

Anyway, ever since I heard that "I should always have a lavendar bedroom," I've had one. Can you imagine a Cowboy with a lavendar bedroom?

I painted it white today and it sure felt good painting over that lavendar. I guess you could say that I moved to a "New Neighborhood."

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

No self respecting Cowboy would want a lavendar bedroom. But I had one. Was I under the influence of mind control?

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


Have you considered that instead of the color lavender, "Ramtha" was perhaps talking about the bedroom being scented lavender ?

Also, you know how "he" would say things and some folks would be scratching there heads...."What?"....and it could be a handful of people who would think he was talking to THEM. This may not apply to the lavender comment, but yet again, it may. I can't say !

It's interesting that you heard "him" say that, because that's something I don't ever remember hearing. How'd I miss something ???? LOL

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Yes Cowboy, I do remember this one, it wasn't just a figment of your imagination.

What a bunch of sheep we all were

I'm surprised we weren't taught that following 5 hours straight of C + E, repeating the Mantra of "I can fly" 777 times, and then drinking the magic potion if we stepped of a cliff we would be able to fly.

Pigs might fly too along side the lavender fairy. Sounds like someones had too much absynth , oops that's the green fairy!!!

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

That was funny, Cowboy. I'm still smiling---all these years in a lavendar room....

early Big Guy may have taken his occult color science from the old I AM and 19th century movements that named violet/purple as the color of the coming New Age.
CUT and I AM taught that St Germain was/is the Lord of the Seventh Ray (violet ray). Alice A Bailey indicated that the outgoing "race" was the 6th or "blue ray" and that the next color would be violet, as I recall.

I first learned of the I AM group in Santa Fe in 1975 after I was hired to help remodel a large adobe building complex that the I AM leaders and core group occupied from the 1950s to 1973. I had no idea who they were then, but every room had been painted glossy hot pink--floor, walls, ceiling, radiators. One of the hippy construction guys said it was like working inside of a salmon. Doors, handles on tools and brooms were purple. My first task was to paint out the remaining three pink rooms (out of 15) with white---took 3 coats including a sealer! Pink was the "love ray" for the I AM. The new owner of the complex was raised in the I AM but was no longer a believer since he became an adult in the late 1940s. His elderly mother was hard core however and she's the one who gave me all the I AM literature to read that I wanted.

Lavendar indeed!

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

now I know why my ramster boyfriend loves me wearing purple. It's actually the colour of the feminist movement isn't it - a lot of lesbians love purple. I thought it was somehow associated with the power of the female.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

"and then drinking the magic potion "

This is something I do remember him talking about. I had a then-current-but-later-quit lady friend that who used to say to me (and vice versa), "We ain't drinking no kool-aid!"

Makes me seriously wonder about the "codes" ....

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

I was at a event when R was talking about Lavendar and this is what I remember him saying. We were sitting in the arena waiting for R and when he came in, he said how many of you smell lavendar in the arena and there was a smell of lavendar and I did smell it because I said something to the person next to me and he said those that smelled the lavendar is the smell of a God that has visited us today. He said God's body odor smells of lavendar, they smell of beautiful flowers not a fowl odor. He then begin to talk about you would never smell this smell in the bathroom and he also talked about people in the arena not taking baths and that people misunderstood him when he said don't be concern with your body..

He ended it in saying if you don't have any running water, go take a dip in the lake...

Anyway, I have read way before R talked about the smell of a unknown visiting you they smells like lavendar.. But then the day J came out saying that a God smell like rotten eggs, and that when you smell beautiful flowers out of no were, it is a lower spirit..

Go figure!!!!!

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


I've always understood that the lower spirits (not to necessarily say bad), would smell like a sulphur smell. Also, that the more evolved spirits would smell like flowers. I've personally experienced (and know others who have, too), such a thing and to me, it smelled like roses.

There are lots of people, having nothing to do with RSE, who have claimed that experience. Typically connected with positive experiences, so I would personally not accept JZ saying that it was a lower spirit.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Oh, I totally agree with you, because I have had wonderful experiences with higher spirits and when I heard her say that, at first I thought I was not hearing her correctly, but she repeated it several times and made the point to say, "I know you think higher spirit smell wonderful, but you are wrong, they are of lower levels and the spirits that smell like rotten eggs are the higher ones. I just blew it off and thought to myself what the bleep is going on????

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


I'm just curious - about what year was it when she said that ?


Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

I really don't remember what year it was, I know that it was before 2002 because since then I have not been in the school. I remember the talk very clearly because of my experience with smelling flowers out of no were and when J spoke about it after R, I did not understand why she would say what she said...

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Since your talking about Aroma's......

There is a audio tape called "Tales of the Masters" where Ramtha the Master Teacher comes to the kingdom to pick up a young boy and take him back to the Mystery School.

"And hence the Master Teacher appears riding an ass.
Hair a collection of dirt from different country sides and not even the smell of baking bread could cover up his aroma."

It appears that smells are a right of passage and smells ARE the most commanding of the mind control triggers.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Speaking of aromas, remember when we used to sit out on "Paradise Beach" with blinders on focusing?
We would be out there for hours sitting without moving according to R's instructions. One time I smelled a spice and when I happened to mention it to a student who had been around longer than me she said, "That means R is present!"

I FELT SO IMPORTANT! How crazy is that?

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

So Cowboy, how is the lily white bedroom? sleeping better? more creative, as no past memories haunting in the corners...

I have to say re: this thread, I have not had the pleasure of associating any colors or smells with this cult. yes, the music ( hard to miss) and it has contaminated my love of walking a bit, but that is fading... (my walking on the beach is still sacrosact, thank GoD!)

The wind thing I always got a chuckle out of, I mean, seriously.. so let me understand, so he is going to 'do it to us' when the 9.0 Tsunami hits the west coast, and then 'the Wind' does most of the damage??? Like - hey, thanks alot.

Just thought we could get an update on the New White Room...

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

'''Just thought we could get an update on the New White Room...''''

Music IS indeed an amazing trigger, unfortunately. ('In the white room with black curtains by the station'- immediate memories of sitting on a huge bridge in traffic with my then boyfriend back in the early 70's)

The music now used at RSE is a lot from soundtracks, such as all of the Matrix movies, The Last Samurai, The Italian Job, Annapolis, Bond...even The Lion King and many more. They make up a list so you can download your own music for C&E. Then during Blue Body dance there is a lot of asian-indian music, combined with Loreena McKennitt, and it's beginning to hit me that a lot of my favorites is on the list somewhere. There are children there, at the Primary, who are anchored in this music. Shambala, Volare, Magic Carpet Ride, and some very beautiful music/lyrics those close to me have in their portfolios-it's all there.

My question is, if I intentionally place myself in trance, at home, using some of this music in an attempt to focus on ME and NOT RSE, will I be reinforcing their 'anchor' despite my will to toss the RSE across the 'sea' in my 'vision'? The meditation I'd done before was always very relaxing to me and I'm not doing it at all now at an unusually stressful and difficult time in my life (not due to the RSE alone.)

Now I find myself the last couple of weeks with the 'lack' of faith when it is needed most due to a very serious family illness. Where do I go to relieve stress when the meditation can be a trigger? What do I do for faith since it's all been a betrayal going back to the lies my religion of origin designed up to RSE? My'way' prior to RSE was not organized religion but indeed I believed in Jesus Christ and his miracles while believing in the return of the soul for greater knowledge and understanding. I find now, the solace I once received from reading the Bhagavad Gita and the discourses from the Pali Cannon, as well as the teachings of Jesus, the solace is not there. SO I look within right now at a very difficult moment, and see myself screaming for faith and belief but I don't know-faith in myself? I allowed that to be taken from me at RSE. I attended rse to develop the 'gifts' spoken in the New Testament- the 'secret and ancient teachings' of healing. I never felt this before; I was stronger mentally and emotionally. WTH happened at RSE. I wasn't even there for that long. More faith in ourself translated into lack. Lack is what JZ claimed the entire audience had. I didn't realize it was in my life until she said it, and still didn't believe I was one of those she could be referring to. Somehwere it happened, tho, and when I reach within at this agonizing family moment I draw blanks in the spirituality and faith department when it's needed most. I'd rather meditate than go on some kind of mind-soothing medication. Yet again, will that be a plunge into the abyss I nearly fell into?

The more I learn, the less I know!

(Joe, if you're there, this is what I was going to email to you.)

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

barn's burnt down...now i can see the moon

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


I just want to share with you what I did - I was in the exact space you are in - it was nature that helped me most - I believe nature is really God - I also believe when we take care of someone or something it brings us back to ourself - I take care of a colony of 30 feral (wild) cats that I feed 4 times a week - and then I volunteered for Challenge Day which is being a support for troubled teens - it was during those 2 days that I really helped me the most - I believe the answer is in Love - and not be in judgements of ourselves and others - my whole life I judged myself and others - I don't do that much anymore - and I do feel the peace.

After coming back from a RSE beginners week I felt a failure in life - but I am not and I am now beginning to see that - in the West everything is judged by the about of money one has - but it really is about the amount of love and compassion one has in one's life. Again it was about helping others and taking care of the animals that grounded me and kept me knowing more of who I really am.

I allowed my self to not do much of anything the last 4 months after the retreat - I have been reading spiritual stuff for over 35 years now - at 16 - Edgar Cayve, Lopsang Rampa etc. etc - so my whole life was about that world - now I live a simple life with attention to nature and my own true self - I believe when we fully take care of someone else, we find ourselves - and our joy.

I did what was my passion - again the animals showed me the way - because I do believe nature does know it all - dog is GOD spelt backwards - maybe dog really is god - it makes sense to me - they have unconditionly love and they never judge us - only man judges.

Most of all be really really gentle with yourself - and every judgement that comes to mind, just let it go -

The moment I connected with nature, I felt I was on the real path - no books, no one telling me what it is all about, no religions, nothing but nature - I hope this will help a little - it helped me.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Hi G2G,
Concerning your question about the music of RSE and your association to it...

We don't definitively know what she is doing. What we do know is that the rabbit hole is deeper than we were told or could have imagined. Therefore RSE music may trigger more than you are "aware" of.

When I was at low tide I found what helped the most was vigorous, heart pounding exercise. I noticed that anger toward RSE would rise to the surface while I was busy sweating. After enough anger emerged I noticed that I stopped minding the fact that I don't have any answers. In a fascinating way, NOT KNOWING ANYTHING is a relief. Kind of peaceful.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

For easy elucidation and insight Margaret Singer developed a very helpful chart outlining
"Major Areas of Post-cult Adjustment."

After viewing it I understood that where I am is relative to where I've been.


Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Marching On Within.....

"Not doing anything for a long time".

This IS the thing to do after working hard at RSE.

Its called the PAUSE. A little secret not given to all who go thru the gates at RSE but it is where your power will be discovered.

Stop with the RITUAL and see how CLEAR you become.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Thank you all so very much for your insights and assistance. Watching nature, and not feeling judgmental about not doing anything. I just watched a 'Bruce Lee' movie where he says 'be formless like water-water is soft yet penetrates rock'. Then I thought, be the same, after reading these responses. Be in a manner of speaking 'formless' to experience nature, which I truly believe is God in action.
The mirror within, when I look, suddenly shows no reflection. Filling that mirror with the glory of nature's majesty is what I'm going to work on.
You are all amazing.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


You’ve already received some good responses. I just want to chime in with what I did and what helped me after I left.

For the first 4 – 6 months, I wasn’t able to listen to ANY music. I like music a lot, and it was such an emotional trigger for me, that I would cry when hearing certain “ranch” songs. Not because of the song, but because it reminded me of the CULT that I was in, and the betrayal, etc., etc. THAT hurt. For you readers who are thinking, “What a victim”, up yours. I’m far from a victim. If I were a victim, I would have remained in RSE and allowed the cult to do my thinking for me. Now, I am FREE. I am empowered on a personal level, and not based on what someone outside of me tells me is “right” according to the cult dogma.

G2G, if YOU feel that you want to meditate, then why not do so ? After I got past my initial few months, having had a lot of time to reflect, educate myself about coercive groups, talk, talk, talk, to former members, several exit counselors, a few attorneys, and to others who knew of RSE but never attended. I learned a lot.

I had a realization that FOR ME, was this; the music, the teachings, believing I needed Ramtha (he fosters such belief), in order to evolve, was not determined by anyone other than myself, for myself. I determine what things mean to me, not others. So, I thought about all of those songs that I really do like. I thought about the artists that sing all of those songs and what they would feel like if they knew how their music is USED. Just whose songs are they, anyway ? Sure not RSE’s. So, I started to listen to the radio again, and my CD’s, including certain ones that I bought at RSE. I decided that I like the MUSIC, and it is the work of the message of the ARTISAN, not JZ/R. I listened and allowed myself to enjoy the music from that vantage point. On my terms. It worked. As time goes on, it’s only easier and easier.

If you find peace in meditating, then go for it. Maybe start with a small amount of time and let yourself build up, if you think that might help to keep you in a positive mental/emotional space. Studies have shown that even 5-10 minutes, a few times a day, of meditation, boosts the immune system, calms people, lowers blood pressure, to cite a few benefits. For some folks, they may find peace in gardening, knitting, working on their car, who knows. The goal is finding YOUR space, and what works for you, to be happy and peaceful.

I have had similar thoughts to yours about other forms of “spirituality” (to generalize). FOR ME, I’ve found that, upon deep reflection, what matters in this life, IS life. I looked around, as was also posted, to nature. I looked at my children, my friends. Nature is alive. My family and friends are alive. It is life that makes everything. So what do I do with that ? I want it to be the best that it can be, and I want to NOT have the attitude that the people who died in the tsunami deserved their deaths. That attitude, imo, is evil. So, I simplified my life. My priority is spending time with my family, and my friends. I want to know people. What makes their hearts flower ? What makes them sad ? I want to make decisions about my future, and what to do/not do, based on what I think is beneficial to add positively to life. To live from the heart as much as I am capable of.

I could have left RSE and wallowed in my deep sadness at the lies and betrayal I uncovered, when all I ever wanted, was to achieve what the CLAIMS that were being made about becoming one with God, were. I wanted it for myself, and I was sure my family could only benefit. I was vulnerable, as I have been highly intuitive since I was a little girl, and therefore, I knew some of the “paranormal” things that were taught about at RSE (and that RSE certainly had no license on, from a historical vantage point !!!), were real, because I have experienced precognitive dreams (in detail), “known” things about people, about health, about my children, my relatives being pregnant before it was ever announced to anyone, etc., etc. I know others around the country and the world, have had these things, so there is something about the human potential, that we don’t yet understand. For this, I naively believed that RSE could help me to the next level.

G2G, you did, as we all did, give your power away to RSE. But, it really was with us all along. Have the courage to make your decisions and be wrong, because YOU believe you are right. Have that faith in yourself to be right for YOU. JZ Knight has NO business telling anyone in any audience that they are in lack. SHE is not a God-woman realized, so she should be looking at her own lack. Is she upset that students lack enough financial backing to support her greed ? Then perhaps she is tapping the wrong market. Perhaps she should be tapping a market where there are only wealthy people. Although, there WERE wealthy people, whose money was drained dry, from year to year, going to event after event in desperate hope that “this will be The One event and I’ll make it”. How sad.

But G2G, YOU GOT OUT. They are still there ! Faith ? Go smile at yourself and say, “Good job for having wisdom you didn’t know was IN YOU.”

Same for the rest of us. We made a big mistake, but we also had healthy enough boundaries and values that in our own time, we were able to say, WE ARE RIGHT and RSE is messed up. No, thanks ! I just can’t dine with you at that sort of table, “Ramtha”.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

God smells of Rotton Eggs? Lower beings have Flower Smells? WHAT????

I thought R said that this is the only plane in which a flower smells so divine? Isn't that why He smells all the flowers on the stage... The sense of smell is not on the higher planes? The senses cannot be satisfied? No food, no drink, no smell no sex on other planes? and God smells of rotton eggs. oh whatever-

we can spend an eternity trying to figure out all the poppycock of conflicting statements...

Time to bury this!
Live in the and take time to smell the

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

DN said, "we can spend an eternity trying to figure out all the poppycock of conflicting statements..."

I should have read this post before I posted on another thread. I basically said the same thing.

Ramtha said he will ie. It is then, that I SHOULD have quit the school. That then invalidated everything he ever said/says, as it may/may not be true. Of course, if there is no Ramtha, it's all irrelevant, anyway.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Responding to: "Somehwere it happened, tho, and when I reach within at this agonizing family moment I draw blanks in the spirituality and faith department when it's needed most. I'd rather meditate than go on some kind of mind-soothing medication. Yet again, will that be a plunge into the abyss I nearly fell into?"

During my recovery from CUT (Liz Prophet's cult) I could not attend a Catholic service for many years without feeling slighty nauseous. I really had to struggle to pierce the pollution of every facet of my prior religious and philosophical experience. There is some great advice above once one grasps what it means to reconnect with nature, with simple life, and direct communication with fellow beings. No more religious filters. Took me a long time to realize that any sophisticated religion, when properly applied and understood, brings us to that direct and immediate appreciation of what is good. The religion should help us focus at best, then we are on our own anyway.

Spurious new cults as well as misapplied old religions pollute rather than enhance our ability to think, react to reality, or socialize.

A lavender room should be no issue, should be appropriate to taste, but when it is linked to a bizarre philosophy that raises lavender to a magical and necessary color to the exclusion of other colors, then personal space, emotion, and thought have been invaded or polluted. In and of itself, a sacred color in a religion or cult is not harmful or polluting. It is the powerful connection one makes through it to a cult that does not uphold its end of the bargain that drives the harm. While you the devotee are trying to be very good, the very god you follow is behaving badly. Ramtha is a very confused god who makes inconsistent and goofy claims and still needs long stints of rehab.

Is R redeemable? We cannot predict what will be in one hundred years with any one new religion, but we do have examples like Mormonism that appeared to be as bizarre as they come in the beginning yet now is well established after making many healthy adjustments to the larger society and to the social climate surrounding it.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Great points, Joe, thanks.

PS Ramtha is not a religion. It is a profit making corporation operating as a school.
JZK Incorporated, Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

Ramtha actually detests and ridicules religion. Also, student have listened to how awful it is that JZ has so many taxes to pay. It's probably fair to assume that she pays more in taxes than many of those students earn in a year. That IMO should be a red flag to students, as it says the students don't have the $$$$$$$$$$ ADDICTION that she appears to have. How many people could sleep well at night, knowing they've charged so much for so many events, for so many years, yielding no results of a christ, having an attorney who claims the school is not intended to do anything more than have students "feel good about themselves", and yet the students are so sincere (and foolish) that they willingly, give up their hard earned money to the school ? Not many that I keep company with, thank goodness. In my opinion, it is representative of a list of actions constituting spiritual rape.

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying

"How many people could sleep well at night?"

In fact, Whatcha, that was one of the Big Guy's lines which I heard many times, "My daughter sleeps well at night because she is helping so many people." Yes, I remember it well because I bought it for a long time but then began to think, "It seems to me that she helps herself more than others."

Re: Does anyone remember the Big Guy saying


YUP ! I agree. I've heard it said, too. That's what I chose the words that I did. We know SHE sleeps well, despite it all.