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Oh My God- You have to see this!

HI Everyone-

A while ago I posted regarding the clips on Youtube of the Brittish master of manipulation, NLP, mind control... Derren Brown. I have become such a fan of his, that I periodically check in to see if new clips are added. This one takes the cake!

It is called Derren Brown The Heist- and it shows how "people" use the "front" of "teaching" about mind control- to really do mind control on the "students"- through the use of association of music, and emotion and much more.

This video reaks of events at the ranch.

OH MY GOD- how many hours did we spend ANCHORING with C&E Music? the Nike poster on the back wall, so each time we see "Just Do It" another trigger... If not now WHEN? Association of colors- visualization in twighlight and R guided C&E etc etc etc.

Does anyone out there remember the teachings when we were instructed to remember our painful emotional memories, our most hideous embarassing suppressed garbage, shame, be it sexual or religious? We were told to focus on our self pity, our laziness, our anger etc in order to "own it" ?

This BC we were instructed to make a card of how we "are" showing weakness/lack, draw a line down the middle with a door, and on the other side- who we want to be. We were told to focus on the "lack" side and really focus on it, to go through it.

After seeing this clip, I wonder if this was perhaps was a method of anchoring us in it! All under the guise of making us STRONGER, WISER, NOT CONTROLLED, BUT FINDING OUR INDIVIDUAL SELVES... in reality it really made us weaker, unknowingly in trance states, giving our power away to whatever "R says". I am amazed at myself, thinking I was "creating my reality" when I was so very much controlled by the teachings- be it in person- or on cds. Yes, you can be hypnotized by a recording... (Derren demonstrated this too in "wax museum" clip.)

I still sometimes can hardly believe I was involved in a CULT- I pride myself on being a "good person, intelligent". Derren Brown demonstrated how normal, good hearted, relatively successful people could be "programed" to hold someone up at gun point... at a later time- after the "event/seminar" - with no conscious "link" to the programmer- making the person think they did it of thier own free will. All this in a short "teaching" for business people.

As Derren sets it up- I specifically thought of you Tree- when you were called out and your job put on the line for not bowing to "authority"... one's response to authority shows how recpetive they will be to control. Your not listening to that Red Guard was thier sign that you were on your way out, and they had to get you to comply-

Derren is doing a great service to all of us by exposing these frauds for thier trickery. I sometimes feel sorry for the people who go through his demonstration, but at least they were willing parties in a controlled environment, AND they had the benefit of being DEPROGRAMMED when it was over, and all stunts revealed.

Here is the link.


If anyone did not get the connection before, this spells it out for a MONKEY!

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

great stuff. I think DB has become the newest best friend of some exit counselors because he's so available online. Less stuff to carry on cases!

NLP is an offshoot of the work of Milton Erickson, a remarkable therapist, healer and scientist.

I have a video about his life. When he was crippled (again---polio) and in pain at the end of his days he was yet running groups and workshops from his residence in AZ. He was still very effective. Professionals who went to learn from him found themselves doing things differently after they left his sessions. One guy was on his way home driving to catch a plane, suddenly had a deep urge to turn off the road and hike in the desert mountains. He did it and missed his plane: lesson was to stop being so schedule oriented. Another psychologist found that she suddenly had an urge to do gardening after a session with Erickson. The newfound hobby lowered her stress considerably. ME directed these therapeutic changes merely by telling stories and dropping nearly subliminal indirect suggestions contained in the stories. People learned to control pain, anxiety, etc. He was a remarkable and kind man by all accounts.

I believe that NLP has become a crude form and perhaps misapplication of his genius.

discernmentNOW makes a great point that the so-called techniques used by RSE to instill independence or freedom from societal conditioning and limitation are the very ones that create the "ditch" of limitation that members fall into in their struggle to be superior. It is a horrible reversal once a person sees it, but better to see it than not.


Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Derren Browns “The Heist” is essential viewing in helping us piece together an understanding of
“just what the hell happened to us in RSE…
What we have been subjected to in Judith's place is truly horrific…beyond words..
it so saddens me to see innocent people pouring in from around the world to attend RSE, they come with an open heart & mind, seeking a spiritual path… oblivious of the trap they will fall prey to,, Many will have families and friends that will spiral into heartbreak and confusion, families will be torn apart because inexplicably their loved one has decided to move to Yelm.. in the name of enlightenment and God..
All the while they are just a commodity for Judith’s insatiable greed........

Much appreciation to discernmentNOW.."Thank You"
for introducing Derren Brown to the EMF message board…
It takes knowledge and courage to overcome the RSE “triggers”

Milton Erickson..I will check him out.. Thank you Joe..


Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Dissociation or trance is what is taught at RSE and I am presently experiencing first hand how subtle dissociation can be.

Concerning discernmentNow's comment about "anchoring with C&E music," in February I started participating in Aerobics classes. This is 1 hour of fast, loud music to which various dance steps and exercise is done. I have always been very active and have taken aerobics at other times.

When I started, I thought, "I must really be out of shape" because I had unusual diffculty following the cues of the instructor. "Why was I drawing a blank instead of being able to follow the steps?"

Then one day in the middle of a routine RSE music came on. "Sweet Freedom" sung by Michael McDonald is an RSE favorite. It was loud, just like at RSE. I immediately became unable to follow the steps of the instructor even though it was a routine I had executed the day before to other music.

As I stared at the instructor drawing a blank I understood that in the moment of hearing the RSE anchored music my mind was dissociating. I was no longer fully present which was why I couldn't follow the steps. I had been triggered to enter Judy's world.

I also understood that from the beginning I had not been "out of shape," I had been "out of mind." The loud music alone is a trigger and the RSE anchored music is a big trigger.

I remember Judy's "Ramtha" saying, "The loud music is good for you."

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

omg! thank you discernment.
I had two triggers yesterday that sent me reeling.
I am currently doing some work for a contractor who is currently in school (22 years) and has several jobs going.
We needed another person and he refused to call the former person in because
he " did not want to go to an old neighborhood."
I was completely stunned.
Here was a guy, who was willing to get even more behind in his work load due to his belief system.
What horrified me even more, was that I used to think that way.
I was stunned.
Then, a few hours later, the cotton tree thingies filled the air. A gust of wind blew, and my mind was at war with seeing these omnipresent things floating around in the "omnipresent WIND aka Ramtha".
Intellectually , I knew Ramtha wasn't there, but the trigger was SEEING that I thought he was.
At that point, I had to leave work.

Thank you all for sharing your triggers, as it makes me more aware and not be caught so off guard, but sometimes, they hit me like a 2 by 4.

Thank god we have this site.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Help, Joe - A quick questio - my entire life has been about music from childhood and on. My usual manner of listening to music is turning it up full blast, even classical music (a music appreciation class when I was studying instructed us to do this to hear all of the nuances) and I like listening to music in this manner.

I do believe after being in the school for about a year but having attended many events, the music has an effect on me. I don't want to give up my lifelong passion of playing and listening to music, something I studied for years. Even worse, my whole family is involved in the musical arts. But I feel the 'kundalini' rising spontaneously, and found myself in a bit of a trance just while listening to other music at home.

My question is how do I deprogram from this? I never dreamed I was already programmed. It is so very sinister and subtle.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

great post Discernment - it is so true about the triggers of music heard at the ranch, literally, putting me in a dissocative state. Even when I hear a song used by the ranch on the radio, I cringe a bit. The last few weeks I have been listening to Classical and Country-western (boo-hiss!) to kind of 'break the spell.' I haven't yet considered all the time I spent listening to diatribe of 'new realities'.. omg, it did put me into trance. I think that is why I did it.

I am starting to get to the point when I see/feel a trigger, I just Laugh Out Loud Victim again! So after all this talk of not being a victim, guess what???? yea, there you are...

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

to "deprogram" triggers (I'm just winging it here):
1. You have to recognise them for what they are---associations with emotional charge that appear to control you against your will. One feels con-fused with the group identity again. For example, many people that suffer a divorce will remove all pictures of the "now "offensive" spouse. Ten years later they find a photo and are flooded with emotion. The tension causes anxiety, revulsion, dissociation (reverie---daydream--floating memories) and even panic.
2. Accept that the emotional memory will never completely go away and it should not. It is how we remember to not repeat mistakes!
3. Know that the trigger will fade if you work with it through talk therapy, reality testing (the wind is not Ramtha--really it is not. Other mythologies have made this connection---Vayu is a wind god, for example. maybe it's 'vayu' )

I'll have more later--have to get a meal for my daughter...

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Music Triggers.......

Toward the end of my RSE tenure there was a song that played at a few events called "IN THE AIR TONIGHT" by Phil Collins.

I knew this song well for I had gone "crazy" earlier in my life TWICE when this song so conveniently played at particular times of emotional turmoil.

This song was a forerunner of doom in my mind.

Imagine my shock when I heard it played at RSE.

Mind Control is used through the frequency of music.

It always has been.

RSE is part of a bigger Mind Control Project and all the followers don't even recognize it.

Even though they have been taught well about it in advance.

Red in the Mind Control Rainbow.

Thats OK you ramsters.

The Ram will shred you students no matter how much you love him or how long you hung around "da ranch".

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

I was driving through McDonald's last weekend in Cape Cod when I heard a Crosby, Stills and Nash Tune ( from the wine ceremony days).
It induced a very serious episode.
I yelled to my partner: "TURN THAT OFF! TURN THAT OFF! NOW!!!"
I rolled down my window.
Splashed my face with water.
Rocked in my seat.
Told her what the trigger was.
Stuck my head out the window-again.
Drank Orange juice.
ANYTHING connected to nature-that which I knew was real.
I asked to get out of the car and feel the sand with my feel.
I touched the grass, the shrubs.
I think music almost takes the cake.
And to think, we were taught about its' very specific frequencies there.
( I am a music major, btw).
Who'da thought they would be turned around
on us?

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

A hypnotic trigger will simply put you into a trance (or dissociated) state and you will know you are there because you are "drawing a blank." Or doing something that seems like daydreaming.

To get yourself out of it immediately start moving and if you already are moving, move differently. Ask yourself, "Where is my mind right now? What am I doing?" Do any sort of grounding activity - one that requires thinking and body movement simultaneously.
If that is not possible, start talking (a mild grounding activity.)

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

EWO said, "If that is not possible, start talking (a mild grounding activity.)"

Yes, good suggestions. I just wanted to share a laugh with you about what you wrote in this sentence. Talk about triggers !!! "start talking"

... as in ... talk to your partner ! That's what just popped into my head when I read that.

It's good that we can see through these things. IMO, even better that we can get to a place where we can laugh about it. NOT that it's funny, but that the pain from earlier on when the egg cracks, really does go away - at least from the level of intensity that is felt upon realizing that it's all a bunch of bologna.

Wolfman is right, too, imo...students can love the teachings and love the teacher as much as they want and "he" is still going to have them for lunch.

Another thing popped into my head tonight, too. The lottery numbers. Remember we were told to focus on our numbers and buy tickets.

So, would someone please tell me when all of the thousands of students are all going to win all of the lottery money ????? Or did that timeline happen to change !? Oops.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

anything of a physical nature is what works for me.
that is the best I can do.
Ground myself.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Carol Giambalvo of ICSA home page re triggers.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

It feels good to be contributing to our healing site with constructive avenues of awakening. Although I have not met one of you, do not know your names or your faces, I feel we are all healing and supporting one another- and it is good!

Thank you Joe for the link to
Carol Giambalvo of ICSA home page re triggers.

I found it helpful. I have been "floating"/"dissociating" and I have been rather hard on myself to snap out of it- this site gave me some compassion toward myself- I have had a lot of stress in my life as of late-

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!


Just a thought for you- I actually went to a church last weekend- and the message included a story about Jesus. Now I do not know where it is in the bible- but the minister spoke of a time when Jesus and his dicsiples were on a boat, and Jesus was sleeping, and a big raging storm came and the disciples were freaking out at the water and THE WIND blowing the boat over- Jesus had been sleeping through the whole thing, but finally woke up and said, What are you all so freaked out about? O ye of little faith- and HE rebuked the wind- and the wind settled down.

So sweet sister- you do the same- tell that wind it has no power over you anymore!

I have wind chimes all around in my back yard, and it used to be a sweet sound to remind me of my teacher's presence- but now I hear those chimes, and I know it is nothing but the wind.

Maybe you could get a kite and go play with it in the wind- and change your association by having a new experience?

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!


"Then, a few hours later, the cotton tree thingies filled the air. A gust of wind blew, and my mind was at war with seeing these omnipresent things floating around in the "omnipresent WIND aka Ramtha".
Intellectually , I knew Ramtha wasn't there, but the trigger was SEEING that I thought he was."

The power of suggestion can be anything from an amazing thing to a horrible shaping of ones reality. The latter is what I would subscribe to JZ/r.

A sociopathic leader such as her/him is so afraid of losing control that they must find ways of occupying thier prey when they are not physically around.

This is what the whole thing about "sending runners" is. He/she even want to occupy ones sleeping time too.

The fact that ones perception and enjoyment of reality is altered to the extent that it has been ie. the wind is not a pleasant concept for me.

Feeling the wind on ones face is as natural as a thing can get and for anyone to have weasled in to those types of private moments is dispicable to me.

Your own self awareness of these things will come back though they may end up having some taint of your experiences.

You might want to try this one and see if it helps balance things out.

When you smell something disgusting or distasteful, remember the wind which brought it to you. That way, you might be able to switch the trigger to the appropriate "wind" and not have it interFEAR with your pleasant enjoyable moments.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!

Ramtha said in wine event that it was a safe place to drop your veils and consume wine, he said never drop your veils in a place like a bar or places not sacred. I always thought to myself in those wine events with the music and everything else, I always wonder what was really happening to me, I know something was happening because how I felt afterwards and it got to the point that I did not want to be apart of those wine events.

Re: Oh My God- You have to see this!


Ramtha told that same story from the Bible, in audience. Let's just have you guess who he alluded to that WIND being ? As I recall the story, Jesus did calm the wind, because it was a test for him and he passed it, by doing just that - calming it. The others could not calm it as they did not BELIEVE (they had doubt) that they COULD.

Just thought you might want the real story, LOL !!!!